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Manic and magnificently unhinged punk rock from Skull Cult on the excellent Erste Theke Tontraeger label. Wild, bug-eyed, and great.

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  • Cold Storage for Fruits & Vegetables: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-87;
  • Friedel Polten und ihre Rangen (German Edition).

Relentlessly catchy Swedish punk: Robotic, herky-jerk post-punk from the Erste Theke Tontraeger label, New Berlin fuse jabbing riffs with blank, machinelike vocals. Sick Hyenas' second Album is kind of a portait of their musical journey from the first album in until now.

Hyena heaven - Mpila Camp

Heaven For A While Cry For Me In Her Bloom See What's Left Inside We've travelled long distances with our first album, met a lot of interesting people and got the chance to visit and play cities we've never been before. The songs on our second album are a mix of songs we wrote at the beginning of the band and we already played live for a couple of years, songs we wrote while beeing on tour and songs we wrote right before we went into the studio to record our second album, what became now "Heaven For A While".

This album is a portrait of us being a band for almost 4 years now. Streaming and Download help. Latest album of The Go on Burger Records. Michigan State University students in the Holekamp Lab blog about their experiences in Kenya, research on spotted hyenas and adventures in the field. Wednesday, November 19, Day 3: Hyena heaven Posted by Kate at 7: The hyenas finally found their moment just before dawn, and the hippo kill finally became theirs.

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By 6am, more than 15 hyenas had converged on what was left of the carcass. However, after more than 72 hours, there's not a lot left to this once-massive beast. Once they finished all the meat on the hippo, our beloved bone-crackers started in on the skeleton. Here, you can see the effects of their unbelievable jaws This stuff is amazingly think, and apparently pretty hyena-proof.

Hyena Heaven a Porcupine and more