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American institutions are in decline and rife with corruption brought on by a combination of hitting the limits to growth while under the control of neoliberal capitalism [i].

Life After Oil

To the extent one deviates from the appearance and demeanor of staid white middle or upper class norms, an encounter with the police in many localities [ii] , [iii] , [iv] can be dangerous to ones person and pocket [v]. Higher education is embroiled in several scandals, from encouraging students to take out usurious loans few will able to retire, to the exploitation of adjunct professors, to covering up campus rape cabals.

The WHO World Health Organization has released its latest in a series of reports [i] on public health in 53 European nations, and presents this assessment through a focus on the social determinants of health [ii]. Put directly, the social determinants of health are being laid to waste in several European states and endangered in others, yet the report casts this as a few dark shadows on an otherwise bright picture. I find the report psychologically dissociative, ethically compromised, and in an intellectual malaise.

Sociologically, however, it makes sense: As such, this report represents a conflict-ridden and unstable posture of ignorance and subservience to political power. Revealingly, the report takes virtually no notice of the portents of socioeconomic and political [vi] , [vii] upheaval [viii] —like UKip and Golden Dawn- spreading through Europe. Politically, then, this WHO [xiv] report offers no recognition, let alone opposition, to the class-based austerity imposed by neoliberal governments [xv].

After Oil | Transitioning to a new world of energy

Accordingly, this report personifies developing turmoil [xvi] in organizational mission and collective identity for health professions as the divergence between the imposition of neoliberal austerity measures and the mission of public health deepens. This compromised stance, of offering mild warnings about austerity while accepting it as a legitimate policy response, is part of a cultural phenomenon of an inability to democratically address genuine problems while offering rhetoric to reassure and soothe a public that is losing economic ground and its faith in government.

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October 3, in Uncategorized by danbednarz 11 comments. Nothing unusual, nothing particularly glamorous. One thing which is different about my practice is that I became aware of peak oil five years ago, and since then I have been struggling to integrate this knowledge into my medical practice and family life. August 12, in Uncategorized by danbednarz 5 comments.

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Understanding the interplay of power [i] , [ii] identity, and social change is critical to those who recognize that modern societies are at the limits to growth, in ecological overshoot [iii] and undergoing a first phase reaction of economic contraction; [iv] disintegration of modern finance, as evidenced by massive corruption and wealth destruction; [v] and political upheaval [vi]. While responses to these dilemmas can take the form of involvement in community localization, disengagement from modernism, studying yoga and Zen Buddhism, shrugged shoulders, political activism, or focusing on one institution —like health care, education, transportation, public banking, or the food supply, they all contain layers of nuance involving the relationships among power, identity personal and collective and social change.

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Global stocks dip after Fed decision

The health community in Australia is calling for strong action on climate change as the prescription for political parties looking for a winning formula in the upcoming federal election. The electorate is becoming more aware of the growing risks to the wellbeing, safety and health of communities around Australia.

World Without Oil - What If All The Oil Ran Out?

The Climate and Health Alliance CAHA , a national coalition of health groups, representing over , doctors, nurses, midwives, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, allied health professionals and health care consumers, has launched its policy platform this week, outlining the priorities of health groups for effective climate action to protect health.

Leading experts such as Professor Tony McMichael from Australian National University have joined the call, saying climate change should be the key health issue in this election…. The long recovery period from these events is often under estimated, as the toll upon human health and local economies linger for years. This can not only deliver significant financial savings, but also support improvements in health status of staff and the community.

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  • May 31, in Uncategorized by danbednarz 1 comment. Detropia [i] , [ii] stirs anxiety and disorientation among its viewers [iii] through poignant visuals [iv] of the desolate and denuded cityscape blended with the accounts of Detroiters. But what are we to learn from this surfacing of collective dread? Repost of an article by Steven Johnson, an independent writer, speaker and creative consultant specialising in sustainability, CSR and behaviour change.

    He blogs and tweets as Considered. Original article at The Guardian.

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    This issue looks at how we can get to a post-carbon world—from easy switches to big fixes—and what life will be like when we do. Getting off fossil fuels is daunting, but we found it may also be the key to a more joyful, connected, and fair way of life. Bill McKibben Feb 15, And 21 other facts you should know. Keith Barbalato Feb 16, Richard Heinberg Feb 22, Nyasha Laing Feb 23, Rachel Vorona Cote Mar 01, Keith Barbalato Mar 01, Marcus Harrison Green Mar 14, Yessenia Funes Mar 15, So how many people can the planet really support?

    Laurie Mazur Mar 22,