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In our short report, we explore the barriers to investment and look at the difficult questions the legal sector need to answer in order to find a way forward. Digital disruption in the legal sector.

Technology & Innovation Conference: Zeinal Bava (The Innovation Imperative)

The Technology Imperative Digital disruption in the legal sector. Digital disruption in the legal sector 08 October Please fill out the following form to access the download.

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Metadata Show full item record. Abstract This study of public elementary school organizations explored relationships among properties of three major variables: The relationships were examined a in the light of Charles Perrow's theoretical formulation of the "technological imperative" which states that the nature of an organization's technology determines the nature of its organizational structure and b in the light of the author's notion that the educational attitudes of organizational personnel were likely to affect the technology and structure of educational organizations.

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The general research problem was stated as follows: Are public elementary school organizations characterized by systematic variation in relationships among properties of personnel attitudes, technology and structure? Four research questions were derived from the study's theoretical framework: Is there evidence that the technological imperative operates in educational organizations?

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This question was addressed by an examination of 1. What weights may be assigned to characteristics of supervisory and instructional personnel regarding their association , if any, with instructional flexibility and properties of organizational structure?