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The remainder of the flight had backed off; over twenty of their number on the ground. Pavel tallied quickly; there were still at least thirty of the creatures flapping above them at a height of about fifty paces, outside normal accurate bow range or spear throw. The twelve troopers loosed their new bows and each notched one of the Chin arrows. Their arrows flew at the fluttering Vamps.

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Five fell dead, and four others fell to the ground screaming in pain. Three other Vamps had been hit, but not badly enough to cause them an inability to remain aloft. Suddenly the whole flight broke off their attack and wheeled around the hunters screeching and calling in anger and frustration, a stupid move for three more of their number were hit by the next salvo and fell to the ground, another took an arrow in the rear leg but managed to stay in the air.

Their erratic flying style would have made them almost amusing to watch if they had not been so evil.

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Bodan dispatched two of the troopers to retrieve the spent arrows. Some of the patrol had been slightly injured in the attack; Weesia, Tonne and Ames were quickly engaged in cleaning and patching up scratches, cuts and bruises.

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  • somewhere in all the commotion something broke.

Pavel and Jojo walked through the Vamps, checking those that had fallen to the arrows for signs of life, and dispatching those that even twitched with a thrust to the throat. Two teenagers born years apart, are brought together to lead the battle against the children of the ancient gods, those terrible giants; The Anakim. The world is rocked by the manifestations of giant, stone clad monsters that appear to be harvesting humans.

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A strange, diminutive, humanoid creature is discovered wandering in the Grampian Mountains. Jeanne McLennan, part of a secretive agency investigating alien appearances, is posted to Aberdeen to lead a team to investigate. Jeanne, at one time an Inspector in the Grampian Police, and her twelve year old son Paul are uprooted from their comfortable life in Essex.

The creature is not from this world, and is soon joined by others, at first by a female with a newborn infant. Tom Pinkerton an American Anthropologist, are unable to deduce where they could have originated from.

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See if you have enough points for this item. Hidden deep within the earth, forty-eight hundred years have passed since their voluntary internment; the descendants of the survivors of the apocalypse struggle to maintain their deteriorating under-ground city. This book contains explicit, violent and sexual scenarios, along with adult language which could be considered entirely inappropriate for younger readers.

Nearly five thousand years have passed since the Armageddon of planet Earth, caused by the collision of a massive asteroid which struck Luna the moon. Hidden deep beneath the surface the survivors of one nation are struggling to maintain their failing underground city. Following the rumbustious life of Rob Clitheroe 67th from his early school-days to commanding the first group to attempt the escape from Castra City.

What will they find when they reach Upside? They appeared just after midday. Fifteen of us were returning from our second reconnaissance to search for the main exit point location when around sixty, winged creatures like Giant Dragonflies only each was the size of a horse and with heads that sported jaws full of teeth swooped down upon us. They flew straight out of the sun screeching and jabbering, of their intent there could be no doubt. Sharp claws, teeth, and a vicious whip of a tail were their weapons.

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We had nothing but a few makeshift spears and clubs. They fell upon us flapping over our heads on large diaphanous wings, plunging to attack. Screams and cries of pain came from all around me.

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Many of us were deeply scratched and badly bitten, some scattered, though others attempted to fight back. It was impossible to successfully engage with an enemy which commanded the air above our heads. Hunter - After The Fall: Death from Below Chains of Honor, Prequel 3. Whispers In The Dark. Shamani the Raging Flame.

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