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Advocating Veganism as a moral imperative of non-violence and non-exploitation. It encompasses compassion, kindness, gentleness, tolerance, and peace for all human and non-human animals.

Paxlism is our egalitarian compassionate, ethical, economic reform of nationalised money creation, tax abolition, all debt cancelled, Universal Basic Income, 3-day working week, free energy for all. Encompasses 3 key concepts: The Peaceful Planet intro, video 1. The Peaceful Planet intro, video 2.

Nature for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace

It is time our species evolved our way of dealing with one another—we can talk through our problems rather than shoot and bomb our way through them. We need to start that NOW.

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Advocacy involves encouraging volunteerism at all levels—local, regional and global. We especially want to encourage volunteerism in the young, who need to develop a more service-oriented approach to living on this world.

We are going to offer training for our volunteers that will utilize the perhaps now dormant talents of many retired professionals from many fields of expertise. Volunteers for The Planet Peace Project will receive free training in a variety of useful fields, and they will be available to help pre-existing organizations with boots on the ground in times of need. Celebration of the planet and our responsibility to take care of one another and the other species here will be a special part of The Planet Peace Project.

We will promote everything from backyard Planet Peace Picnics to major art-music-dance-film festivals in large urban areas. We will have a world party around the concept of global unity, and for every dollar the Planet Peace Project spends on celebration we will spend an equal dollar on ENDING HUNGER—so even while we party together we will be feeding someone hungry, somewhere in the world.


See more at YouTube. Social evolution begins in the minds of individuals who have the courage to think brave thoughts. Changes in the social arena begin with changes in the hearts and minds of those who want a new and better world. The Planet Peace Project is an international organization dedicated to achieving peace between warring tribes, and between humankind and the planet itself. It celebrates both the art and the science of achieving a global, sustainable peace.

We define peace broadly to include the idea that humanity needs to enter into a more benign relationship with the planet itself and the other species upon it. We need to make peace not only with one another but also with the ground that sustains us, with the water we drink, and with the air we breathe. We must begin to define peace so that conceptually it includes a more beneficial and less torturous relationship with the members of other tribes, of other religions and cultures, and other species of life on this planet as well, and we need to do so NOW.