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The police believe Lady Edgware to be the culprit, but she has a cast-iron alibi, having attended a private dinner over the time her husband was killed. There is also the man's nephew, who would inherit his fortune, and his personal assistant, whom he treated very badly; and then there is the family butler, who clearly has his own interests at heart.

After his short-lived retirement and country living, Hercule Poirot is back in his flat in London. Miss Lemon is back as his assistant. Hastings is back from Argentina, semi-broke after a bad investment decision and sans bride. Chief Inspector Japp is around, so the old gang are reunited, and have a dinner to celebrate. A few days later, Poirot gets drawn into the private lives of curmudgeonly Lord Edgware and his beautiful young actress wife, Jane Wilkinson.

Lady Jane wants a divorce and Lord Edgware won't accede to her request. She asks Poirot, as a friend of Lord Edgware, to try to convince him. When Poirot speaks to Lord Edgware it is revealed that he decided to agree a month earlier, and informed Lady Jane of this in writing. Lady Jane says she never received the letter. Later that night, Lord Edgware is murdered, and witnesses say that they saw Lady Jane entering his study around the time of the murder.

However, soon hereafter an actress, Carlotta Adams, is found dead in her bed from a drug overdose. Poirot had deduced that she had impersonated Lady Jane that night, but arrived too late to prevent her death. Intriguing, as always, with some great twists and turns. One or two implausibilities but a reasonably good plot nonetheless. Great to see Hastings back - his naivety, lack of objectivity with regard to female suspects and accidental crime-solving make him one of my favourite long-term characters in the Hercule Poirot series.

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Hercule Poirot

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. She is the Queen of Crime and will never lose that title. Interesting characters, engaging, clever plot, and the incomparable detective, Hercule Poirot. I highly recommend this for all classic mystery lovers. What a wonderful mystery! I hate to admit it but I was stumped yet again, despite clues being littered everywhere. I take solace in the fact that even Poirot was hoodwinked this time, and his mini revenge on one of those who tried to trick him made me smile. How do you commit a crime with a perfect alibi?

Lady Edgeware seems to be the prime suspect for killing her husband, but how did she do it? She has no motive and 12 witnesses placing her at a party at the time of the murder. Did she even do it? Agatha Christie was an outstanding writer, never boring , she just had a flow with story writing , Reading the first page all it takes and you are hooked , you have to keep reading to find out who did it , and why ,, Any and all her books are worth reading ,. Good one from start to finish Novel stands the test of time and is a true joy to read What do an American film star, a British Lord, a stage actress, and assorted besotted men have in common?

Lord Edgware Dies (Hercule Poirot, book 9) by Agatha Christie

For a little while Poirot is deceived by several lies, but the little gray cells sort out the truth, and of course, another murderer is brought to justice, in spite of Inspector Japp's "help. A final twist at the end makes this an enjoyable read. Christie sets up all the major players at the beginning of the story, then develops the mystery as Poirot turns from one suspect to the next trying to solve the murder of the nasty Lord Edgware.

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At the story's start, Poirot is begged by Edgeware's wife, the beautiful actress Jane Wilkinson, to approach Lord Edgware and secure a divorce so she can marry the Duke of Merton. The anti-Semitism is more muted than in the early thrillers, but still leaves a nasty taste this is the last book in which it obtrudes. In chapter 7, Poirot mentions that he once found a clue, but since it was four feet long instead of four centimetres, nobody would believe in it. This is probably a reference to a situation which occurred in The Murder on the Links , where Poirot found a piece of lead-piping which he concluded was used to disfigure the victim's face so that it would be unrecognisable.

Nevertheless, the artefact was described in that novel as a piece of lead-piping only two feet long. In chapter 25, Hastings tells Donald Ross that Poirot has left for an appointment relating to his investigation of another case, "the strange disappearance of an Ambassador's boots". When Poirot returns from the appointment, he tells Hastings that it was a case of cocaine smuggling, and that he had spent the last hour in a ladies' beauty parlor. This case sounds identical to the one in the Tommy and Tuppence story, "The Ambassador's Boots" from Partners in Crime , except that Poirot mentions a girl with red hair Hastings is often described by Poirot as partial to redheads , while the girl in "The Ambassador's Boots" has blonde hair, or black hair when in disguise.

In her Autobiography , Christie says, "I thought how clever she was and how good her impersonations were; the wonderful way she could transform herself from a nagging wife to a peasant girl kneeling in a cathedral. Thinking about her led me to the book Lord Edgware Dies. Quin , where the character was called Aspasia Glen and was the murderer's accomplice, rather than the victim.

In Chapter 7, Chief Inspector Japp mentions the Elizabeth Canning case which was a real kidnapping case that occurred in London in The case created a sensation at the time due to the inconsistencies in the victim's declarations and the alibis of the perpetrators. Japp mentions this case due to the peculiar fact that the suspect was seen at two places at the same time.

Poirot S07E02 Lord Edgware Dies 2000

In the novel Lady Edgware was seen at a dinner party at the same time that she was also seen visiting the victim. Similarly, in the Canning case the suspect, Mary Squires, was seen travelling at the time that Elizabeth Canning said that she had been imprisoned by her. The novel was first adapted in as an eighty-minute film directed by Henry Edwards for Real Art Productions.

The film was the third to star Austin Trevor in the role of Poirot after his appearances in Alibi and Black Coffee , both in The novel was first adapted for television as an eighty-seven-minute movie in , under the American version's title Thirteen at Dinner. The adaptation updated the setting of the story to contemporary times, rather than within the s.

A second television adaptation of Lord Edgware Dies was created in , as an episode for the series Agatha Christie's Poirot on 19 February While remaining faithful to most of the plot of the novel, it featured a number of changes:. Reginald Campbell Thompson 21 August — 23 May , married to Barbara, was an eminent British archaeologist and the second expedition leader to employ Christie's husband Max Mallowan to work on one of his digs. The offer of work came in when Mallowan's employer, Leonard Woolley , was proving difficult over his proposed marriage to Agatha and their wish that she should join her husband on the dig at Ur although the real opposition came from Leonard Woolley's difficult wife, Katharine see the dedication to The Thirteen Problems.

Thompson's dig was at Nineveh and Max joined the team there in September followed the next month by Agatha. The invitation was only confirmed after the Mallowans had joined Thompson for a weekend in the country near Oxford where they were subjected to a cross-country scramble on "the wettest day possible over rough country" followed by another test to ensure that neither Agatha nor Max were fussy eaters.

These were to ensure that both could withstand the rigours of a season in the wilds of Iraq.

Used to walking over Dartmoor and having a very healthy appetite, Agatha passed the tests with flying colours. The relationship between the Mallowans and the Thompsons was far more relaxed than it had been with the Woolleys. The only source of contention was that Thompson was notoriously frugal with money and questioned every expense. Horses were a vital part of the expedition but Thompson only bought poor, badly-trained animals.

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He nevertheless insisted that Max ride them with skill as to fall off one would mean that "not a single workman will have a scrap of respect for you". Not seeing why she couldn't use orange boxes, Thompson was aghast at her personal expenditure of ten pounds on a table at a local bazaar although Max's recollection in his own memoir was that three pounds was the sum. After this though, he made frequent polite enquiries over the progress of the book, Lord Edgware Dies , which was dedicated to him and his wife.

A skeleton found on the dig was named 'Lord Edgware'.