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by June Stevens

NYPD says its officers did nothing wrong in video of police tearing a 1-year-old baby from its mother that went viral. The discussions suggest Biden is aware that his age may be the biggest hurdle to launching another bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, especially in an era when many in the party yearn for a new generation of leadership. He would be the oldest person to ever be elected president.

Past and current advisers to Biden have held frequent conversations about options to alleviate concerns about age, including teaming him with a younger running mate.

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One option that has been floated, according to a source with knowledge of the talks, is outgoing Texas Rep. The documents also depict successful efforts to influence U. A small portion of the documents have been produced at trial and cited in media reports. Much of their contents is reported here for the first time. Reed posed with multiple semi-automatic rifles in those posts and made explicit threats to murder Jewish people. At least one of the threats invoked Roof, a white supremacist who murdered nine black worshippers at a South Carolina church in She is one of only four people the mass murder is known to have corresponded with while he sits on death row.

Medical personnel are not staffed in the remote area where they were held, known as Antelope Wells, the officials said. Before the group left Antelope Wells by bus to be transferred to a border station, her father reported that she was ill and vomiting. By the time she arrived at the border station an hour-and-a-half later, she was not breathing. She was revived twice by emergency workers and then transported by air to a hospital in El Paso, Texas, where she died of cardiac arrest with her father by her side.

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A somewhat positive finding: More than 6 in 10 Americans say they believe fact-checking organizations when they conclude that Trump has made a false claim. Just about half are confident in similar assertions in newspapers and on cable news. Since becoming president, Trump has made 6, false or misleading statements through Oct. Priebus, 46, will be required to attend two weeks of training in Newport, R. As a result, I have asked him to no longer keep me in any of his considerations for this post. Other records include marketing strategies and internal emails about them; documents concerning internal analyses of clinical trials; settlement communications from an earlier criminal case regarding the marketing of OxyContin; and information regarding how sales representatives marketed the drug.

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Jessica Lange

The Texas decision on the Affordable Care Act is out. He went to discuss the looming government shutdown. Walked out with a promotion. The Democratic future depends on young and minority voters and college-educated women. But many seniors vote, and more of them are voting Democratic.

Too old to run? Biden wrestles with age as he eyes run. Despite the acting title, Mulvaney will step down from his role as OMB director. Ladies and gentlemen, your new acting White House chief of staff. Mick has done an outstanding job while in the Administration…. AP — Michigan governor signs GOP-backed bills to delay, scale back voter-approved minimum wage and paid sick leave measures.

A typically strange development in the George Papadopoulos saga. I will be running for Congress in , and I will win. Three would-be copycats of Dylann Roof have been arrested over the past week. Seven-year-old girl who died at border did not receive medical care for 90 minutes. I'm mean we've been waiting so long for another lesbian couple to hang out with and now that two of our best friends all but drooling on one another neither of them have sense enough to do anything about it!

I'll take Ruby and you talk to Mary. All they need is for us to nudge them a little in the right direction and I'm sure they'll be all over each other! As it turned out that night However, this night Mary was followed out the door by Regina and Emma stayed behind at the bar.

Hey Emma I didn't see you there. She looked around noticing Emma was all alone. Ruby just stared at her too stunned to speak. Thats the best you could come up with? The only people who can't see the way Mary blushes around you are the blind. And I'm sure even they can feel the heat coming off her face whenever you get close to her. Emma reached out and rubbed Ruby's upper arm comfortingly. Trust me when I first asked Regina out I was terrified that she would reject me.

But listen to me, Mary wants you. I promise you if you ask her out she will say yes. Here is what you do. You ask her if she wants to watch a movie you have on dvd. Its ambiguous enough to be something two friends would do together but you choose a movie that lets her know its a date. Its this lesbian, british rom-com that me and Regina just adore. Not only are the main actresses totally hot but its also pretty funny.

Me and Gina will be there for moral support. And I'll be expecting a thank you after your date. Hey Mary, wait up! Mary stopped and looked around. Upon seeing Regina she smiled and gave a small wave. But I wanted to ask you a question real quick. Regina simply raised an eyebrow in response. But it makes you look very cute so it all works for you. I mean I've never asked someone out before. I mean how do I know that Ruby even wants me too?

She flirts with you so hard shes practically draping herself over you! Regina's only reply was another raise of her eyebrow. Will you please help me?

Top 10 Sweetest Lesbian Couples Married

Its ambiguous enough that you don't have to call it a date but it provides you with a perfect opportunity to make your move on her. Oh and when you two do officially become a couple give me a call. Me and Emma are just dying to have another lesbian couple to double-date with. Did I miss it!? Even as they watched Mary-Margret glanced over at them. Regina gave her a smile and a thumbs-up, at the same time Ruby, who had her back turned to Mary, looked to Emma who gave her a wink and a nod.

Ruby took a deep breath to steady herself and turned to Mary, smiling as soon she saw her.

I could cook for you if you want. I have this movie I really want to watch and I was hoping we could watch it at your place tonight? I can make popcorn and open some wine. I'll come over right after my shift ends okay? After hours of silent, yet intense debate with herself Mary-Margret still had yet to decide on an outfit. She didn't want to be too formal and feel overdressed but neither did she want to be wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

She could try wearing something that showed some more skin but she didn't want to appear to be coming on too strong. She was so sick of going around in circles in her head that she decided to just say screw it! And wear what she always wore. It was casual but not overly so and besides if Regina was right and Ruby had been hitting on her then she obviously found Mary attractive in this outfit.

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Then there was a knock on the door and since it could only have been Ruby, it kinda settled the matter. She opened the door, saw Ruby, and smiled brightly. The two stood in the doorway and just smiled at each other. Ruby was the first to shake herself out of her trance. A couple minutes later saw the lights in Mary's apartment dimmed as the movie started up.

Mary came over to her couch and set down a bowl of popcorn, handing Ruby her glass of red. Ruby accepted it gratefully as Mary sat down next to her. Ruby's heart began to race and her eyes widened as her mind began to fill with fear. Oh God, that doesn't make this night uncomfortable for you does it? Oh, God Mary I'm so sorry-". Of course not, I'm a lesbian too. Theres just something about women's boobs and asses that is just so Mary blushed and said "I don't know. Women are soft, and smooth, and the smell nice.

Men are all hard muscle and hair and they smell like sweat. And besides penises are just I didn't really realize I was into girls until probably the 8th grade" Ruby began "I mean I had 'boyfriends' before but it was just to make myself look cooler. Anyways when I started to understand my feelings towards other girls I thought that I was bi.

I came out as bi to my friends and even to my grandma, who looking back on it probably saw right through my bullshit but I think she wanted to let me find my own way. Anyways I used being bi to my advantage. I was a party girl in highschool and everyone loved it when I would start making out with chicks. So one day in my senior year some guy challenged my sexuality and said that if I was truly bi then I would sleep with him. I almost went through with it but my best friend Peter pulled me aside and said 'Look Ruby, you're a lesbian. You're not into guys. I came out to my grandma as lesbian and that was that.

So that was highschool.

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I ended up going to college a virgin. I'm not as promiscuous as the rumors say.

SwanQueen & RedSnow, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction

Anyways in college I met this, on the surface at least, nice, innocent christen girl. She was really tall, with waist-length blond hair, had really bright blue eyes, was fair skinned, and always wore this pale pink lipstick. Oh and she had huge boobs, like I'm talking G-cups. She ended up taking my virginity. She had been sexually repressed her whole life and I was part of her "sexual awakening".

We dated for 2 years, when I thought I was too cool for love and that casual sex was the best. To her I was nothing but an experiment. So after we broke and I finished college I moved back to Storybook, I had majored in business so I started helping my grandma out with her diner. I became friends with a kickass sherif and a badass mayor, and then one day a new school teacher came into the diner and what can I say?

It was love a first sight. So I flittered with her and talked with her and eventually we became very close friends. And now I'm standing in front of her in her apartment wondering if I should go for a kiss. She leaned her head in but Mary pressed a finger to her lips. I didn't date until highschool, and I convinced myself that I was just waiting for the right guy So one day I meet this really sweet guy named David, and he was so kind and patient and never pressured me to do anything but I didn't feel anything for him. We'd kiss and I'd just sit there daydreaming, and I'd never let him touch my body while we made out.

We broke up our senior year. I feel bad about using him as a cover but I think he somehow guessed the truth. So I went off to college and my sophomore year I met this Indian exchange student and she was so passionate and sensual that I just lost all sense She was dark skinned, with waist-length braided black hair, and had blue-green eyes.

She was petite and perky, really flexible, and a great dancer. This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of lesbian sex and includes lesbian seduction, Lesbian Vampire sex, group sex, and more so only adults should read this collection. Michelle and Casey at the Pool: Veronica Licks a Woman! Show Me How to Lick: Three Girls and Charlie: My Night with Haley: Nikki and the Security Officer: Explicit Lesbian Erotica by Lisa Myers Carla and the Couple by Anna Price Taking Amanda with my Husband: