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Launius was found beaten to death on his bed with his gravely injured wife, Susan, beside him on the floor; both bedrooms had been thoroughly searched. Despite suffering severe brain damage in the attack, Susan ultimately survived and recovered, although she was left with permanent amnesia regarding the night of her attack, had to have part of her skull surgically removed, and lost part of one finger. Although neighbors would later report having heard screams around 3: The house was notorious for round-the-clock mayhem and debauchery; [5] and when questioned, neighbors said the Wonderland Gang's drug-fueled parties often included loud, violent screaming and disruptive noise, so when they heard the murders occurring, they simply believed another party was taking place.

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An initial theory of the murders centered around Holmes. After his left palm print was found at the crime scene on the Launius bed headboard, Holmes was arrested and charged with four counts of murder in March The prosecutor, Los Angeles District Attorney Ron Coen, attempted to prove Holmes was a willing participant who betrayed the Wonderland Gang after not getting a full share of the loot from the Nash robbery. However, Holmes' court-appointed defense lawyers, Earl Hanson and Mitchell Egers, successfully presented Holmes as one of the victims, having been forced by the real killers to give them entry to the house where the murders took place.

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After a publicized three-week trial, Holmes was acquitted of all criminal charges on June 26, For refusing to testify or cooperate with authorities, he spent days in jail for contempt of court. She did not divulge any additional information to police. Nothing came out of the visit because Holmes was barely awake, and his responses to their questions were incoherent.

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  4. Therefore, even on his deathbed, Holmes refused to answer the detectives' inquiries about whether or not he took part in the murders or to divulge anything else about his involvement. He was personally uninjured, and he did not give her any details to explain the condition of his clothing. In , Nash was charged in California state court with having planned the murders, and Diles was charged as a participant.

    Wonderland murders

    Thorson testified against them, but the trial ended with a hung jury vote of 11—1 for conviction. In , after a four-year joint investigation involving local and federal authorities, Nash was arrested and indicted on federal charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act RICO for running a drug trafficking and money laundering operation, conspiring to carry out the Wonderland murders, and bribing the sole holdout juror of his first trial.

    Nash, already in his seventies, and suffering from emphysema and several other ailments, agreed to a plea bargain agreement in September He also admitted to having ordered his associates to retrieve stolen property from the Wonderland house, which might have resulted in violence including murder, yet he denied having planned the murders. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Four on the Floor book cover. There have even been occasional painful lip injuries, too. Why is this happening?

    Because — and it feels liberating to finally say this out loud — I live with a Heater. A Heater is someone who, regardless of how many times you burn your mouth on their food, is incapable of serving it at anything less than thermonuclear temperatures. Plates are heated, habitually. Food must always be dished up straight from the oven or stove.

    How do you even [further expletives deleted] make food that hot? You may have thought that such heat-insensitive delivery was fading fast from British life. To them, a boiling-hot stew was a safe stew.

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    But, clearly, this tradition persists in Heaters who, in other ways, are highly capable cooks and who have eaten widely enough to know much better. The noughties had foodies questioning the whole concept of what hot, cooked food is. Thanks to the rise of sous-vide and other highly accurate low-temperature cooking techniques, we came to accept that the main protein element of a dish would often arrive thoroughly cooked, but only warm. That idea — that turning down the temperature could hugely intensify flavour — was revelatory and it has reverberated in other spheres, too.

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    For instance, a good flat white should be served at an immediately drinkable temperature, as many coffee drinkers now accept. Insomuch as science has investigated it, there is some evidence that if food is served at higher temperatures, the heat inhibits flavour. Of course, chilling or warming foods can restrain or encourage the activity of un pleasant, volatile flavour and aroma compounds.

    That is why we drink chilled white wine and, preferably, eat room-temperature tomatoes: