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Gaines calls in his four nerdy but talented grandnieces—Faith, Hope, Charity, and Henrietta. Due to declining ratings NBC placed A Different World on hiatus following episode , but production on the series continued. During the hiatus, the network announced the series's cancellation. A Different World returned to the schedule on May 8, , with the one-hour series finale; the events in episodes through occur before the finale.

Episodes through were scheduled to air over winter prior to the series being placed on hiatus. Episodes through were unaired on NBC; they were aired later as part of the program's syndication package. Dwayne develops a grammar-baseball video game and sells it to Kinishewa, who not only buys the concept but offers Dwayne a job in Tokyo. Whitley finds out she is pregnant. The mothers-in-law and Mr. Wayne come to prepare Dwayne and Whitley for the move, then proceed to get drunk after discovering their first grandchild will be born in Japan.

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Ron and Dwayne have a falling out over Ron's input in creating the video game. When Ron contemplates suing Dwayne, it causes Freddie to question their relationship. Freddie gets her articles published in the Hillman legal journal and, after many tries, Kim finally says "yes" to Spencer's marriage proposal.

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Everyone gathers together at The Pit to give the Waynes a surprise farewell party the night before their departure. Ron and Dwayne reconcile in the final scene of the series. Dwayne is convinced to apply for a summer job at Kinishewa But when he doesn't get the position Dwayne wonders is his breakup with Kinu was the root cause. Ron offers his nightclub to host the event, but organizer Freddie is unconvinced that his materialistic approach to promoting is the right means to achieve her ends.

Whitley agrees to look after one of her students for the weekend, and she proves to be as much of a handful at home as she is in the classroom. Strapped for cash, Whitley and Dwayne opt to share a cabin with Mr.

Gaines and his wife, in an attempt at a long-delayed honeymoon. The Gaineses have a major fight over Vernon's distant relationship with their son—whom he left in charge of The Pit in his absence—and refuse to share a room, throwing a major curve into the Wayneses' plans for a romantic weekend. Bebe Drake-Massey and T. While preparing for a history assignment on the only meeting between Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lena receives a visit by her friends from Baltimore , including ex-boyfriend Piccolo, which causes a rivalry with Dorian and a rift in Lena's other relationships. When famed singer-actress Lena Horne comes to campus, Whitley mounts an elaborate tribute with her students, but Kim is struck by Whitley's inability to pay similar respect to Ms.

Gina, Lena, Charmaine, Dorian, and Terrell rent an off-campus apartment from a grumpy older man who turns out to be a reclusive, former professional baseball star. He is inspired to consider attending college, particularly after seeing an old flame who is now a professor. Gina's abusive ex-boyfriend returns to try to establish contact anew, frightening her and infuriating her friends. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from " https: Lists of American sitcom television series episodes. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This episode was taped after the pilot to add additional characters and provide background for those in the pilot episode. Marisa Tomei does not appear.

The Pit, the on-campus restaurant, makes its first appearance in this episode with a slightly different design. The Pit also showcases a more racially diverse student body at Hillman than would be seen in later seasons. First appearances of Darryl M. Bell Ron and Sinbad Walter. Sometimes the Bear Gets You". The women of Gilbert Hall place wagers when a graduate student predicts that Dwayne couldn't know how to handle a woman who actually responded to his cheesy pick-up lines.

It is also explained that Stevie, the previous resident director of Gilbert Hall, left the position to get married. Katie Rich as Cougar and Raymond St. Dwayne attempts to play Cupid for himself and others via his campus radio show, with unexpected results; Ron meets and falls in love with Whitley's devoted friend Millie, while Lettie receives a visit from a former suitor.

Gary Dontzig and Steven Peterman. Denise and Whitley earn roles in Maggie's adaptation of the story of Adam and Eve and become real-life rivals for the actor playing Adam. Whitley enters the Miss Hillman pageant , but Denise—infuriated at the sexism of the pageant—convinces Dwayne to enter as well; Dwayne then has second thoughts when becomes looked at as an object on campus. Roscoe Lee Browne in his first appearance as Dr.

Barnabus Foster, a character he originated on The Cosby Show. This episode was intended to be the season finale and was the last one filmed before Lisa Bonet left the show. This episode, postponed from earlier in the season, marks the last appearance of Loretta Devine on the series. This episode was postponed from earlier in the season, and marks the final appearances of Lisa Bonet as a regular cast member and Marisa Tomei on the series. Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison do not appear. Bell Ron and Sinbad Walter become regular cast members.

First recurring appearance of Lou Myers as Vernon Gaines. Walter persuades Jaleesa to go out with him although she is involved with someone, and Dwayne and Ron start a new business: A shared dance at a party stirs up feelings between Dwayne and Whitley, and jealousy for Freddie. Whitley and Kim devise a plan to have a nice Thanksgiving when they find themselves homesick after staying on campus. The women of Gilbert Hall prepare for the Homecoming step show.

Choreographer Whitley's bossy ways turns off the others until a nonagenarian alumna's crusty demeanor gives Whitley a glimpse of her potential future. Dwayne faces a challenge when he is asked to tutor a football player in math before the big game against Hampton. Dwayne has a new girlfriend, and everything is going well Freddie, upset over not attracting Dwayne's interest, turns to Whitley for an image makeover. Whitley objects to Kim spending so much time with her new boyfriend, especially as they start monopolizing the girls' shared room. Freddie alienates her fellow writers when she "improves" upon their work as the new editor of the literary magazine.

When Dwayne plays an explicit rap song on his radio show, the dean cancels it. Furious, the other students stage a sit-in at the administration building, where Whitley gets trapped in with the protesters. Kim learns she might be pregnant with Robert's baby. Freddie gets drunk trying to write a paper; Walter takes cooking lessons from Lettie and Mr. Dwayne and Suzanne break up when she decides she's not ready to get serious so soon.

Jaleesa tests Walter's loyalty with a phone call as "Jamaican exchange student" Sheila, who finds him apparently eager to date around, while Kim learns her boyfriend truly is being unfaithful. Whitley's mother visits to find Whitley a husband, despite Whitley's pleas to study. Ron and Dwayne pledge to join a fraternity. Ron enjoys the process, but Dwayne bristles at taking orders from the older brothers. Whitley's ambitious nature finds a new channel when she takes a job at The Pit in order to pay for repairs to Mr. Gaines' car, but Kim finds Whitley's endless ideas a threat to her status as the favorite employee.

A disclaimer appears at the start of the program, advising parental discretion based on sensitive and mature content. This episode marks Mary Alice's last appearance as Lettie. Dwayne and Whitley run into each other when flying back to Hillman for the fall term and their feelings for each other ignite.

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Meanwhile, Gilbert Hall becomes co-ed, with Walter as the resident director and Jaleesa as assistant. In order to graduate, Whitley must take Dr. As the new co-ed dorm director, Walter clashes with Jaleesa over visitation rights when she plans their romantic anniversary. Whitley forms a bond with one her students when she volunteers to teach ballet at a youth-center for inner-city children, then discovers that the student stole her wallet.

Phylicia Rashad , Joseph C. Walter and Jaleesa make plans to get married when Walter wins a honeymoon trip to Hawaii and offers to Jaleesa, but they soon realize they're not ready for married life.

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Richard Roundtree plays Kim's father. Kim's policeman father gets shot so her friends take her to the hospital where she prays for her father to live. Dean Hughes invites Whitley and Freddie to a freshman tea party in her home. An old friend of Dwayne's tries to talk him into leaving Hillman, while Col. Gains attend an Army reunion. Dominic Hoffman and Jasmine Guy. Dwayne is frustrated that he has to write a poetry for homework—until William Shakespeare appears to him in a dream.

Whitley shops for a birthday present for her father at an expensive store where she deals with a prejudiced salesperson. Clair Huxtable returns to Hillman to help the students prepare for job interviews with a videotaped career development program. Whitley offers to find Dwayne a girlfriend, but Whitley's sudden jealousy jeopardizes their friendship. Walter and Dwayne return from their recruiting trip to find the heater broken, so all of Gilbert Hall gathers around the fire to hear about Walter and Dwayne's recruitment adventure. Whitley gets a job as a "spray lady" at a cosmetics company before graduation, but decides to return to Hillman for a fifth year to get a "real job".

Whitley's 21st birthday celebration is far from what she expected, but she's in for a couple of birthday surprises. Taylor, and the guest speaker is a soldier who lost his leg in battle under Taylor's command. The gang heads to the beach for spring break, only to get involved with drug dealers. Patti LaBelle , in her first appearance as Dwayne's mother. Roger Guenveur Smith Note: First recurring appearance of Andrew Lowery Matthew. Freddie is moved by the difficulty of finding adoptive parents for older African-American children in the foster care system and makes it her mission to convince Prof.

Randolph to adopt a child she has met through the community center. Ron O'Neal , in his first appearance as Mercer Gilbert. Dwayne, Whitley, and Kinu participate in a College Bowl -type competition between Hillman and Avery, exacerbating the romantic competition the two women already are in.

Kim is encouraged by Freddie to make way for a romance of her own, with Matthew. The song prominently played during the anniversary party is Jasmine Guy's debut single "Try Me" ; the video also aired during the final commercial break. Now that Kinu and Dwayne have broken up, Whitley hopes her time has come. However, Dwayne is less eager to start a relationship than she had expected. Ron shows no sympathy during a class discussion about the homeless — until he crosses paths with an old friend. The episode includes an early mention of a condom , although NBC did not allow one to be shown on camera.

This episode aired less than a week before combat started in the Persian Gulf War. Debbie Allen, in her first recurring appearance as Whitley's therapist. After dipping into her tuition money to pay rent, Whitley looks for a job. She and Ron throw a party to raise money, but their plans go awry. Meanwhile, Terrence converts to Islam.

Kim does not see the value in Matthew's drama studies until he invites a troupe of deaf actors — and one deaf rapper — to stage a local performance. The episode is a thinly veiled commentary on the controversy surrounding Shahrazad Ali 's book The Blackman's Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman. This episode was postponed from earlier in the season. This episode is a nod to Sinbad's role as the host of It's Showtime at the Apollo.

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When Kim becomes a sorority pledge under Whitley's command, the women's friendship is tested; Ron must teach fraternity pledge Terrence a sense of humility and brotherhood toward his fellow pledges. Whitley organizes an exhibit of art by Hillman students, including starving artist Novian Winters. However, the sponsor of the exhibit considers Novian's painting to be blasphemous and demands its removal.

Tisha Campbell and Whoopi Goldberg. This episode marks the final appearance of Sinbad on the series. Art Evans and Robert Guillaume Note: Final recurring appearance of Andrew Lowery Matthew. First appearance of Jada Pinkett as Lena. Dwayne's first day as a teacher becomes disastrous when he tries too hard with his students. A fire breaks out at Hillman and Lena gets the blame just because she's been cooking her special gumbo to earn extra money. A hurricane is headed straight for Hillman and Freddie and Ron are so busy arguing, they find themselves left behind at the radio station, so they only have each other to comfort.

Dwayne offers to tutor Lena in math, but she ends up falling for him. Ron's band hires Kim as their singer to increase their audience, but Kim allows the success to increase her ego. Whitley's man-hungry and materialistic cousin Liza Jasmine Guy in a dual role comes to visit and quickly stirs up trouble when she latches on to Ron.

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In the wake of her breakup with Dwayne, Whitley organizes an exhibit on images of black women through history, but Kim is troubled by the inclusion of " Mammy " artifacts. Lena discovers that one of Whitley's black antebellum ancestors owned slaves. The episode also addresses the origins of " the dozens.

Freddie's ex-convict pen pal shows up at Hillman to pay a visit — evoking a variety of reactions from friends. Whitley and Byron have quickly become an item. While Byron is on a weekend business trip in Washington, D. However, the night doesn't go as planned; the next morning, Dwayne is still at Whitley's place when Byron comes knocking on the door.

The press reported that he was hurt in a helicopter accident in Vietnam, but Gail Patrick Jackson privately shared with Erle Stanley Gardner that he was hurt after completing his tour of Southeast Asia, on the beach at Kauai. This was confirmed in by Robert Benevides.

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The Case of the Real Perry Mason. William Morrow and Company, Inc. The Perry Mason Book: TV Guide June July 4.

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