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You and your friends got even, now relish in your achievements with a beverage or two. Make the decision to let it go. Express how you feel. Focus on the present and the future. Dwelling on things that have happened to you isn't always bad, but when you can't let something go, especially if it's a negative memory or feeling, you can get stuck in a sort of neutral zone. Perhaps he actually looks up to you and values you. In the future try and help him with his work. Forgiveness can come in plenty of forms, from simply telling someone that you forgive him to helping him accomplish something he's having trouble with.

Express your feelings verbally. Tell him why his actions offended you, and how he made you feel. Put yourself in his shoes. What's the reason for his actions? Think of a time you felt similar and what you did to move past the situation. If all else fails, just breathe. Take some time to yourself and take a few deep breaths, try to remember that the world is larger than you and what's going on in your life. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Joke about it. Don't do something that you know will ruin your relationship with your friend or partner.

Don't take it too far. Apologize afterward and help him, or even treat him to a bite to eat to show that you were just having fun. Warnings Be careful with what you say. Telling your significant other that you cheated might cause distrust or questions to arise in your relationship. Try to avoid damaging any of his personal property or doing something that would cost money to fix. Relationship Issues In other languages: I seriously need the next book.

I don't really know where to begin reviewing this book. Let's start with the characters. This book follows four girls Bree, Olivia, Kitty, and Margot who this story seems to revolve around. They are a bunch who form a group called DGM Don't Get Mad, if you cannot tell from the title , four girls that just decide to come together and become a secret society that takes revenge on the bullies in their school.

This is where it got confusing from the start, because when you have four mai No, just no. This is where it got confusing from the start, because when you have four main characters that don't really differ in personality or behavior in the book and don't have their own chapters — everything kind of blends together. I had a hard time trying to distinguish one from another and somewhere halfway into the book I just kind of gave up and tried to enjoy the rest of the story, which in itself was hard DGM is suppose to be this secret society that takes revenge on this nasty people of their private school, but in the actual book they only had one scene of this before the entire thing blew up in their face and suddenly their next victim is dead and they are blamed for murder.

The secondary characters in this book, which I guess was the bullies and the teachers were the worse thing ever. It was easy to hate them, and due to their unrealistic behavior, made it hard to keep reading this book. Father Uberti and Coaches behaviors, the two prominent adults in this book was absolutely disgusting and very unrealistic.

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I refuse to believe that the private school parents who PAY big money for their kids to go to this school have turned a blind eye on all the bullying, especially since some of it is actually coming from the Father and Coach. I would assume action against them both should have been taken a long time ago. Especially when the Coach gathers up a group of bullies and practically instructs them to beat a confession out of one of their suspects.

If bullying is so bad in a private school where parents pay to send their kids, why aren't these rich kids complaining more? To top off my annoyance at this was the badly written romance, an unnecessary triangle and a really really terrible ending. After everything I went through I was hoping for a resolution to let me know I did not waste my time with this book, no such luck. In fact, it ended in an epic fail cliffhanger that sitting here thinking about it only makes me that much more unhappy with the overall result.

I got a copy of this book for free in exchange of an honest review. Apr 04, Tati rated it really liked it Shelves: At first, I wasn't sure I'd like this, as the beginning was a bit rocky, as no introductions were made for the characters and it begins right in the middle of the action. After that scene, things settled down a bit, and the characters were gradually introduced. Because there are a lot of them, it was a bit difficult to keep track of all of them.

In terms of plot, this has quite a bit of mystery! All of the characters have a dirty secret which felt a bit unreal at times, I mean, a whole student b At first, I wasn't sure I'd like this, as the beginning was a bit rocky, as no introductions were made for the characters and it begins right in the middle of the action. All of the characters have a dirty secret which felt a bit unreal at times, I mean, a whole student body having dirty secrets? I'm not entirely sure whether I'd be okay with Don't Get Mad's existence in the real world doing justice with their own hands?

Not something I'm on board with , but in a fictional setting, it raises a lot of good points of discussion. What really, really, really bothered me was view spoiler [ there is no closure! I did like seeing Olivia beat Amber in the play, though. Feb 13, Stacee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Officially my favorite book by Gretchen. I loved these characters and this story and every single word on every single page. Well, except the use of the f-word. And no, I don't mean fuck. The girls are all so different and while it's awesome to see them unite to get revenge on bullies, it's even better seeing their secrets unravel.

Gretchen's way of peeling back the layers until the big reveal was just delicious. We've got a drama boy, an athlete and a music Officially my favorite book by Gretchen. We've got a drama boy, an athlete and a musician, all complete with swoons. This will be a book I read often and I need the sequel right now. Nov 02, Melanie rated it it was ok Shelves: Oh man, this was painful. Jul 14, Nicole Wang marked it as to-read. Four school girls with nothing in common are secretly a vigilante group known only as DGM: They retaliate against bullies, but when their latest target is murdered before they can humiliate him and DGM is framed, they realise someone knows their identities, and is coming after them next unless they give themselves up.

Get Even should have been an amazing book. I stayed up until 3am reading it. It SHOULD have been amazing because it was a thrilling mystery about four amazing, strong girls with nothing in common who worked as a fabulous team seriously, put these girls in superhero costumes and they will KICK ASS , it had an incredibly diverse cast, the relationships were all organic and realistic, the plot was interesting, the mystery was mystifying, until… the final page.

How can one book, one which I was sure was going to end up a 5 star read, end up only 3 stars? Let me ask you a question: This book is a mystery. There is a mystery. There is a murderer. There is a large cast of characters who are suspects, each with a great motive. And if the book had actually revealed who the murderer was, I could say with certainty that there were a few red herrings.

Unfortunately the book ends before the denouement. The only reason I can think of why someone would do this is to extend the book into a series. And I really fucking hate being bribed or suckered into reading a series. The characters could still have been hauled away. But leaving the biggest mystery unanswered really grind my fucking gears. Especially because I was so engrossed in this book that I stayed up until 3am reading that. Did I mention that? I feel betrayed by this ending. I feel personally fucking affronted. Neither of which I got from this horrible, cash-grabbing ending.

I loved the four protagonists. I loved their characters, their motivation, their chemistry together. I loved their friendship, their fighting, their wit. I loved the enormous cast of characters. I loved the villainy of the awful adult characters that demonstrated how authority cannot be trusted, especially in the case of bullies. I loved the use of Twelfth Night as the Shakepeare Play of the Book, and I especially loved it being mashed up with The Warriors because omg that fil is amazeballs has anyone else seen it? I loved getting a glimpse into American high school life because I have no idea what Leadership class is.

Is there really a class that teaches teenager show to be leaders? Thanks to HarperCollins Children and Edelweiss for providing a free review copy for an honest review. Feb 28, Gisbelle rated it liked it Shelves: This is the third book I have read written by Gretchen McNeil. Ten which I loved so much. And now this one. I guess it fell somewhere in the middle because there were some parts I really liked about this book, while at times, not so much. I liked how the story started, with four girls who wanted to stand up for their schoolmates that being unfairly treated. It was amazing what they could do to get even with the bullies and I wish there were more scenes where they took justice in their own hands.

The ending, albeit touching and sweet, was a bit of a letdown, for it left too many unanswered questions. I liked that all four of them had different personalities made this book interesting. Unfortunately, I can't say any of them stood out. As much as I liked these girls, they seemed forgettable. Aside from these main characters, there were so many other characters in this book. It was so hard, especially at first, to keep track with all the names. I had to take notes so that I wouldn't confuse one character with another.

Some characters had active roles in the story, while some were just there or being mentioned. I still don't think it was that necessary to smother the readers with so many characters. For those who have read Pretty Little Liars series and Burn for Burn series will find this book a little disappointing. Because the resemblances were too obvious to ignore, it is easy to just say this book was lack of originality.

The mystery alone wasn't what I had expected, especially with that ending. It wasn't so bad, though it felt like it should have been so much better. I think it was because there were so many characters that by the end of the book, it felt like I didn't get the whole story, just a glimpse of their lives and what they were going through.

Get even - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Normally I would say the pace was too slow, but with these many characters, I was kind of glad that it wasn't any faster. With this pace, it was not too much of a struggle to keep up with story. Overall I think it was a nice and interesting book, though not that original. To some extent, I enjoyed the mystery. It wasn't as suspenseful as I hope, but it wasn't too shabby either. I'm not going to say the ending makes me looking forward to the sequel.

However, I do want to know what is going to happen next. I hope by then I still remember who is who. Those who like mystery with some red herrings to build up the suspense might enjoy reading this book. There weren't as many misleading clues as in Pretty Little Liars, so it didn't make this book very frustrating.

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Oct 16, Nuzaifa - Word Contessa rated it liked it Shelves: If I had to pick one word to describe this book it would be mediocre. Gretchen McNeil, YA mystery, four girls banding together to fight high school bullies, multiple POVs and secret societies - Sounds like the perfect read right?

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Unfortunately not in this case. Get Even started off with a lot of potential but things started going downhill pretty fast. DGM Don't Get Mad is born when four girls from completely different social circles band together to get back at bullies through Not only was this sending out the wrong message it was also utterly juvenile. And the worst part? The secret club comes with its own secret signals, oaths and spy gear I wish I was kidding. Silliness aside, the characters were all well-written. Olivia is an aspiring actress, perfect on outside with a secret to hide. Bree is rebelling against her politician dad who's striving to project the perfect family image.

Asian beauty, Kitty is the student body vice president. Margot is a brilliant and overweight techie.

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I enjoyed reading about the four girls and finding out who they were beneath under their facades. However, this book only gave a glimpse of each girl's life so it was quite hard to form an emotional connection with the characters. Romance thankfully, is not the focus of the story but the interactions between the four girls and their respective love interests was interesting enough. The portrayal of the villains in Get Even are exaggerated to the point that they looked like one dimensional caricatures. The whole authority-cannot-be-trusted angle was definitely over the top and the fact that the police stood by while the school took matters into its own hands was unbelievably ridiculous.

McNeil maintains an air of suspense throughout the novel and I didn't find it the least bit predictable. The pace was just right for this story and the little reveals that were made along the way had me turning the pages faster. The pace picks up considerably in the last couple of pages and it ends. Get Even ends with one hell of a cliffhanger - No big reveal and honestly I can't help but feel cheated.

So will I pick up the sequel? I'm going to abandon caution and pick it up because I need to know who the killer is. Here's to hoping that the sequel, Get Dirty will surprise me. It was very PLL, but I was okay with that. I love guilty pleasure books like that. Sometimes I got confused bc there were SO many characters, but eventually I sorted it all out. It was a cool mystery withou being overly dramatic. I had fun reading it. I have no idea why it took me this long to read this book!! Well, thank you ARC August! This is much improved over Ten. I mean, it isn't my favorite book I've ever read, but I love books like this!!

It's a mystery that's not taking itself too seriously. It's drama without being too much. My favorite part about this book was that these 4 girls aren't friends. Some of them don't even like each other, but for the greater good, they come together to publicly humiliate bullies. I found the concept while a tad unbelievable incredibly interesting.

don't get mad, get even

As for the characters-- Kitty is the leader and class VP, Margot is the loner and smart computer girl, Bree is the bad-ass and senator's daughter, and Olivia is the actress and popular girl. They all bring something different to the table and it works There are a lot of characters in this book.

Bree has a bestie named John who is also main suspect , there's the popular crew, the theater crew, a weird boy named Ed the Head, a new kid named Logan, teachers, parents, suspects, targets, a volleyball team. Several times I had to flip back and figure out who certain characters were also the names Kitty and Margot weirdly get mixed up in my brain, so there was that.

This book was pure fun and entertainment. I need books like this every now and again and I feel like there's been a void in my life ever since I gave up reading the PLL series. I really wanted to KNOW!! But sighhhh, I guess I have to read the 2nd book, Get Dirty , to find out since the answers were not a-coming in this ending. I love and need more YA Mysteries like this that are fun and suspenseful. I loved the girls when I could keep them straight , loved that it kept me guessing, and loved the light feel this had to it. There is nothing likable about this book at all.

I don't even know where to begin, so I'll just highlight a couple things that I especially despised. The love triangle with Kitty, Olivia, and Donte. I don't think I've read about a love triangle between two girls and a guy up to this point. But this is quite the poorly written one. Olivia is Donte's ex. Then Kitty likes him, and they go out, although Kitty knows that Olivia will clearly be hurt 1.

Then Kitty likes him, and they go out, although Kitty knows that Olivia will clearly be hurt by this. Clearly, Kitty didn't watch Mean Girls. Then again, these girls only claim to be friends. As far as I'm concerned, there's no real relationship established. These girls are always bickering. The silliness The concept itself isn't so bad, but the way that it's executed is VERY SILLY There's a group cheer sort of thing, the way the girls do things are also very amateur as well-from the walky talky thingy to the stupid title of the group.

In addition to that, their motive is very stupid. These girls aren't targeting people that have specifically been horrible to them, but to others who can't defend themselves.

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YES, it's a nice act, but pubic humiliation is very shallow. These girls are all at a private school. I would think that they would be better groomed. The characters Although these four girls are supposed to have different personalities, they all feel the same for me. They also all have a sad story, which I can't bring myself to care about.

The love interests-Shane, Donte, John-are also all the same character, but with different names. The people that they target are also all the same people. They're all dicks and super easy to hate, and by hate, I mean hating in the shallow way. Not a deep hatred. It ends with a cliche cliffhanger. The stupidest thing is that I actually want to know what happens next. So basically, nothing happened if the mystery wasn't solved. Overall, this was just a silly, poorly-written book. But it's still so bad that it's good in a way.

I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss. They all annoyed me at some point, and the way they thought so highly of themselves was a joke. The storyline just bored me. Another thing that let this book down was the pace. The ending also drove me nuts. Instead we got left with a cliff-hanger ending, and not even an inkling of who the killer was! Talk about a Pretty Little Liars ending! So not impressed with that! Overall; not impressed, 4. Aug 23, Adrienne rated it really liked it Shelves: Giving the bullies a taste of their own medicine wouldn't just give a great deal of justice to all of their victims but would also give such an overpowering sense of satisfaction.

Bree, Olivia, Margot and Kitty the protagonists certainly got my respect. They weren't content to just sit back and let the bullies rule the school - they got their hands dirty and evened out the playing field. Without ever giving up their identities and r Don't Get Mad. Without ever giving up their identities and risking expulsion. Can I get a whoop-whoop for girl power?! I liked Bree more than the other three. She was such a feisty bad-ass! And the chemistry between her and John There were times I just wanted to push the murder case aside and focus on their budding romance.

The author had different priorities though. The ending was bittersweet.

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I hated that Bree had done what she had done at the end seriously, Bree, why couldn't you have just let Kitty be the hero?! I'm still no closer to finding out the killer An ARC of book two please? A really suspenseful and engrossing read and a thoroughly addictive thriller. It really does get you thinking about who did it and there are so many unanswered questions and clues and I'm really trying to put them together.

Starting Get Dirty in 3, 2, May 23, Melissa Veras rated it it was ok. Ah, my reading slump has ended thanks to this brilliant book. He discovers Black had some knowledge of the kidnapping, and that the intended target was Lenore, but Prado's impulsiveness led to Grace being taken instead. When Black discovers this, and the fact that Prado has also constructed a bomb against orders, he murders Prado himself and forces Atkins to tell him where Grace is. Unfortunately, he fails to defuse the bomb, which is haphazardly constructed and far too powerful.

In the audit of Black's meeting with Howard, Black again refuses to work for Howard, but this time offers to have Howard work for him, revealing himself as the mastermind behind the kidnapping hence the "Puppet Master" references. Depending on Black's morality during the game Ramsey either shuts off Black's life support, killing him or sends Black away to a hospital to live out the rest of his comatose life.

Suddenly, the room begins to dissolve and a disembodied voice of Grace, which Black has heard throughout the game, condemns her father for causing all this to happen. Overcome with guilt, Ramsey admits that he is a terrible father and husband, who loved both his family and his mistress but could commit to neither, because he wanted his work to make a difference in the world more than anything. In a final twist, the disembodied voice is revealed to be Grace in the real world; she survived the explosion, but was left paralyzed from the waist down, and has been using the only working Pandora prototype to watch her father's memories, including his watching Black analyze his own memories.

Grace can choose to shut down the Pandora link to her father, or watch one final memory: Atkins - whose death at Black's hands was another false memory - reveals that Ramsey left his company and research to Grace, and urges her to sign a contract allowing work on the Pandora to continue. A disgusted Lenore tries to object, but Grace insists she knows what she's doing. Based on the player's approach to use of lethal force throughout the game, and certain choices made as Black which are catalogued during Ramsey's audit , one of two endings occur.

In the Good ending, Grace signs the contract, which will make her rich and still in control of the company, and fires Atkins, vowing to ensure the technology be used the way her father hoped it would be. In the Bad ending, Grace refuses to sign and destroys the Pandora prototype, ensuring the technology will never be used again. Get Even received "generally favorable" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash. Even still, what could have been a completely unique gaming experience is hampered by its desire to be a more action-oriented, generic thriller.

Alice Bell said on VideoGamer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 23 May Cole Black will join Go All Out! Retrieved 26 June Retrieved 13 July Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 27 June Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 4 September Retrieved 16 March Retrieved 13 April Retrieved from " https: