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Often looking with no purpose. As Paul awaited execution, he wrote a farewell letter to his dear comrade in service, Timothy. We thank you for your prayerful support May your faith life, your witness be an inspiration that cheers others on. The Scriptures are clear; it is time to run. Some of you, may be coasting or panting on the sidelines. It is time to run! For those who are not familiar with an an Anglican Service; there are four Scriptures readings prior to the Message; Today's assigned readings are: I enjoy listening to stories about people who will not give up; It doesn't matter whether we finish first in this race, but it does matter that we "finish pretty.

I read the true story about a group of friends that wanted to take part in one of those big 26 mile marathons. They ran together for over a year preparing for the meet. They were not trying to be big competitors in the race, they enjoyed running together and - for them — this was going to be Believers are immersed in a world of sin and temptation. Noah experienced a world such as this or even worse. Our duty as believers in God is to never give in to sin, never give up our hope in Christ, and to never give out in doing good. The Ungiver Genesis 6: The clock is ticking!

What would you do if you knew that your time was about to be up? Introduction It hit national consciousness in through the tale of two men, played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freemen, who both discovered they had a limited time left to live. The idea of a bucket list may not have been birthed by the movie but it was certainly Some of our rewards are represented by crowns. Rewards That Keep on Giving! On Elijah's final day on Earth, he and Elisha go on one last road trip together… and it's a journey we can all learn from.

When runners are in a relay race, each runner goes all the way around the track and then hands off a stick or Message 12 from Philippians study focusing on Paul's exhortation to stand firm in the Lord. The true secret is Deeping relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ.

II. What kind of legacy will you leave?

Truly knowing Jesus bring true joy and enables us to experience inner joy even In one word in the Greek, "Tetelestai! His death covered all our sins, and the pursuit of his mission to the end motivates us to pursue our God-given mission as we accept his forgiveness from the cross. In the last couple of weekends, I cut the grass twice, weeded, helped prepare a gravel and stone walkway, gathered up dead branches, and pruned the shrubs. It felt good to tackle some things, but it I recognize I would not be who I am — what I am — where I am — if it were not for the many positive examples my Father set for Funeral , Death Of Christian.

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It also pictures a man who has been carrying a staggering burden. Was Paul afraid to die? Write over his whole life these two words: Since he had no regrets, he viewed his death as simply going home to be with the Lord. What kind of departure will you have? Do you have that same confidence about your own death? Whenever I read verse 7, I think of Billy Sunday. I have a personal interest in his story because he is buried about two miles from our church—in the Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park.

It is an awesome honor to stand six feet above his mortal remains and tell the story of his conversion from a professional ballplayer to a preacher of the gospel. Engraved on his tombstone are the words of II Timothy 4: First, he lived a disciplined life.

Think of the words Paul used to describe his own life: In II Corinthians 6: He never stopped fighting for Jesus until the day he died. Now at last the struggle is almost over. Soon his Commander-in-Chief will grant an Honorable Discharge from the battles of life. He will be promoted from the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant. Second, he lived a directional life. Ever since that day, he had been following the Lord, doing whatever the Lord had for him to do. Whether in good times or bad times, whether in happy circumstances or in the midst of pain and suffering, Paul had walked in the way of the Lord.

Now that journey was almost over. This week I read about a professor at a Christian college, who along with his son, went on a 1,mile backpacking trip from British Columbia to southern California. Together father and son hiked through the mountains of Washington, Oregon and California.

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For many days they were alone on the trail, often camping above the 10,foot level. They faced every sort of discouragement—lack of food and water, danger from wild animals, danger from robbers they might meet, days of rain and mud, incredible physical exhaustion, the very real possibility of physical injury, not to speak of loneliness, blisters, mosquitoes, and the extremes of heat and cold.

Some of it involved strenuous training and meticulous logistical preparation. But there was something else involved. He discovered that those who succeeded versus those who failed understood that the biggest block was mental. They knew that their real enemy lay within, not without.

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  8. Those who succeeded make two important decisions: First, they decided they would finish the trip no matter what happened, and second, they expected bad things to happen and decided they would not be surprised or dismayed. In essence, the successful backpackers adopted a certain mindset. They knew that the key was simply putting one foot in front of the other. You take a step and hit the mud. You take another step and see a bear. You take another step and your legs begin to cramp. You take another step and the crazy people come out of the woods. So you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually your journey is finished.

    No matter what happened to him, he just kept moving forward by the grace of God. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time, one day at a time.

    Are You Ready II Timothy 4:6-8

    We think the Christian life ought to be easy. Today is the day of struggle, combat, warfare. Today we march to battle in the name of the Lord. The day of rest comes later. Third, he lived a doctrinal life.

    Finishing Well

    When other people fell away, Paul preached the Word. When the world was against him, Paul paid no attention. When it would have been easy to trim his message to save his own life, Paul proclaimed the whole counsel of God. He did not back down, he did not compromise, and he would not preach what people wanted to hear. He kept the faith. Because Paul knew that nothing could touch him that did not come from the hand of God, he never gave in to discouragement.

    Therefore, he kept on going for God to the very end. Even the chains of a Roman jail could not destroy his faith or shatter his confidence in God. He never stopped fighting! He never stopped running! He never stopped believing! By faith he sees beyond his own beheading. The pain of that moment is now past and the suffering of this life is left far behind. What will that reward be like?

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    It will be a guaranteed reward. It will be a glorious reward.

    It is the crown of righteousness. It will be a personal reward. Paul will receive his reward from the Lord himself. Note how specific he is about this. It is the Lord, the righteous Judge, who will reward him. In just a few days Nero, the unrighteous earthly ruler, will have him beheaded. And it will be personal. He will receive it directly from Jesus Christ.

    I. What kind of departure will you have?

    It will be a future reward. It will be a shared reward. It is not just for Paul but also for everyone who loves the Lord and longs for his appearing. This is what is ahead for you and me if we will faithfully serve Jesus Christ in this life. Be encouraged, child of God.

    The Lord is not so unjust as to forget your suffering for him. He sees all that you go through. He knows all about your struggles. He sees how hard the fight is, how you are sometimes tempted to quit, and how you keep on going when others around you throw in the towel. So the word of Lord is this: And the best of all is yet to come.