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Semi Truck Accidents - 10 Tips For Sharing The Road With Truck Drivers

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10 Inclement Driving Safety Tips for Trucking Fleets

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Driver health is important and good health can result in fewer accidents, lower absentee rates, and reduced instances of driver fatigue.

Find a Truck Driving School

Driving is a demanding job that leaves men and women spending a lot of time seated, investing in good health programs that get them on their feet and out of their seats when possible is a great way to boost your business and keep good drivers lining up to work for your fleet. If your goal is to have the best drivers working for you then you need to make sure you develop a reputation for treating your drivers well. Use social media and request that your drivers say a few good words about your organization from time to time as well.

Drivers and their families give up a lot when drivers spend a great deal of time on the road.

10 Tips to Hire the Best Truck Drivers for Your fleet in 2018

Giving them plenty of time at home can improve their mental health, their physical health, and their happiness working for you. This reduces turnover and helps boost your reputation. Hiring military veterans is not only good for business, but it can earn your business tax credits too. It will boost your reputation with customers and drivers alike while giving deserving men and women an opportunity to earn for their families upon returning to civilian life. This is one of the most important and commonly forgotten winter driving tips.

A good way to assess the road condition is to observe the water coming off the tires of vehicles around you. If the tire spray is relatively less, it means that the roadway has started to freeze and you need to exercise additional caution. The visibility is quite poor in inclement weather conditions. This will allow the other drivers to see you and maintain a safe distance from your truck.

31 Newbie Truck Driver Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

If your speed is around mph, consider decelerating your truck slightly and maneuvering around the obstacles to avoid a collision. If you are going for an extended trip, carry a flashlight, shovel, matches, traction devices, a bag of sand, etc. Make sure you have roadside assistance for trucks to fall back on if you get stuck or run into trouble on the road.

When visibility is compromised in a whiteout blizzard, it can be difficult to see traffic lights and signs. Make sure you look twice before proceeding through an intersection or turning down a one-way street.