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The duality of the Ain Soph and its ten Sephiroth is described within the thirty-two paths of wisdom of the Sepher Yetzirah. The Sepher Yetzirah describes our inner constitution and how the Divine creates. This knowledge is necessary if we want to fulfill the purpose of our existence, which is not mere intellectualism or dogmatic cleverness.

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The wisdom encoded in this short book illuminates the consciousness and provides many essential insights into the laws of creation formation. The original Hebrew text naturally contains many levels of meaning that are inevitably lost in any translation, since each Hebrew letter contains numerical and symbolic significance. Nonetheless, we present a thoroughly researched translation prepared by the great Kabbalist Manly P.

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Back Calendar List of Events Retreats. Home Scriptures Jewish Sepher Yetzirah. Sepher Yetzirah The goal of the Gnostic tradition is the perfection of the human being.

Learn More About Kabbalah. Default Title Date Random. Many say that it's both- a manual about how to manipulate nature and secretly gives the recipe to create a golem as proof. The first time the teachings of the Book of Creation Book of Formation may have been first written down may be about 2, years ago, by famous Rabbi Akiba. But the Book of Creation is claimed to originate thousands of years before as an oral tradition.

Its origin is attributed to biblical ancestors like Abraham and Moses. After it was written and rewritten over the centuries, anonymous authors and scribes added and changed the content. This now creates many errors in the content and correspondences that we see today.

But, the basic principles remain the same. The secrets within the text of the "Sefer Yetsira" were passed down by word of mouth for centuries through generations of Jewish mystics as part of the oral tradition called Qabalah Kabbalah. The Book of Creation or Formation was probably written down in the 2nd century B.

But, the myth of this curious book dates back to Abraham the Patriarch and Moses. The text of the Sefer Yetzirah lays out the principles of Kabbalistic cosmology and the Tree of Life, how humankind the microcosm reflects the Divine the macrocosm. As such, it is a seminal text for all serious magicians.

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Most of all, the mystical secrets of the Sepher Yetzirah still has yet to be uncovered. While the text describes the universe, time and body in an organized order, it still is confusing to the average reader. Traditionally, the Hebrew word is usually spelled with a z yetzirah instead of a s yesirah. Most Spanish translation use the s instead of the z. Sometimes, the word formation is used instead of the word creation.

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  8. But, what we read today are English translations of Hebrew and German Yiddish writings that have a tendency to lose some meanings in those translations. Aryeh Kaplan is probably best known for his work on the translation of the Sefer Yetzirah. The most recent edition, by Kaplan, is considered to be the authoritative study on the subject. Copies are the book are sometimes hard to locate since its last printing was in Out of all of the persistent traditions, the most common is the ability to create a golem , a living object, by use of the techniques described in the Sefer Yetzirah.

    This golem comes to life by the meditations of the golem-makers who learn their techniques from studying the manuscript. The golem has its appearances on non-Jewish mysticism as well- Egyptian, Greek and other cultures have their own versions of our Frankenstein. Read more about making a golem with the Sefer Yetsirah But, the most discussed and known aspect of the Sefer Yetzirah is its definition of the Tree of Life and the ten sephiroth.

    This explains the organization of the Universe.

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    New sections on the Sephiroth are included on my upcoming QBL software program. The Sefer Yetsirah Yetzirah is filled with mystery and shrouded with myths, misconceptions and illusions. Out of all of the Hebrew manuscripts that have survived over the centuries, the Sefer Yetzirah continues to amaze and confuse those who study its pages. This web site is the gateway to a computerized study of this mysterious manuscript which has influenced Judaism, Christianity, Occultism, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Science and Psychology for thousands of years.

    Depending on how the author pronounces or translates the sounds, determine how that author spells the word.

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    The Book That Started Kabbalah from other translations and commentaries, which draw on doctrines and beliefs unknown to the author of Sepher Yetzirah. Another distinctive feature is the author's search for the answer to the question "why? Why were the twelve simple letters assigned their specific roles and not different roles? Why also are there ten sephirot and not, say, nine or eleven? What does your book reveal about the three mother letters, aleph, mem, and sheen? To understand why God chose the aleph, mem, and sheen to be the mother letters of creation, we have to know three things.

    The first is that the author of Sepher Yetzira understood that the scroll of the Five Books of Moses, called in Hebrew, the Torah, was the blueprint for the world because it contains the story of creation. The second is that Pythagoras found that the harmony of music lays in the ratio of the whole numbers less than four. The third is the very strange statement of the Jewish sages who said that the Torah is written with black fire on white fire.

    This statement is interpreted to mean that the Torah contains both open and secret knowledge. The actual scroll of the Torah is written in straight lines of black ink letters separated by white spaces, the parchment, itself. The black letters are clearly visible, so the black is the open knowledge, while the while spaces show nothing and represent the hidden wisdom. Let's look at the Hebrew letters, in alphabetic order [slide 1], written the way one would see them in the Torah - in a straight line. A straight line is also the shape of Pythagoras' strings, when he investigated sound.

    We see that there are 22 letters and 21 spaces. The first letter is the aleph, the 13 th letter is the mem, and the 21 st letter is the shin. This is the black fire.

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    The white fire refers to the intervals between the letters [Look at slide 2. We start at the aleph. It is the first mother letter. Next, we count the intervals from the aleph to the mem. There are 12 intervals.