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She never hated herself or her powers more in that moment. What was the point of being blessed with magic if she were still useless to help those who needed her the most? Ice was beautiful and dangerous, yes, but it couldn't heal. The sudden realization hit Elsa with such force that she physically staggered from Anna's bedside and bolted from the room. Kristoff glanced up at the Queen's movement, watching as she fled from the room.

But he didn't care, could only focus on his wife. He could feel her heartbeat growing weaker, her breathing growing shallower. And his baby's cries filled him with such anger that, for the first time in his life, he understood why his father hated him so much. That baby, that thing was the reason Anna was dying, taking away his own will to live. Anna stirred at the sound of the baby's cry, though, turning her head towards the child. A handmaid brought the baby over to her. Everyone in the room knew that the Princess was dying and there was nothing they could do to stop it.


But they could at least give her the chance to hold her daughter. The maid laid the newborn in Anna's arms and she smiled weakly down at it. Kristoff hated the adoration in his wife's eyes. She glanced up at him, catching his expression. Don't become your father. When the spell was over, she was even weaker, even closer to death. But still she spoke, her eyes never leaving his.

Promise me that you'll love her with everything you have. That you'll love her more than you loved me. She's our daughter, Kristoff. I love her more than anything and, if I had a choice, I would do it all over again. Anna's eyes filled with love as she turned back to their daughter.

Her breaths came slow and shallow, and she felt herself growing colder. But all she could see was the beautiful baby in her arms and all she could feel was the love and happiness that pooled inside her. Kristoff shifted, pulling his wife and child closer to him. He heard the door slam open, but he paid it no attention, wanting nothing more than to hold his wife, if only for a moment longer. But suddenly someone was tugging Anna out of his arms, pulling her away from him.

She was growing stiller and he fought back, fighting to keep her close. Magdalena began to cry in her dying mother's arms and a servant came to take her away. She was the one trying to take Anna away from him. We don't have much time! He could still feel her pulse, but barely.

She was fading fast. A hard hand connected with his face and he recoiled from the slap, relinquishing his grip on Anna's body.

She tipped the Princess's head back, opening her mouth. A vial was in her hand and she poured the contents into Anna's mouth, silently pleading with her. She began to sing a soft lullaby, the words so soft that he couldn't hear them, not over the sound of his own wracking sobs. Kristoff had no idea what was happening and he was angry at Elsa. What was she doing? Couldn't she just leave them alone, let Anna die in peace? But Elsa shook her head, taking her sister's hand in both of her own. A warm glow filled Anna, starting at her abdomen and spreading through her body. The light twisted through the air and for a moment seemed to take the shape of something, but Kristoff couldn't tell what.

But it didn't matter. Because a second later, Anna was breathing again. She coughed from the effort and Elsa threw herself at her sister, pulling her into a tight hug. Kristoff couldn't believe what he had seen, but it didn't matter. He moved forward just as Elsa released Anna, disbelief filling him as he cupped his wife's cheek. She was warm and breathing and alive. He smiled, still crying, even as she smiled back at him. Wordlessly, he pulled her into a tight embrace, knowing he would never feel anything as good as her arms wrapping around him.

She had been dead. But now she was safe in his arms. He pulled back, keeping his hands on her shoulders as he looked at Elsa and muttered a single word. Elsa shrugged as if it were no big deal. When I was visiting, she told me that she used to possess healing powers in her hair. But once it was cut off, the ability was transferred to her tears. Rapunzel said she'd only been able to utilize the power of her tears a few times and that no one besides her had ever tried it. But she gave me a vial anyways and taught me the song, just in case the need should arise.

I don't know what I would do without you. Anna hugged her sister. They remained like that for a full minute, both crying, until Magdalena decided to start crying again. A maid brought the baby over and Anna released her sister, reaching for her baby. Kristoff found himself sitting on the edge of the bed, putting an arm around Anna's shoulders as they looked down at their daughter.

She was so small and fragile and tiny. They had discussed names for a while before her birth, but we're never able to agree on anything. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to fight again. Anna huffed before yawning widely. Lena had already fallen asleep in her arms and she felt herself quickly following. Dying can really take a lot out of a person. Kristoff's heart wrenched as he was reminded of her lying still before him, but he scooped her up in his arms, careful not to jostle their newborn daughter.

He wanted to move her out of the delivery room and bloodied bed to their room, where he would be able to keep a close eye on her as she slept. I love you so much, Anna, and I wouldn't be able to raise our daughter on my own. Promise me that you won't leave me. He felt Anna shift, her grip on Lena tightening. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. I don't want to know what Pa and 'Bunta will do if you don't. They loved Minato and to hear how his son was treated will infuriate them.

I never would have guessed things got this bad. I better go talk to Sarutobi-sensei. Things just seemed to be going wrong for him lately and he felt that things were only going to get worse. Pushing back from his desk full of a mountain of unfinished paperwork, he groaned as he stood up with his old joints popping. Walking out on the balcony and looking over his village, his gaze eventually fell towards the Hokage monument, more specifically, the Yondaime's head.

Staring for a few minutes he sighed in sadness. I'm getting old, my friend. When I was reinstated after your sacrifice, I never expected things to go so badly. This village is being corrupted. The village council is taking more and more power away from me. Their greed and hatred are ruling them. Your son is not treated as the hero he is. The shinobi side is mostly on his side, but the civilian side is always making trouble.

At every meeting with the council, they try to make Naruto's life miserable. He passed the preliminaries and is moving onto the finals against Hyuuga Neji. He is showing power that he should not have.

Trials of Ice and Fire Chapter 1: A Mutual Agreement, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

The demon is influencing him. Why else would the honorable clan heirs and heiresses be with him. This went on for hours. The shinobi side could not even get in a word. The elders and Danzo were pushing for Naruto to be made a weapon to be controlled. With a growing headache, the Hokage slammed his fist on the table, releases a large amount of killing intent at the civilian council and shouts "ENOUGH! There will be no killing, banishing, or dropping him from the ninja program! He is growing strong because he trains day and night, not because of his burden influencing him, you bakas!

The crippled, old war hawk Danzo at this point smirked and remarked, "And what do you have to say about the boy's training in controlling the demon's power Hiruzen?

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Were you going to tell us about that? Hiruzen inwardly cursed Danzo's knowledge about that because he knew he was going to try to use that to his advantage. The civilian side started muttering at that; however, before things could get out of hand again Danzo raised his hand to halt the tirade. But, right now it is not. If we can get him under control, he would become Konoha's greatest weapon. Our village would get all the mission requests, thus, bringing in more money. Minor countries wouldn't dare go against us and scramble over each other to gain our favor which will open up trade routes and more for merchants and other wealth to make its way to the village.

Appealing to the greed of the council, the civilians started nodding in agreement and pretty soon they were shouting how he should be given to Danzo as a weapon. After the shouting died down it was eventually put to a vote; however, both sides were completely tied. The civilians all voted yes, as well as Danzo. The two elders, who only had one vote and it had to be unanimous or they did not count, voted yes. The shinobi all voted no, with the Hokage using his right of two votes for no, thus deadlocking the issue and causing it to be discarded.

Walking back into the office to stare at the portraits of the previous Hokages, his eyes fell on the Yondaime. Today was the closest they ever got to ruining Naruto's life forever. Eventually one of the shinobi will side with the civilians and Naruto's fate will be sealed. If he was surprised due to the icy tone of Jiraiya's voice, he was very surprised to notice how serious Jiraiya looked right now.

Waving Jiraiya into his office he sat down at his desk with his elbows resting on the top with his hands clasped in front of his face. That bad feeling growing he sends out the ANBU in his office and activates the privacy seals. He then asks in a worried voice, "What has happened?

Dead Season Discussion: Trials of Ice and Fire (and Mountains) in Game of Thrones Season 4 (Part 1)

Did he get hurt? Face contorting in anger he spat out, "No, he's not okay! He's almost as far from okay as you can get! All matter of emotions fly across the Sandaime's face as the story goes on and finally settles on deep sadness and weary resignation. If I don't do something things will only get worse! Now it's the Sandaime's turn to tell what happened during the council meeting he had with Jiraiya's anger rising as the story progressed until finally he exploded. Killer intent higher than the Sandaime had felt in years exploded from Jiraiya and washed over the village causing concern among the shinobi and civilians to panic when the angry voice of the gamma sennin rang out.

Inside the office however, the ranting went on getting more and more graphic in describing how Jiraiya was going to murder the council. Eventually his anger ran out and gave way once more to sadness and he collapsed in the chair. The council has gained too much power. Both men lapse into silence thinking on how they can try to fix this. Eventually Jiraiya came up with an idea.


I mean I will take Naruto as my full-time apprentice and name him as my successor. Doing so will make me his guardian, grant him some privileges like the Sannin traveling rights that will allow him to come and go as he pleases with no repercussions, and provide him political protection when it is publicly announced. Plus, the council can't stop it because of my rights as a Sannin. A Sannin answers only to the Hokage, not the greedy bastards on the council.

The Sandaime thought it over thoroughly, lighting up his pipe while weighing the pros and cons of the decision, before finally agreeing.

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However, do you understand the repercussions this will have? Publicly acknowledging this will make Naruto many enemies both in and out of the village. The council is going to be furious; they will try anything to stop Naruto from leaving. They might even go after those he cares about. Jiraiya was nodding throughout this then said, "I will talk with Naruto later, find out who it is that he cares for, and then find a way to discretely warn them. They will not be caught in the crossfire of this without knowing what could happen. However, there is one thing wrong here. Naruto-kun's classmates do not know about his tenant.

You can be sure those who go after them will try to use that to their advantage. The Sandaime almost dropped his pipe in shock. That is the only thing allowing Naruto a peaceful life in the village! If I do this, the older generation will poison the younger with lies and turn the rest of the village against him! Besides Naruto does not have a peaceful life in the village anyway!

I'll bet I haven't heard even half of what has happened with Naruto growing up and what I have makes me want to beat the villagers to a pulp! Wearily, the Sandaime says, "Your right. I've tried my best over the years to help him, but I'm blocked at every turn. What is your plan? You will hint to them that something big is going down soon and that Naruto's burden will soon become public knowledge. You will then instruct them to repeat what you have said to their students. Therefore, they will have to accept the reason even if they don't believe it.

Plus, knowing what Naruto's life was like due to his burden will prevent them from being swayed by the lies they might be told because the trust in the older generation will be shaken when the children realize what Naruto had to go through because of them, causing them to not believe the lies and side with Naruto.

In turn, this will keep Naruto happy because he knows at least part of the village accepts him for his burden. I'm going to teach him as much as I can in the month period so that when the finals come around the village will be blown away. I also plan to take him away from the village after the finals are over and he is promoted. That reminds me, I need Naruto's inheritance because I plan to inform Naruto about his mother during the break and then his father after we leave. Keeping him in the dark when he was desperate for one bright spot in his life was the wrong thing to do.

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Nodding in agreement, the Sandaime stands up and walks over to the Yondaime's portrait. Pulling it away from the wall he reveals a seal. Biting his thumb and swiping it over the seal, it glows slightly and fades away revealing a safe hidden in the wall. Motioning Jiraiya over who bites his thumb and swipes it over the safe causing it to unlock and open revealing two large scrolls, one wrapped in a red ribbon with the Uzumaki clan symbol on it and the other wrapped in a yellow ribbon with the Namikaze clan symbol.

The Sandaime takes them and gives them to Jiraiya with some parting words, "Keep him safe Jiraiya-kun. I care about that boy like he was my own grandson. Help him find his Will of Fire. Also, ask him to forgive an old man for his mistakes. Accepting them, Jiraiya replies, "I will, Sensei, and don't worry. He will forgive you. You are his 'jiji' after all.

But after he finds out all that I've hidden from him he may never forgive me. And there it is. The first chapter of my first story. Is it okay so far? I've got the next two chapters done and in the process of being edited, so expect them soon. I don't really have a set time or schedule for uploads as I have not got very far in my planning. College is starting up again soon and I don't know what my schedule is going to be like.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Trials of Ice and Fire Summary: Here are a few things I should mention that are different from cannon. A Mutual Agreement Flashback: After the preliminaries Uzumaki Naruto has been having a bad day.

I told you not to call me tha What is he doing with the demon brat in his arms? Do you think he's dead? Good riddance if he is. He should be happy the demon is hurt. Now let's go see the boy. After leaving, Jiraiya sits on the bed and sighs. Flashback, Council Meeting "Hokage-sama, the demon brat is growing too powerful! The demon is definitely taking over! We must be rid of its taint on the village! We have to talk. I thought you already planned on doing that? What are you thinking? That would work very well.

A Mutual Agreement 2. Truth and Lies 3. Meeting the Fox 4. Changes and Origins 5. Sins of the Past 6. Revelations and Rewards 7. Epic Battles and Secrets Revealed 9. A Red Dawn Rises True Feelings Revealed Business and Pleasure The author would like to thank you for your continued support.