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Pain is Really Strange Steve Haines. Healing the Gerson Way Charlotte Gerson. Migraine Miracle Josh Turknett. Radical Remission Kelly A. Beginning to Heal Ellen Bass. Other books in this series. Life Without Ed Jenni Schaefer. The Disease to Please: For some people this variedness will be a boon. For me it felt more like of a want of organization and clarity. There are plentiful references to inspirational and spiritual ideas throughout this book. This book certainly makes an effort to be ecumenical across traditions and include something for spiritual folks.

However as someone who was once very involved with a religion and left after some abuse by an assuming spiritual leader I would've liked to see more partitioning for people who would rather not read the sermony stuff. I also found a point of disagreement in the "taking care of your health" section which I would've wished longer - 6 pages, the majority of which are the USDA guidelines stretched out. In my judgment 14 grams of fat is not what makes a candy bar unhealthy. Nuts, eggs, healthy oils, avocados, etc. I'd argue more against the high added sugars, relative lack of nutrients, propensity to over-eat, etc.

Furthermore, for many people I think this advice might be precisely backwards. I think that this could be an area worthy of further research or an option that some readers could potentially benefit from. In future editions I'd like to see an expanded websites section with less focus on organizations and more focus on informational and topically popular sites like Trauma Pages and credible bloggers.

Also perhaps a nod to cPTSD which is not in the index. Nitpicking aside, I am grateful to the author for publishing this work which fills a much-needed void in the literature.

The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook : Glenn R. Schiraldi :

It is clearly a product of much learning and effort. Certainly many people have benefited from it. Also if you're considering trying this, I'd advise supplementing potassium, magnesium which I like even on a regular diet , drinking a lot of water, and consulting an actual resource if not physician. One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

This book is by far the best I have encountered at explaining all of the symptoms and treatment options. It is essentially an encyclopaedia of PTSD.

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I needed a book that talked about PTSD more generally, so this suited me, but others may want a book catered to their specific situation. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has suffered childhood abuse, rape, catastrophic disasters; or if you have or presently serve in the military, law enforcement, medical trauma unit, or any other first responder field. I personally believe it is best used as a supplement to counseling and direction from a professional therapist.

In my personal opinion, no one should travel this road alone. As a result of these experiences, the thinking process can be damaged, and the guidance of a compassionate and understanding counseler is a irreplaceable asset. With that said, this book is excellent and will help you understand why you respond the way you do, and will assist in teaching you to reduce your level of hyper vigilance,fear, and stress. To all who have faced one or more of life's tragedies, there is a way through the door of pain.

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To all who are in need of healing, may you find peace and a future. There are many of us walking this road, and there is hope. This is a good book, just keep in mind that it is not a "take this pill" and all will be fixed syndrome. I am not a doctor at all but i deal with ptsd daily and it is not fun sometimes and it is not as bad other times.

Your syndrome is like being an alcoholic, it is a disease and is a daily battle but it can be handled.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing EMDR -- Thought field therapy -- Other brief processing techniques -- Prolonged exposure -- Dream management and processing -- Healing imagery -- Healing rituals -- Grieving losses -- Making sense of trauma: Expressive art therapies -- Life review -- Building self-esteem -- Innovative treatments -- Complementary approaches -- pt.

Moving on -- Intimacy and sexuality -- Meaning and purpose -- Spiritual and religious growth -- Happiness, pleasure, and humor -- Relapse prevention -- Summing up -- Appendix A. Assessing abuse -- Appendix C. The brain and memory -- Appendix D. Psychiatric disorders -- Appendix E.