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Well yes ,when you are caught going through luggage in the honeymoon suite by the best man. A ever increasing angry Dylan, who before she knows it has her backed up against a door, but by then it is not anger or danger she is sensing. These two strike a deal to make sure her waffling freind Simone does not show back up in Garrett's life and while doing that find themselves involved. Of course it would not look good for the best man and maid of honor of a failed wedding to be together, plans evolve; a fling just for the week, part ways when the week is over and keep it secret!

Plans are great but the heart does not always agree and Dylan suddenly finds himself for the first time wanting more and afraid to admit it.

These two keep their secret while all the while turning up the heat. A fun quick read that paired well with "Operation Romeo" from this kindle works series! Arc Graciuosly provided by the author for an honest review! Oct 09, Bette Hansen rated it it was amazing. Fantastic read and what fun, we get not one but two hot SEAL's! Dylan Van Doren is at Casa Blanca for his brothers wedding - er, non-wedding! When the bride decides to call things off at the last minute, a move Dylan doesn't totally disagree with, he needs to be there for his brother, right?

So why is he letting himself get so distracted by the woman who was to be the maid of honor?? Astrid Hughes is walking temptation and one he can't seem to resist. Astrid doesn't want to have a hot fling righ Fantastic read and what fun, we get not one but two hot SEAL's! Astrid doesn't want to have a hot fling right in front of the almost bride but she can't deny having a little fun with Dylan is exactly what she wants.

So they decide to keep things secret. Let the fun begin! If you're wondering what the poor jilted groom is up to, check out Operation: Romeo for his story. A great quick read that I highly recommend. Oct 10, Isha Coleman rated it it was amazing Shelves: How can you not fall for the warrior with a fearless attitude but the soul of a romantic?

Rough around the edges Dylan has a secret. He believes in the forever kind of love that true romantics fantasize about. He needs to find his other half. Astrid is a little bit quirky, naive, loyal and about to help break his brother's heart. A scrapped wedding and picturesque island could be just the setting for the love of a lifetime. Seduced by the Best Man was an easy read that flew by. My one c How can you not fall for the warrior with a fearless attitude but the soul of a romantic? My one critique would be because I loved these characters so much, I wish the story had been longer.

Oct 18, DB rated it it was amazing. Reviewer Krys Barton sums it up best with this statement: It is fast paced with some fun and interesting twists. Its characters, Dylan and Astrid, are well developed and the story line is realistic. I wish I was Astrid! As a thank you to the author, I voluntarily reviewed and advanced copy of this book. Jan 12, M rated it really liked it.

Tempting the Best Man

Oct 10, Maureen Fink rated it it was amazing. Dylan trades his room for his brothers Bridal Suite. In true Zoe York Fashion sparks fly as well as some clothes. Dylan and Astrid are drawn to each other but feel disloyal to brother and best friend. They decide secrecy is the way to handle it.

Here's where the hot and steamy starts. You'll have to get the books to find out how it ends. You won't be disappointed. I was given a copy of the book for and honest review. Jealous I wanna be Astrid What's a maid of honor to do when there's a runaway bride Amazing this kindle world just gets better and better Zoe York spun her magic here drawing you in and hooking you hook line and sinker. Read to see who gets the happily ever after. Oct 23, Lynn Lim rated it it was amazing. But this review is about Ms. He felt that his brother was way too impulsive, and this marriage would have been a mistake.

Now, to fix the mess that was to be he brother wedding. Astrid knew her best friend Simone was not ready to settle down and get married, and now, so does Simone. Unfortunately, now, as maid of honor, she has a mess to clean up. I love the way Ms. York writes an emotional read. She has a way of taking a reader into the book. I fell in love with her writing a little of a year ago, and have read every book since. York, thank you for keep giving me a fix for my reading addition. I loved the way Ms. York bounced these two stories thru each of the books.

You can read each by themselves, but I got more out of reading both. Thank you for reading my review. Oct 11, Diana Tidlund added it. Zoe York is an amazing job of delivering two characters that wove their way into my heart as they made me laugh at their antics just as i'm sure they will in yours.

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Astrid Hughes is in Barefoot Bay as her best friends maid of honor but when her friend leaves the groom standing at the alter she's left to pick up the pieces and that means going to Zoe York is an amazing job of delivering two characters that wove their way into my heart as they made me laugh at their antics just as i'm sure they will in yours.

Astrid Hughes is in Barefoot Bay as her best friends maid of honor but when her friend leaves the groom standing at the alter she's left to pick up the pieces and that means going to the bridal suite and get her friends belongings. Navy SEAL Dylan Van Doren has come to Barefoot Bay to be stand up for his twin brother but when the bride left Garrett at the alter and makes him switch his room with the bridal suite the fun begins.

Neither excepted to find the other in the room or for the chemistry to ignite between them, but once it did they were both helpless to do anything about it.

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Sweet and funny while steamy and romantic at the same time Seduced By The Best Man seduces the reader at the same time Dylan seduced Astrid. York did such a terrific job of creating this story and the characters that you didn't want it to end, and luckily it didn't have to end because Kat Cantrell picked up where Ms. York left off and brought us back around to Garrett and his love life. Cantrell and start salivating over these hot Navy Seal brothers all over again because neither author disappoints! Oct 12, Paula rated it really liked it. Zoe York has written Seduced by the Best Man as a somewhat stand-alone but from the title you can see that there is a supposed wedding.

I was able to read that first and can say it enhanced my enjoyment especially by knowing the background of Dylan and his brother, Garrett. This story, however, takes place on a week of leave so there Zoe York has written Seduced by the Best Man as a somewhat stand-alone but from the title you can see that there is a supposed wedding.

This story, however, takes place on a week of leave so there is not saving the world here, just paradise to be enjoyed. He has no idea when he starts accusing then scheming with to-be maid of honor what is really going on with Garrett. That is part of the fun of this book. Everyone has a plan, but really none of those plans work out as originally designed; instead so much better. Sweet but hot novella with some funny and witty dialogue between Dylan and Astrid; in true Zoe York fashion.

A complimentary ARC of the book was given to me by the author. Oct 09, Nickole rated it really liked it. Oct 10, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. I have yet to not fall in love with a hero in Zoe York's books! Dylan Van Doren is a navy Seal who has to be a strong, serious guy when he's on the job. But underneath, he's got a surprising soft and squishy center Astrid love that name! She's attracted to the ex-best man, but feels guilty because of her friend. Dylan is looking for that forever gal; h I have yet to not fall in love with a hero in Zoe York's books!

Dylan is looking for that forever gal; he's not afraid to settle down with one woman Some books I struggle to play the movie, this book was very easy for me to find my "movie". Without further hesitation, here's a little summary: Angie is a tomboy type. She has been chosen as a bridesmaid in her best friend's wedding, except that her best friend is the groom. She's not close with the bride but accepts the bridesmaid role because of her love and lifelong friendship to the groom. While at the bachelorette party, she runs into her ex Cole , the same one who flew the coop a year ago and left her heart broken without much explanation.

Cole was a cop at the time and obviously has made some poor decisions in the past year since he's a stripper now she thinks. It's revealed pretty quickly that he is no longer a cop, but is an undercover private investigator and he needs Angie's help to get him on the inside of the wedding party. His target of investigation is another bridesmaid skip to the end of the review to see my opinion on that. In order for Cole to do his job, he and Angie must fake a romance so that no one is suspicious of him.

The bridesmaid under investigation just so happens to get injured and can no longer be in the wedding, and not very long after, another bridesmaid has a medical emergency and doesn't seem to be able to participate. Are these just bad luck accidents? Is someone trying to ruin the wedding? Is someone picking off bridesmaids 1 by 1? Is Angie the next target or is she secretly sabotaging her best friends wedding?

Amongst all this, Cole is struggling with things from his childhood that have made it hard for him to trust and love. Can he trust and let someone in all the way? Can Angie get over what's happened to them in the past and can she handle some secrets about Cole that she never knew? I think it could have been much more interesting. It didn't seem like a practical case. Cole specializes in reuniting estranged families, which is a personal thing for him more than just a job that pays bills.

The bridesmaid he is investigating used to be into drugs and alcohol and her family cut her off and lost contact.

See a Problem?

They have hired Cole to snoop around, find their daughter, and see if their daughter is still making poor choices and if she isn't, they would like her back in their lives. That just seems ridiculous to me and kind of boring as well. A different type of investigation would have made this a little more exciting. I loved the book but found myself often asking "Cole's original entire involvement is all because someone wants to know if their adult daughter is doing drugs before they reunite with her?

If she was reckless and a substance abuser, I would have thought it would have been more apparent and wouldn't have required a private investigator rearranging his entire life to get answers. I don't like to dwell on negatives though, this was just a small thing that I personally thought could have been improved. Other readers may not give it a second thought. May 09, Sophia rated it it was ok Shelves: A Bridezilla, a serious of seeming accidents, backstabbing bridesmaids, and an ex who suddenly reappears at the bachelorette party sounded all sorts of fun to me so I leaped at the chance to read this one.

The story opens with Angie Lawson reluctantly attending the bachelorette party of her best friend's bride to be and just wishing it was all over. The cutting words because she doesn't fit in with all the girly girls, two of the bridesmaids can't stand each other's guts, and the bride's moods an A Bridezilla, a serious of seeming accidents, backstabbing bridesmaids, and an ex who suddenly reappears at the bachelorette party sounded all sorts of fun to me so I leaped at the chance to read this one.

The cutting words because she doesn't fit in with all the girly girls, two of the bridesmaids can't stand each other's guts, and the bride's moods and dictates driving everyone crazy and the strip club is so not Angie's thing. Then she can't believe her eyes. The ex that broke her heart and left her over a year ago making it clear that her confident, aggressive bedroom manner and her less than feminine looks and behavior drove him away, is one of the strippers and he has his sights set on a lap dance with Angie. Cole Foster is undercover trying to dig up information on one of the bridesmaids.

He has had them under surveillance so he is well aware that Angie is part of the group. He needs to be close to the wedding party and Angie is the only way he can do it though if he was honest, he just wants to be close to Angie again. She's the only woman he'll ever love, but he can't be with her because once she got to know the real him, she'd dump him anyway. Angie reluctantly agrees to help Cole and as she feared, it stirs up her tamped down emotions again. She still loves him, but its not enough and Cole still hesitates to trust Angie with the truth about his past.

Meanwhile, deadly accidents are happening within the wedding party and Angie may be on that list as well. That is the word I would use for this story. I couldn't get into it. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't very engaging for me either. There was some humor to it all though the antics generally fell on the heavy-handed side for me.

The group of characters did not endear themselves to me. Cole and Angie were both pretty insecure and made a habit out of misreading words and motives. I just didn't get into them. I will say that I was a bit intrigued by Cole since he is one of those rare beta heroes. I didn't hold that against him and actually don't mind that type personality for a change.

Angie's dominant nature wasn't a problem either. It was just the back and forth stuff that got old. Then there were Angie's so called friends. Her best friend let his awful bride he lost points right there marrying that beastly woman rip Angie a new one when he knew she didn't deserve it. That's one of the most distracting things about the story- that wedding. It totally upstaged the romance plot much of the time.

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I was so distracted by the thought of anyone marrying the nightmare bride, Brittany and I honestly couldn't figure out why all those people jumped through the fiery hoops over alligator infested waters for her. By all rights, she should have been left alone with her signature pink bubblegum Brittini drink to hopefully get plastered and mellow. All in all, its an okay read that had its funny moments, its sexy times and offered a second chance romance for two tentative people.

My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: When her best friend gets engaged, Angie Lawson finds herself in wedding hell. Breaking up with Angie My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: Breaking up with Angie was the hardest thing Cole Foster has ever done, but he knows she deserves better than him. And when someone knocks out the maid of honor, Cole is forced to ask Angie for help with his case. Angie is an outstanding heroine. Cole, in turn, is a former cop with a scarred heart and a sexy swagger. I do wish Ms. Carr had shown some parts of their first romance in flashbacks, but even with just staying in the present, I really enjoyed watching Angie and Cole find their way back to one another.

Even though I cringed along with Angie in some parts, I liked this plotline just as much as I did the romance. May 04, Autumn rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is a fast read I read it in one sitting. The story flowed really well for me, there were no spots where it stalled out for me. I loved just about everything about this story. The only thing that had me beating my head against the wall was the miss-communication and how everything would have been sorted out if Cole would have just opened up to Angie.

Robert Greene

I understand that it was hard for Cole to talk about his past and parents but come on you were with Angie for a year and you say you trust This book is a fast read I read it in one sitting. I understand that it was hard for Cole to talk about his past and parents but come on you were with Angie for a year and you say you trust her but when it comes down to it you really didn't and that is what did in your relationship. I feel for Angie, and maybe its because I'm a woman but I don't care she has the right to be upset and mad at Cole for what he put her through.

I think my heart stopped when Angie seen Cole up on the stage at the strip club. I felt what she felt in that moment hurt confused and pissed off more than you can believe. What I really loved and got a real kick out of was that Cole had to come almost crawling to Angie to get help for his case boy I would have had fun with that. As the case heats up so does the attraction between Cole and Angie and come on who is going to resist a guy like Cole. Angie just thinks that her and Cole are going to hook up for the wedding but as Cole starts to share with her, Angie starts to think well maybe and the what happens Cole puts her on the FRIEND list after she gives him her heart again in that moment I wanted Angie to kick is ass sooo bad.

Another thing that pissed me off was Patrick who is the one getting married to the bride from hell doesn't stick up for Angie more when everything with the wedding comes to a head. If he was my best friend I would have some words with him. Even after Angie saves his wedding! I love the end and I would love to read about what Cole and Angie go through in the next step in there relationship. So if your looking for a book that makes you glad that your not a bridesmaid, has a hot ex boyfriend begging for help, mystery, and the power of real friendship because what Angie went through was hell but she did it for her best friend.

Jul 27, Farrah rated it it was amazing. Hot, steamy, and adorably sweet. The Bridesmaid's Best Man was a fantastic romance. I absolutely loved it! I loved the two main characters in this book. They were great and tons of fun to read about. Angie is a tom-boy to the core and, as a result of all the people who tried to change her into a girly-girl, is rather insecure.

So, she takes Cole breaking up with her on a deeper level because it hit all her insecurities. Despite her self-consciousness, I thought she was a strong heroine. One that w Hot, steamy, and adorably sweet. One that wasn't about the change to please anyone. She knew when to stand up for herself and when to forgive. I thought she was a great heroine. Cole was just as wonderful. Because of his past with his parents, he has deep a deep seated belief that he is unlovable.

And, when he breaks up with Angie, it's because of the fear he has that, if she continues to know him better, she will come to hate him. His past is one hell of a story, and I won't give it away. But, I will say that it was a surprise. Though he finds himself lacking, I thought he was perfect. He was incredibly sweet, dedicated to helping others, and basically completely adorable.

The romance was a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Angie and Cole may have broken up, but their feelings never faded and that was obvious from the minute they reunited. They are what you call true love. And, damn, were there sparks flying between them! The heat between them was on fire. They were a perfect couple. The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. The mystery of who was targeting the bridesmaids had me on the edge of my seat. And, though I had suspicious about who was responsible, the reveal took me by surprise.

And the ending was lovely. Nora Roberts makes her second appearance on the list writing as J. Robb with the long-running romantic suspense series, In Death. After a long debate, we named the Nora Roberts Rule after her: While many great writers were nominated, only Roberts is legendary enough to show up twice!

In this classic gothic suspense story, governess Linda Martin arrives at a mysterious French chateau to take care of the 9-year-old master of the house and discovers a sinister uncle, a dashing, sardonic cousin, and a possible plot against the life of her young charge. The ruling Psy have awesome mental powers, but no ability to feel emotions. They punish any sign of desire, and they're on the brink of war with the shape-shifting Changelings.

The action begins with one Psy desperately trying to conceal evidence of her feelings and the Changeling who sees her as the key to solving a murderous mystery. Steampunk is more than just a fashion statement in Meljean Brook's Iron Seas books, set in an alternate world where the Mongols conquered Europe with the aid of fantastical machinery.

The Best Man

Dive in with the first book, The Iron Duke, about a military hero who falls for a police inspector when she comes to investigate a dead body dropped — via dirigible — at his doorstep. Human technological progress has triggered a magical apocalypse, and mercenary Kate Daniels lives in the wreckage. She relies on her skills with a sword to protect her from enemies who want the magic in her blood — enemies who kill her guardian and throw her into the path of shape-shifter Curran, Lord of the Free Beasts. Poor Prince Charming is cursed: Every woman who looks at him is instantly enslaved by love.

And poor Ember turns to the dark arts in order to resist the prince's pull — but can he resist her? Bettie Sharpe reworks the story of Cinderella with, as she puts it, "sex, violence and naughty words. Jemisin's tale of human women caught up in divine disputes is one of the best fantasy series of recent years, and also one of the most stirring romances: It's packed with gods and lovers whose bonds shape their world — and the worlds to come.

Often described as "a Regency romance in space," A Civil Campaign stars Lois McMaster Bujold's memorable hero Miles Vorkosigan and his clone brother Mark as they scheme for the hearts of the women they love and try to keep Mark's nonromantic scheme to engineer food-producing bugs from getting out of control. In the fallen utopia of Samaria, an angel and a slave girl are thrown together in a divinely arranged marriage that proves anything but divine. Can Gabriel and Rachel overcome their differences in time to perform the holy rite that might save their planet?

There are probably more sensible books by the great Johanna Lindsey — she's better known for the pirate yarn Gentle Rogue — but none so outlandishly fun as this tale of a space-faring security officer who lands on a planet of giant leather-trousered barbarian warriors and winds up claimed by the biggest brute of them all. Charley Davidson is a part-time private investigator and a full-time Grim Reaper, meaning she sees dead people and tries to guide them into the afterlife and occasionally hunt down the people who left them dead.

As if that weren't complicated enough, she gets caught up in a devilishly hot romance with the actual son of Satan — a relationship that only gets more intense as the series progresses.

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The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a band of entertainingly named Rhage, Phury, Tohrment and highly trained vampire warriors, brothers who protect their kind from vampire slayers when they're not falling for very special women. Ward has extended the series to include relatives and friends of the original brothers, but we recommend starting at the beginning with Dark Lover, the tale of vampire king Wrath.

In Kresley Cole's world, there are hundreds of paranormal races living secretly alongside humans. But every years, war breaks out — and that time is now. Vampires and Valkyries, demons and sorceresses spark and court against a backdrop of supernatural battle in these award-winning paranormal romances. When MacKayla Lane's sister is murdered, a single clue leads her into the dangerous world of the Fae and an equally dangerous attraction to two men: Novelist Carrie McClelland hopes to turn an obscure historical battle into a best-seller.

But when Carrie discovers a strange connection to the events she's writing about, her novel — about a young Scotswoman battling English spies while falling for a dashing soldier with a price on his head — turns out to be more truth than fiction. Anna never knew werewolves existed until she became one herself, and not just any old werewolf. Anna is neither an Alpha nor a submissive but an Omega wolf, the rarest of weres, destined to bring peace to warring wolves and love to one of the country's most powerful packs. Damali Richards is a popular spoken-word artist and producer.

She's also the Neteru, a special human born once every thousand years to fight the dark threat of vampires with a jewel-encrusted sword that's 7, years old. Can she keep the world — and her vampire lover, Carlos — safe? We are the Rulers of the Night. And this is a very entertaining, long-running and hot series about immortal warriors dedicated to defending humanity.

Immortality, it turns out, isn't so great without love. Set in a version of Victorian England where magic is commonplace, this is the story of Lucien Vaudrey, who returns home to take up his title after the deaths of his father and brother. But he needs to fight the magic that's killing off his line, and for that he needs the help of quiet young magician Stephen Day — who bears no love for the Vaudreys.

Four out of four panelists agree: You should read all of Radclyffe's books. Start with Fated Love, the story of trauma surgeon Quinn Maguire and the unexpected mutual attraction she feels with her boss, Honor Blake. The story really gets going when Honor begins to suspect Quinn is hiding something. Ever since the Sept. But then Dante runs into money troubles and proposes that the two friends put on a show for a website that specializes in hunks in uniform. A killer is on the loose, and FBI Special Agent Ty Grady has been partnered with another agent, Zane Garrett, to crack the case — but it's hate at first sight between cocky, confident Grady and serious Garrett.

They'll have to figure out how to stop bickering before the killer makes them his next victims. Crick Francis found his true love at the age of 8: But Crick is sure he'll never be good enough for Deacon, and Deacon is too painfully shy to admit his own attraction. When they finally come together as adults, a misunderstanding leads Crick to make an impulsive decision that could tear them apart forever. Michael Warner has been dead inside ever since he lost his lover in a car crash. Their young daughter, too, is mourning her other father. But Michael begins to wake up when he meets Rebecca O'Neill, a former actress who's dealing with her own devastating losses.

But her dream job is jeopardized when she falls for rugged footman Mack Danvers — after all, the help mustn't get involved with each other. Francine Rivers retells the Biblical story of Hosea, setting it in Gold Rush California and turning the Old Testament prophet into a sympathetic rancher who heeds a divine calling to marry an abused prostitute. Alpha male homicide detective Mackenzie Nighthorse goes undercover in a bondage club in search of a murderess — and finds he's increasingly unable to keep his desires separate from his investigation.

Especially when he meets Violet Siemanski, a young dominatrix who seems to know just how to unlock his hidden self. Lacey Meyers is divorced after 15 years of boredom and bad sex. She just wants to have a little fun with studly young cop Hunter Anderson. Neither of them sees a future together Elizabeth Petre, the daughter of a prime minister, is a perfect Victorian wife, but her charms are lost on her cold, indifferent husband.

Determined to win him over, she asks for lessons in seduction from the notorious Ramiel, who calls himself the Bastard Sheikh. At first enraged by her request, Ramiel eventually takes on the task, with the aid of The Perfumed Garden , a classic collection of Arabic erotica. Minerva Dobbs is an actuary whose wild side only peeps out in her choice of shoes plastic, kitten heels, cherries and goldfish.

Cal Morrissey is a serial dater who takes Min out to dinner on a bet — which, no spoilers here, she already knows about. It's a tasty tale of love, Elvis records and really good Italian food, and as a bonus, it comes packaged with another Crusie favorite, Welcome to Temptation. Oil company engineer Madelyn Taggart has broken a lot of boundaries as a young black woman in a very white, very male field. She hasn't yet found a love to match her career success, but her brother's buddy Daniel Falcon — rich, suave and oh-so-handsome — might just fit the bill.

We recommend you start at the beginning, with the story of Assistant U. Unwitting witness to a murder, she's thrown together with FBI agent Jack Pallas — who just happens to blame Lynde for a botched case three years ago. Paris chocolatier Magalie Chaudron and her aunts are sorceresses of the sweet, stirring wishes into their cauldron of chocolate. Magalie's cozy world is threatened when the famous pastry chef Philippe Lyonais decides to open a shop nearby, but eventually she can't resist the temptation to venture out for a taste. Mili Rathod was promised to her husband at the age of 4 and hasn't seen him since.

But as a married woman, she has the freedom to leave India for America and education. Hotshot Bollywood director Samir Rathod just wants to find the woman his brother was shackled to and get her consent for a quickie divorce — but Mili is far more than he expected. Kristen Ashley's word-of-mouth sensation series was a big favorite with our voters, and we recommend you start with Motorcycle Man. Tack and Tyra meet and hook up at a tequila-soaked barbecue, but sparks fly when Tyra realizes her big new job is managing the office at Tack's custom car garage.

Nora Roberts is a legend in the genre — so legendary, in fact, that she's the only author we let on this list twice. Many, many of her books were nominated, but our favorites are the Chesapeake Bay books, about the four adopted Quinn brothers — boat racer Cameron, boat builder Ethan, high-powered advertising executive Philip and artist Seth — and, of course, the women they love.