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I only hope someday that Sega or someone will talk to Platinum Games about Publishing a sequel. This was my favorite Sci-Fi first person Shooter of the 7th generation and could have easily been franchised if the higher ups at Activision put any of their resources into advertising for it properly. The game was scraped at one point and Developer RavenSoft was only given 10 months to make it again from the ground up. Despite the odds against it, it was still a really fun game. This only goes to show how talented the people at Raven are.

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I hope someday we get either a sequel or the original version that was shown off at E3 I didn't like Vanquish. It suffers from the same problems as the games it supposedly deconstructs, such as health regen that forces you to wait in cover. It's also monotonous and lacks good physics.

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My pick is Max Payne 3. Despite having too many cutscenes and a few other problems, Max Payne 3 should have been celebrated. Rockstar finally made a shooter that plays well, one of the last good run and gun action games, but most people didn't even notice and went on to buy 80 million copies of the much inferior playing, more boring GTA V. Now all we're gonna get from them is watered down open world games with grindy multiplayer.

Most people didn't even play Max Payne 3 right.

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You can tell from the YouTube videos. I have almost hours in Max Payne 3. The only last gen games that compare for me in terms of hours spent are the Souls games. It's funny that you should mention Max Payne 3, that was my favorite game of I didn't count Persona 4 Golden as that was a re-release of a game that came out back in I wrote a review of it 5 years ago if you are interested in reading it. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a hidden gem.

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It sold over 5 million copies, and went on to become a greatest hits title for PS3. My account was just recently re-instated after I had been banned for promoting another website.

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Here is my review for Max Payne 3. I think people ignored it because it looks like a military shooter, but that's really just the surface coating for a much deeper experience. That Wolverine game is surprisingly good and Singularity has some really visceral combat..

Gems of this generation so far?

Probably some others that I'm just forgetting because they're not in front of me. Odyssey to the West is a great game that didn't get a lot of attention A lot of good games mentioned so far. If I had to pick one that went under the radar it would have to be Mini Ninjas. I did play a bit of Spec Ops but never went back to it. His sister Sabrina, 27, joined about four years ago. Our strength is in every aspect of the market but specifically in fine quality, so we deal with everything from rare, esoteric, exotic collection stones to bread-and-butter materials for manufacturers of fine jewelry.

Most of our business is done with people who are manufacturing fine jewelry or individuals who are retailing the jewelry themselves. Bindra and his sister have been heavily involved in the jewelry community in Los Angeles, where they are based, as well. I grew up going to Tucson my whole life.

Tucson has been like my Disneyland. I grew up around rocks and minerals and crystals. I was studying for the LSATs. I took one trip with my father overseas to shadow him and clear my mind. When I saw the inner workings of the business, how this is such a community-based ecosystem and how the relationships and the trust really influence your position in this industry, I was fascinated.

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I really wanted to have more knowledge and understanding of it. So I started to explore the idea of joining the business and eventually went to GIA.

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In order to sustain an ecosystem that will be present in the next 20 to 30 years, we need to work hard on developing the next generation of gem dealers, manufacturers, couture designers, diamaintaires and all of the above. I think our generation stands at a huge advantage for using this tech on a day-to-day basis, and then in finding ways to implement it, capitalize on it and apply it to our business. We communicate faster, we move faster, and it puts us at a huge advantage and creates a greater ease of transactional activity because of that exposure that we have.

We can, in a much more effective way, become tastemakers, or have a pulse on who tastemakers are in our industry, and kind of navigate and have a feel for market trends, consumption, certain items to bring to the market.