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His record is among the paper files kept for students who attended the Oakland school from to Two Tribune-Review reporters requested copies of their permanent records and received dramatically different results.

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One, a graduate of Norwin High School, received a one-page report showing grades, attendance, SAT scores and other basic information. The second, a graduate of Central Dauphin High School near Harrisburg, received a page report with grades, standardized test results from grade school through high school, class photos, information about her parents and other personal data.

Although many people give no thought to the contents of permanent records on graduating from high school, the documents can come into play later in life.

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Choby, principal at Norwin Senior High School. The existence of records that contain so much personal information has raised privacy and security concerns. Five federal bills regarding the issue were introduced this year, said Elana Zeide, an expert on student privacy at the Information Law Institute of New York University. Protocol for handling cyber records differs from state to state, she said.

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Parents worry that information stored for a long time could be used to deny their children opportunities, Zeide said. Nearly 75 percent of colleges and universities collect high school disciplinary information and 89 percent use it in admission decisions, the N.

Principals or the person in charge of collecting transfer student information are also typically allowed to see it. Finally, in some cases, law enforcement is given access to the information. Records are usually kept long after a person graduates or leaves the school. In California, records are said to be kept indefinitely.

In Illinois, permanent records are kept for 60 years after a person graduates and temporary records are held on to for five years. Once the time limit is up, the records are destroyed, usually by school officials. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, About 5 million of those students will be in either prekindergarten or kindergarten.

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This means in one year, throughout the U. With about 98, public schools across the country, this averages about new records a year per school. As a school adds this amount of new students every year, they may quickly run out of space for these records. How Mobile Mini Can Help Schools lacking the space needed to accommodate these requirements can take advantage of mobile storage containers. Keeping them on-site in a storage container on the school grounds is an efficient way to accomplish this.