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Somehow I managed to pass the second time and eventually made it to the 12th grade, where I under-exemplified myself by managing to skate through all the State mandated exams, but not scoring high enough grades to be accepted to a University.

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The news was devastating for me and my parents, and now I had to figure out what I could do in life without an advanced education. I made it through the first year, and early in my second year the lettering professor called me into his office for a chat. I still believe that his honesty helped me change my life. My step-father suggested that I come to work at his firm, and since my math skills were excellent, I thought this was a good idea but it was really the only option I had.

So I began to work in the CPA firm, and to my amazement I not only loved the work, but the overall subject of accounting, tax and finance was fascinating. One night I went to an accounting class at the University just walked in and hoped no-one would notice me , and I loved the lecture, and continued going to classes. I did all the homework and excelled in the class. He told me that I had scored one of the highest grades in the class, but that I was NOT even on the roll.

I told him the truth and he promised to see if he could get a waiver for me to attend the University. A few weeks later he informed me that, not only could I not attend the University but that I was barred from attending classes again. I had been working with underprivileged youth in Johannesburg, and I met an American man with whom I developed a friendship.

This is your second chance to learn a musical instrument or to play in a community band!

He asked me what I was doing with my life, and I shared the long sad story of dismay and defeat. He told me that if I would consider it, that in the U. To cut a much longer story short, I took the entrance exam at the U. I was thrilled and overjoyed, and on June 27th , at the age of 21, I left my family and came to the U. I fully embraced my Second Chance, and completed my Associate in Arts degree at Orange Coast majoring in Accounting , and along the way achieved a 3.

I could NOT get student loans since I was a foreign student, and so I applied to a small college in Fullerton, California where I could afford the tuition. I was overwhelmed and had to pinch myself to ensure that it was real.

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I graduated with my MBA and have never looked back since. Bill Himstreet at USC who became my mentor, these people are indelibly and forever etched in my memory.

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Thanks to a chance recommendation from a USC Professor who used to teach Business at Art Center and hated it that I teach his class I loved it , I have had the honor and the privilege of teaching at the Art Center College of design for over 44 years. G-d willing, I plan to make it to my 50th year, and along the way will have taught almost 6, students in that time.

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When it comes to Entrepreneurship and second chances the evidence is overwhelming. Evidence has shown that failed entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and are generally more successful the second time around. Supporting a second chance for honest failed entrepreneurs is therefore important as it will help bring more experienced entrepreneurs back into the market and contribute to creating growth and jobs. Bankruptcy legislation does not differentiate between honest and dishonest bankrupts and bankruptcy procedures are the same for small as for large companies.

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Furthermore, failed entrepreneurs face more obstacles than first-starters to access finance and suffer from the stigma of failure that comes with a bankruptcy and makes re-entering business and social life difficult. For me all I needed was a second chance because I was not ready for the first one.

The best thing I learned from my second chance was my duty to clean up the mistakes of the first. Tonight when you lay down to sleep ask yourself of you earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today. What do you think? Can you apply the method mentioned above on yourself? What are your results and learning points? Is there, in your opinion, an other way of personal reflection and growth? If so, would you like to share that with the world?

Share your experience and knowledge in the comments box below. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods. Find an event near you! We are on the cusp of making history, and we need you to continue to stand with us. Last year over supporters from across the state and nation attended the FRRC Convening and created a unified, grassroots force behind the Voting Restoration Ballot Initiative.

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Returning Citizens and our coalition partner organizations boldly faced the challenges set before us and accomplished the impossible! Join us to continue to build the movement! Get your tickets to the Convening today! Vote Yes on Amendment 4. Florida is one of only four states with a lifetime ban on voting. We need to keep growing our grassroots movement to pass Amendment 4 in November!

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  4. Our grassroots volunteers are at the center of the campaign. Clarence's Story "Any American who has served his time should be able to vote, and especially veterans who have served their country. Alan's Story "I was wounded in Vietnam in , shot through the chest. Anne's Story "Our men and women in uniform come back from the battlefield and the number-one priority is making home feel like home again. Mike's Story "The ability to vote…makes it much more likely that returning citizens will become productive members of society and contribute to this country that we all know and love.