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Tweedy isn't your typical girl. Her life had some c The author of the best-selling Java in a Nutshell has created an entire book of real-world Java programming examples that you can learn from. If you learn best "by example", this is the book for China sheet metal working China fire works China metal work China paper works China examples of handicrafts China form work China iron works China uniform work China shoes for work China advertising examples.

Where to buy cheap work life programs examples? Preschoolers will learn basic gymnastics skills in a fun and safe environment. Learn the basic FUNdamental skills of lacrosse through games and drills. Equipment available to borrow on a first come, first serve basis. Unsure of what sport to put your child into? This program will give your child an introduction to many different sports through FUNdamental movements and inclusive play.

Your preschooler will learn fun soccer drills and games to keep them active and wanting more. Focusing on FUNdamental movement skills required for life-long sport participation, the goal is to give children the opportunity to enjoy sport and develop self-confidence. This is a gradual independent participation program; the aim is for your child to participate by themselves by the end of the program. Feel free to lend them a hand for the first few classes if they need it! Mini Indoor 4 — 5 yrs Give your child an early start playing soccer learning skills through FUNdamental movements and inclusive play.

Kids six and under need to engage in daily active play to develop fundamental movement skills—running, kicking, jumping, throwing, catching, agility, balance and coordination. These are key components to physical literacy and allow kids to enjoy sport and a long life of physical activity. What is Physical Literacy? Physical literacy is the ability for an individual to move competently and confidently in all types of environments. The key components of physical literacy are the fundamental movement skills!

Choose a location and theme that suits you best and our party leaders will organize games and activities to keep your party-goers going! Best for kids 18 months — 4 years old. Includes skate and helmet rentals for up to 13 people, a party room and a leader. Available upon request and ice availability. Could include pizza, tacos or baking—you choose! After cooking together, play games and fun activities in the youth centre.

Plan your next party or team wind up at one of our youth centres. A party leader will run games and activities for the group, and partygoers will have the chance to play with all the great youth centre gadgets! Great for 10 — 14 year olds. Package is for 15 guests and includes two hours in the youth centre. More party options available at Pinetree Community Centre. Guardian of birthday child is responsible for party guests and must be present for the duration of the party. Explore the exciting world of art! This class will cover introductory techniques and tools used to create a variety of art pieces.

Children will explore the various methods and techniques of drawing using different tools and materials each week. No prior experience needed. Explore the unconventional and downright wacky side of art! Learn to paint with different styles and techniques each week. Creative Cooks Make delicious dishes while learning basic cooking skills and kitchen safety. Different recipes will be created each class with a focus on healthy eating. Beginner 9 — 15 yrs Learn what you need to know to begin playing chess. Includes rules, fundamentals and development of analytical skills.

Intermediate 9 — 15 yrs Continue to learn the intricacies of the game such as analytical skills and strategy. Learn some basic recipes as well as fun decorating techniques. The teacher will give directions entirely in Mandarin using gestures, objects and the classroom context to reinforce the meaning of what is being said. Young Carpenters 6 — 10 yrs Come sand, hammer and paint!

Learn about tools and how to use them properly while creating a wooden project. Join us for an hour of active gym games, followed by crafts, science experiments and more! Program includes a snack. Teachers also use gestures, poems, games and crafts. Each student may bring one parent or caregiver to learn with them. Owning a Pet 6 — 10 yrs Learn the basics of how to be the best pet owner you can be! Basics in diet, exercise, training and cleanliness will be reviewed in this course. Gross Science 6 — 12 yrs Explore the science of all things gross in this fun class!

Mad Science All Around Us! Mad Science sparks curiosity and imagination with fun science activities designed to help kids understand the world around them. April 6 — June 8 Topics include the human body, ecosystems, energy in motion and more. Young Scientists 6 — 10 yrs Open your eyes to the wonder and excitement of science! Children will conduct fun experiments that explore different aspects of science in this introductory class. Join us for a swim, snack and different reality show game such as Jeopardy, Fear Factor, Survivor and more.

An introduction to some basic movements and positions of ballet. Skills to be introduced include: Create crafts like origami ninja stars and spend time developing your ninja skills with active play. Hip Hop 6 — 10 yrs This high energy class takes the basic movements of hip hop to the next level by combining them into cool new routines.

Students will develop a variety of skills in voice, movement and acting through musical theatre, acting scenes, theatre games, improv and choreographed dance. Children will get a general feel for archery as they are taught rules, safety and proper technique. Badminton 7 — 10 yrs Kids will learn the game of badminton and develop skills through fun drills and games. Please bring your own racquet. Ball Hockey Pass, shoot and score! Drills and games will emphasize team play and skill building.

Weekly guitar instruction for the beginner to intermediate player. Please bring your own guitar. Guitar Beginner 9 — 10 yrs Weekly guitar instruction for beginner level players. Guitar Intermediate 9 — 10 yrs Weekly guitar instruction for intermediate level players. Students should already have mastered some basic skills.

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Pinetree Voices Beginner Choir 9 — 11 yrs Learn the basics of a capella singing and the skill of sight reading. Each class includes vocal exercises, ear training and sight reading practice. Jambouree League Join our non-competitive ball hockey league. After teams are formed players will spend the next 8 weeks developing skills and playing games finishing with a final tournament.

CSA approved hockey helmet with face cage, stick, gloves, water bottle and running shoes. Some equipment is available for borrow upon request on a first come, first serve basis. Fencing Fencing is a great cardiovascular workout, improving handeye coordination, concentration, mental focus and physical stamina. It provides a fun and competitive atmosphere that builds self-confidence and respect.

All equipment is provided. In partnership with Tri-City Fencing Academy. Beginner 9 — 15 yrs at Pinetree Community Centre. Basketball Dribble, pass, shoot and make new friends. Kids will learn how to play basketball through fun drills and games. In order to develop fundamental movement skills for kids 6 and up, the focus should be on providing fun, inclusive and multisport physical activities in structured and unstructured environments.

What are Fundamental Movement Skills? Running, kicking, jumping, throwing, catching, agility, balance and coordination—these skills allow kids to enjoy sport and a long life of physical activity. This course introduces and teaches the FUNdamental skills of parkour, while promoting the development of physical fitness. Learn basic skills, including safe jumping, landing techniques, rolls and vaults, using both hands and feet. Apply these skills in obstacle courses and movement-based games.

Offered in partnership with Journey Parkour. Indoor Each session includes FUNdamental skill development through drills, inclusive scrimmage and fair play. Rhythmic Gymnastics Participants will learn basic body movement techniques required in rhythmic gymnastics and how to use hand held apparatus rope, ball, ribbon, hoop in harmony with music.

In partnership with Origami Rhythmics.

News and Events for the NAATI Community

Does your child show an interest in gymnastics? This is a great starter program where our experienced instructors will teach basic gymnastics skills such as strength, flexibility and balance. Learn the FUNdamentals of softball with a focus on fielding, hitting and base running. Play fun games and drills to develop coordination and help progress as a softball player.

All equipment will be provided. In partnership with Coquitlam Minor Softball Association. Coquitlam is a Live Community! Live is a simple, easy-toremember message to help kids and families adopt healthy habits. When supported consistently across a community, Live can make it easier for kids to eat healthy and be active every day. Indoor 7 — 10 yrs Kids will have a ball learning FUNdamental tennis skills and develop self-confidence by playing games.

Racquets are available upon request. Look for Live healthy tips in your local community centre! Afternoon Sports Drop-In 6 — 10 yrs Get active! Learn how you can make a difference in your community and start living today at: Have fun and get active in Coquitlam! Come by and play foose ball, ping pong, 8-ball or cards. You can also hang out to watch a movie, get a free drink or food, video games and more! Bring your friends or come meet new ones. Explore this positive social space for youth. Check out our pool table, foosball, table tennis, video games, air hockey, fun tournaments, barbecues, movies and more!

Interested in getting involved in your community? Coquitlam offers a variety of opportunities that make a difference in the community. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain valuable experience and have fun! For more information visit our website at coquitlam. Drawing 10 — 14 yrs Explore the various methods and techniques of drawing using different tools and materials each week. Youth Workshop 13 — 18 yrs This is an unique opportunity to work with a local senior artist to learn master painting techniques and recieve mentorship in developing your personal creative style. This course is required for teens 13 — 15 years old who want to use the fitness centre and drop into fitness classes.

This ballet inspired class uses lightweight equipment for a full body workout to to increase flexibility. Focus is on toning the lower body and core muscles. Teen Weight Training 13 — 16 yrs Our certified instructor will teach you the progressions of weight training. This functional 4-tier training system for teens and youth includes body weight exercises, bar training, machine training, and loaded exercise technique. Girls Only 11 — 16 yrs Experience the mental and physical benefits of yoga with your friends.

This class will help increase flexibility and strength while teaching strategies to cope with everyday stressors. Practise drills to increase your fundamental skills for lifelong participation in sports.

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A certified trainer will guide you through strength, cardio and conditioning drills to enhance your agility, coordination and speed. A great class for teens who want to stay active outside of a structured sport environment. Learn what you need to know to begin playing chess.

Learn to cook a variety of tasty meals from all corners of the globe! Recipes include mouth-watering Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisines among many more. Become a triple threat in acting, singing and dancing. Make delicious dishes while learning basic cooking skills and kitchen safety. Guitar 11 — 15 yrs Learn the basics of the guitar from hand placement to basic chords.

Possibly build to the instruction of simple songs. Babysitters Training 12 — 15 yrs Approved by the Canada Safety Council, this course will teach the skills needed to care for babies and children. Topics include safety, child development, care and feeding, diaper changing, games and more. Includes a babysitter manual. Home Alone Training 10 — 13 yrs Designed by the Canada Safety Council, the Home Alone Program provides children 10 years and older with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time.

It will help them understand how to prevent problems, handle real-life situations, and keep them safe and constructively occupied. Participants will get a general feel for archery as they are taught rules, safety and proper technique. Beginner 11 — 15 yrs Learn and practise the basics of badminton. Develop your skills through fun drills and games. For those looking for a fun badminton challenge. Improve your technique, tactics, physical fitness and game strategy. Learn street-style hip hop and choreography in this all-levels, action packed dance class.

This individualized program builds on the interests of the class. Skill Development 12 — 15 yrs Enjoy fun skills, drills and games to help you develop your basketball game. Learn, develop and enhance your softball skills with fun and dynamic drills. Work on fielding, hitting and base running with experienced coaches and practise what it takes to become a well-rounded fast pitch player.

Develop your soccer skills through fun drills, games and team play in a comfortable, female only environment. Find out the latest info—and how you can get involved—by visiting coquitlam. Focus on fitness, skill development, participation and sportsmanship using a variety of sports. Indoor 11 — 14 yrs Have a ball learning FUNdamental tennis skills and develop self-confidence by playing games.

Program takes place in a gymnasium using lowered tennis nets. Bump, set and spike! If you are at least 13 year old, we've got so many fun activities to get involved with. Gain valuable skills, meet new people, engage with your community, and most importantly, have fun! To volunteer with Coquitlam, follow these 5 easy steps: Create a Volunteer Profile. This is where you'll be able to see what opportunities are available, sign up for volunteer shifts, and track your volunteer hours.

All volunteers are required to submit a Police Information Check. Forms will be handed out at the interview. There is no cost for prospective volunteers to complete this check. Attend an Orientation Session At the Orientation Session you'll find out about upcoming opportunities, roles and expectations, how to sign up for shifts, and more.

Submit Reference Forms At the volunteer interview, you'll receive two reference forms. Once filled out, you'll need to submit the forms at the Orientation Session or drop them off at Glen Pine Pavilion. Good Neighbours Make Great Neighbourhoods! It only takes a little effort to be a good neighbour.

Lend a Hand Help mobility-challenged neighbours with tasks like shoveling their walkway when it snows and setting out their garbage carts. Tidy Up Keep your property looking nice by maintaining the yard and building and repairing fencing. Help Your Dog be Safe Ensure your dog has a licence and only let it play free in an off-leash area. A recreation buddy is a volunteer who supports someone with a disability to help them participate fully in our registered recreation programs. Recreation buddies can assist in sport programs, cooking, arts and crafts, swimming and ice skating lessons—or even preschool programs.

They do not support with activities of daily living: Contact Volunteer Services if you or someone you know might benefit from the support of a recreation buddy. Help your neighbours shovel their sidewalks when it snows. Volunteer to be a Snow Angel! ONE PASS provides access to all of our facilities, drop-in programs, such as drop-in fitness, basketball, swimming, ice skating and more. Teens 13 — 15 MUST complete a Youth Fitness Orientation before working out in the fitness centre or to participate in any drop-in fitness class. Details on page We offer a variety of orientations, starter programs and training sessions to get you started working out.

Find the best program for you, no matter your fitness level or experience. Our staff will show you different exercises and techniques that you can take away to build your own program. They will assess your level, learn about your goals and lead you through a custom training program. Available at all fitness centres. Book an appointment with the fitness centre staff. Please turn off cell-phones and other devices.

Arriving late may disrupt those around you and may not allow for a sufficient warm up and class introduction. The band must be sealed to be valid. You can wear it one of two ways:. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please direct them to the trainer on duty. Please familiarize yourself with this form prior to attending a drop-in group fitness class.

Find it online at coquitlam. Participants are encouraged to bring an attendant. Participants must be comfortable in deep water. A full-body intense workout in a weightless environment. Challenge your cardiovascular fitness and improve strength and flexibility without the impact. Check out this group class ettiquette video! Expect a diverse experience utilizing a variety of equipment with high energy cardio routines.

Think squats, burpees, lunges all to the beat of DJ inspired music. Think all-out effort followed by active rest to jumpstart your caloric burn and intensify your training experience. This circuit style class combines cardio, balance, core and strength training in a well-paced environment. Holding lightly weighted drumsticks you will challenge your body with athletic movements all choreographed to the beat. This class is rebellious, loud and energetic! All the choreographed patterns with the use of a step platform for the ultimate cardio experience.

Our instructors will take you on a ride with intense drills which may include tabata, visualizations, hills and sprints.

Cycle fit is always low impact with maximum benefits. A slower paced class incorporating all elements of Cycle Fit building your technique for the perfect ride. A great cardiovascular workout followed by resistance and core work off the bike. This class provides a creative way to be physically active with emphasis on movements of the torso. This class will flow through boot camp style movements and conditioning on the suspension trainers.

Build and tone a strong body with foundational movements that can be done in a variety of environments with minimal equipment but maximum effort! Some Pilates experience in necessary for proper muscle engagement and body alignment. Beginner and intermediate levels available. International rhythms and easy-tofollow moves create a one-of-a kind fitness experience for the dance lover. Brace yourself for an intense training session. Postures are held for a longer period of time to target deep connective tissues in the body.

Suitable for all ages and abilities with a few easy modifications. Great for those with osteoporosis. Choose to stand or sit during this exercise class. Together you will learn primary yoga poses in a fun, friendly environment. This class focuses on classic yoga postures. Classic poses are taught with modifications if needed. Tai Chi cultivates life energy within us and encourages powerful purposeful movement. Most classes are open to those 16 years and up, unless otherwise noted. Teens 13 — 15 years old are also welcome, once they have completed a Youth Orientation program.

Classes at Dogwood and Glen Pine Pavilions are open to adults 19 years and up. All classes are instructed by registered fitness leaders. All personal trainers are registered. Specifically designed for beginners and presented by a fitness trainer, this three week program will include: Small class size ensures personal instruction.

Begin to Cycle Designed to prepare the novice participant to learn the basics of indoor cycling. Learn how to set up and properly use an indoor Keiser bike. Be ready and feel confident to participate in our many drop-in cycle offerings! Working with a trained Activity Coach, participants develop a physical activity plan customized to their needs, interests, goals, resources and abilities. Are you or someone you know interested in these programs?

Ball Fit Focus is on balance, joint mobility, strength and flexibility with the use of a fitness ball and resistance equipment. Perfect for pre or post-operative joint replacement of knees or hips. Ballet Fit Use Pilates, ballet, yoga and elements of barre to target muscles using small isometric movements. Improve strength, balance and coordination.

Health screening form must be completed at first class. For more information, contact Fraser Health at or email fallsprevention fraserhealth. In this three week class you will receive key information about the fundamentals of the weight room, nutritional guidance and the many benefits of group fitness. Please bring full workout gear and be ready to go as a personal trainer takes you through fun workouts and answers all your health and fitness related questions. We will show you exercises to keep both your muscles and bones strong, strengthen your core, improve your balance and prevent.

Essentrics Forever Painless Focus on relieving chronic pain through gentle movement. Each sequence is designed to gently lubricate the joints, release locked or tight muscles, and rebalance your body. The specialized circuit style class was created in partnership with the Fraser Health Authority providing a structured, safe and fun environment. Participants must be able to walk 30 feet with or without a walking aid.

A certified fitness instructor conducts the fitness portion of the program, and a facilitator ensures participants are welcomed, involved in activities or just enjoying social time in a relaxed atmosphere. Light refreshments will be provided. In partnership with the Alzheimer Society of B. Both participant and partner must register; partner attends for no charge. For more information contact Sonia at Registration includes a weekly instructional meeting, a training shirt, Sun Run entry, a souvenir t-shirt, a training log and plenty of group support. Operated in partnership with SportMed BC.

Registration ends February 1, Because we care about you and your baby, a PARmed-X for Pregnancy Form must be signed by your healthcare provider physician or midwife prior to participating in our prenatal classes. Find the form at coquitlam. MomB Prenatal Fitness Join a network of moms-to-be! Our certified prenatal instructor will provide you a safe environment to maintain cardiovascular and muscular strength throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga Gentle hatha yoga class. Stretches, breathing exercises, and strength building poses to help increase energy and stamina. Beginner Improve your concentration, relaxation, flexibility and energy through stretching, postures and breathing techniques. This all-access pass includes: Chair Yoga Designed to achieve mental and physical fitness, learn yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Poses are practised sitting in a chair. No yoga experience needed. Hatha Intermediate Progression into intermediate yoga exercises.

Some yoga experience required. Slow paced yoga suitable for everyone. Deep stretching and yin postures are held for a longer period of time to target the deep connective tissues in the body, increasing flexibility and range of motion. Restorative yoga postures open the body, and work to de-stress and calm the nervous system. Therapeutic Postures are simplified. Work on aligning the body through breathing and spinal cord exercises. Decrease pain and stiffness, and increase range of motion.

Create a lip balm, an herbal salve, a mustache wax and a lotion bar by working with unrefined beeswax along with a variety of other ingredients. Recipes provided for a honey facial mask and a furniture polish. Create natural, customized facial care products to meet your individual needs, from acne to rosacea. Take home a chamomile cleanser, alpha hydroxy skin toner, papaya oatmeal facial scrub and aloe vera cream. Recipes for hydrating facial spray and a wholesome facial mask. Learn to make botanical body care products including a ginger-lime body polish, aloe body spray, hibiscus body wash and tropical body butter.

Recipes on liquid clay masks, stimulating nail salve and body oils. Eliminate nasty toxins in your home! Create environmentallyfriendly household cleaners: Recipes for bug repellant, disinfectant room spray, bed bug sheet spray and a microwave clean up. In this hands-on class, make a Himalayan body scrub, dead sea mineral mud body wrap, cellulite lotion and toning body oil. Includes recipes for creams, foot scrubs and nail salves. Natural Hair Care Using herbs, essential oils, organic butters and botanicals, make your own body lotion, herbal shampoo, citrus hair spray and a moisture lip balm.

Take home recipes for hair rinses, detanglers, conditioners, dandruff control treatment and deep conditioners. Two introductory silversmithing classes will get you started making either a ring or a bezel. A stone is needed for the bezel class. Additional fee payable to instructor to cover the cost of the silver; cost depends on the size and type of project.

Alternative times may be available; ask in the lapidary shop. Looking to take your drawing to the next level? This course will focus on the techniques behind drawing some of your favourite animals. Must have previous drawing experience; not for beginners. Learn to draw and build confidence in your drawing skills. Danica Noort at Dogwood Pavilion W.

The ring consists of four rings put together with the center ring able to spin around the other three. Silversmithing Introduction, ring class. Additional fee payable to instructor; cost depends on size and type of project. Pencil Drawing Intermediate Students will incorporate colour into their work, approach more complex subject matter, and explore the use of different combinations of materials.

Various projects will strengthen your ability to express gesture, composition, line, perspective, shape, and value. Choose to wrap it or put a finding on it to wear. Unfinished stones will be supplied to try your hand at wire wrapping, at no additional cost. You will cut, shape and file copper. Learn about putting a patina on metal. You will use a garden stone or polished stone to create the chime and a grape vine for shape. Acrylics All Levels Learn how to use the paintbrush and prepare the canvas.

Explore color mixing, color theory, composition, the greyscale and capturing the light in a fun, low pressure environment. Registration includes one glass of wine or pint of beer to enjoy while creating your own take home masterpiece. Blooms Alive Learn to care for and prepare fresh flowers and create a small take home piece each week. Wedding Florals This hands-on class is an introduction to bouquets, boutonnieres, table centerpieces and discussions of what to do next for the DIY bride-to-be.

Gain a basic foundation in the cutting and polishing of semiprecious materials. Acrylic Mixed Media Learn to put multiple types of textural mediums and acrylic paints on canvas in this creative abstract class. You will learn painting techniques and how to collage photos and found objects. This fun and easy class is for all levels. Exploring Acrylics Designed to accommodate individual levels and interests, the emphasis is on colour mixing, transparent versus opaque qualities and the versatility of acrylic paint.

Demonstrations and one-on-one instruction. Loose Landscape Watercolour Workshop Learn how to create loose impressionistic landscapes with free flowing brushwork and bright colours. Tammy studied with Toni Onley and will share some of the things she learned from her mentor. A few additional supplies will need to be purchased. Complete supply list is available at the Dogwood Pavilion front desk.

Oil Painting Learn about canvas choice and preparation, materials selection, the laying of burnt umber as well as other techniques. All participants will progressively move on to the next level during this course. Learn the basics of watercolour painting. David Myles at Dogwood Pavilion Tu. Watercolour Beginner Continuing Build on your basic watercolour painting experience to expand your knowledge and skills. First create a watercolour painting then use a pen to create a finished product.

This is a wonderful technique to use while on vacation to create lasting memories. Ideal for all levels and no drawing experience is necessary. Learn everything you need to know about the basics of acrylic painting. From choosing and mixing colours, to painting surfaces, brush techniques, textural elements, and layering and blending. Take a painting from a loose sketch to a finished piece by the end of the program. Silk Painting Introduction Discover the wonderful world of silk painting.

Use vibrant French dyes on habotai silk and experiment with different silk painting techniques such as water-based resists, dilutants and salt. This is a process-focused course rather than project-based. This is a drop-in session for past students of Hazel Graveness. Time is for working on projects, no instruction given. Silk Painting Intermediate Continue your journey in silk painting while using nature as your inspiration.

Incorporate five different silk painting techniques while working on a panel of silk. These techniques can then be used on a silk scarf or miniature silk paintings. Watercolour All Levels Explore techniques such as composition and colour. Returning and new participants welcome. Supply list available at Dogwood Pavilion. Poker Game Basics Learn how to play this fun and social game of strategy, skill and chance.

Please bring your Android phone or tablet along with you to class. Basic Computer Skills This course is a broad overview of the basics of computers and a must for anyone with no computer experience. Digital Photography Learn the basics of digital photography. Topics covered include basic functions, shutter speeds, F-stops, modes, flash, lenses and exposure. Woodcarving Learn and develop new skills to create a variety of woodcarvings including animals, caricatures and relief panels.

Continuing students are welcome to learn new techniques and work on projects. Enhance your skills in playing out the hand. Discuss strategies in defense including signaling and counting out the hands. Cover the basics of accessing your email, setting up contacts and setting up your calendar using Google applications. Skills are transferable to other browsers. We will cover the basics and how cloud technology works. Basic Computer Skills Workshop Everyone needs to learn some basic skills to keep their computer operating.

Learn how to set up a new printer, download software, set up a Wi-Fi network, file management and more. Drop-In Only We will help make understanding computers easy. Sessions deal with Windows based systems and iPads only. Bring in your android phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or list of questions about desktops and printers. Organize your computer files in a logical way.

Learn how to set up a customized file system to simplify the storage and retrieval of documents. The concepts covered in this course are applicable to all operating systems. How Computers Work Confused about how computers work? Learn how to get started, the difference between hardware and software, basic troubleshooting and even review RAM memory, hard drive and the cloud. Introduction to Digital Photo Editing The course will cover the basic digital photo editing operations used to manipulate digital photographs.

Some photo editing software packages will be described and demonstrated, ranging from the simple to packages that have more capability, but are more complex, such as GIMP. Google Home and other products are available to help you manage your life and home. If you already have this product or simply want to learn what you can do, come explore the many possibilities. Discuss security settings and accessing the internet.

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Bring your iPad to this hands-on class. Making the Internet Easy Learn how to browse the internet with ease using Chrome. You will learn how to use Chrome to get add-ons such as adblockers and using sites like Ninite to install free useful software. WhatsApp lets you send texts and voice call over your Wi-Fi anywhere in the world to another user at no cost. Twitter allows you to connect with people everywhere about various.

Windows 10 Basics If you are new to Windows, then this is the program for you. Time will be spent on navigating Windows, working with files and changing settings. Learn ways to do a seasonal cleanse that is suitable to your individual needs and supports you through diet and lifestyle. Consider traditional Ayurveda practices along with a modern day lifestyle approach for a spring cleanse. We will also make a one meal dish using spices and herbs that can be prepared during the cleanse. Cooking for Health Series A new series of cooking classes for good health.

Learn about specific recipes and prepare a dish incorporating those ingredients into your diet. Menopause Menopause can be supported in multiple ways with diet and lifestyle to make this transition as smooth as possible. Empower yourself with some basic understanding of what is going on in your body and ways to support it. We will also cook a dish reflecting the diet that supports this transition. Digestion According to Ayurveda traditions, slow and incomplete digestion leads to poor absorption of nutrients and deficiencies in the body.

Learn how our body breaks down food and ways to support this process for optimum health. Discuss the impact of lifestyle and stress on digestion. We will also make a nutritious dish using ingredients that promote digestion. Impress your friends and family with the art of sushi making. Expand your cooking skills with this easy, healthy and delicious cooking class. This free workshop gives people the confidence and motivation they need to manage the challenges of living with chronic pain conditions.

In partnership with the University of Victoria Centre on Aging. Diabetes Self-Management A community program to help people live successfully with diabetes. Aimed at type two diabetics, although type one diabetics will also benefit. Easy Indian Cooking Learn to prepare a simple Indian meal including a lentil, a seasonal vegetable and spiced rice dish using the traditional Indian spices and herbs.

Good for people completely new to Indian cooking. The Art of Making Samosas The secret behind a good samosa lies in mastering the dough and complimenting it with a perfectly balanced spiced potato and pea filling. The perfect samosa would be incomplete without a sweet and sour tamarind chutney. Make your own samosa with step-by-step instructions. The filling and the chutney will be demonstrated.

Traditional Indian Vegetarian Cooking Series: Vegan A traditional Indian kitchen has an array of delicious options for a gluten-free vegan meal. We will use nuts and fresh seasonal produce along with aromatic herbs and spices to make a savoury pancake with a mushroom spinach and cashew filling, a sprouted lentil salad and a coconut chutney.

Lecture Series with Dr. Cousineau uses a multi-disciplinary approach in his lecture series to engage discussion on topics pertaining to global humanity and social organizations. Topics to be announced in the new year. This workshop series provides information and teaches practical skills. It gives people the confidence and motivation they need to manage the challenges of living with chronic health conditions. To register, call or visit selfmanagementbc.

Mindfulness Meditation Relax, restore and relieve stress. Cultivate inner peace, happiness and insight, and go back to your day refreshed. Class includes lessons and practice. Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Enjoy a restorative and peaceful afternoon in mindfulness. We will practice mindfulness meditation to experience the power of mindfulness. The power to be free from stress and power to be happy.

Speak English Like a Local: learn with Pip!

Group meditation with an experienced teacher is a powerful aid for your practice. The practice can improve health, wellness, inner peace, mindfulness and longevity while relieving stress and chronic pain. Also learn to project the energy qi from your hands for healing. Are you retired or planning retirement, wondering what you are going to do in the years ahead? Join insightful conversations and self-exploration exercises to discover what is most important to you. Set intentions for a future filled with increasing vitality, rewards and satisfaction in life.

Early Alzheimer Support For people with dementia who want to inform themselves with current information and share their experiences with others. This is a closed group and there is a brief screening process. Runs the first and third Wednesday of each month. Contact the Alzheimer Society of BC at to learn more and register. Designed for a person with mild dementia living in the Tri-Cities area who would benefit from a social, recreation and interactive program. The program provides respite for caregivers who are supporting their loved one.

Please call Angela Parkinson for more information about the program and to arrange an assessment. The program is sponsored by the Glen Pine 50 Plus Society in collaboration with the City of Coquitlam and other community partners. Adventures in Verse Bring along your own poetry, or poetry you would like to read or have read.

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Discussion will follow poetry readings. English Language Learner Learn fun and practical basic English for everyday use. Meet new multicultural friends, have fun and learn together! Gain confidence to speak English with anyone in everyday conversations. Beginner is for those who know minimal English. Beginner Continuing is for those who know some basic English. Beginner at Glen Pine Pavilion Tu. This non-instructed drop-in is an opportunity for fluent Spanish speakers looking to share, practice and sustain their skills through conversation.

Learn basic words, phrases and sentences to be able to converse with others in travel, business or at home. We have five different levels available so you can start at beginner and progress to advanced. An automated external defibrillator AED has been installed in several Coquitlam facilities and this portable device is available to be used by the public. It automatically diagnosis life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Learn how the device works so you can be prepared in an emergency. This is a demonstration only. Advance care planning helps you have a say about the health care you would like to receive if you get very sick and cannot speak for yourself.

It is a way for you to reflect on your personal values, wishes and beliefs to make your own future health care decisions. Presented by Fraser Health. A multi-disciplinary approach to the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries. Participants will have the opportunity to sit one-on-one with various health professionals for minute sessions, including a pharmacist, nurse, kinesiologist, and physiotherapist.

To register call Coquitlam is home to bears who will soon be waking up and co-existing with us. Discover what you can do on your own property to discourage bears, with advice from the City of Coquitlam, as well as what to do if you encounter a bear. Many have been transformed into almost unrecognizable descendants of their ancestors while others are just finding their way into our gardens.

Coquitlam Public Library Tour: Join Librarian, Katie Oke, on a tour and discover what the library has to offer. She will highlight the various collections—including everything from magazines and books to the latest movies. Learn how to access information on databases and discover the Reading Room, where you can access online newspapers from all over the world.

Share your thoughts and hear what others have to say. Since , this award winning program has engaged the interests of scholars, seniors, students, philosophers and non-philosophers through stimulating dialogue and the passionate exchange of ideas. Discussion topics will be available in December. How do you judge others?

Dealing with Stress No one can lead totally stress free lives; however, excessive stress harms the quality of life of many seniors. Learn to identify and handle sources of stress. When is risk an unavoidable part of our lives? When and why do we choose it? Are there basic beliefs at the basis of all religions? If so, what are they? Review the effects of high blood pressure. The workshop discusses the need to monitor blood pressure, treatment options and the importance of prompt diagnosis. John Slattery who holds a diploma in Theological Studies.

Humanism vs Religion Explore conflicting world views and our ideas and feelings about them. While we all have a general idea of what religion is, what about humanism? Is it the same as secularism? Are religion and humanism as incompatible as they seem? Rites of Passage We all experience these. Baptisms or equivalent , marriages and funerals come immediately to mind. But graduations, retirements, age-related-milestones and even divorces are significant times of passage as well.

Should these and maybe others have their own rites? What might they look like? Church Conflict Serious conflicts within a church can be especially destructive. Look at what kinds of conflicts do arise and what might be done about them. Moderator John Slattery has conflict mediator training and experience in dealing with such a situation. Miracles Do they really exist?

Or are such manifestations merely the products natural causes or of over-active imaginations? Have your income tax returns by Canada Revenue Agency trained volunteers. To be eligible, individuals must be over 50 years of age with a low income or be receiving any disability pension. Deceased final returns are not accepted, only simple tax returns. Call to register. Introduction to First Aid Are you interesting in learning signs and symptoms of a stroke and heart attack?

Bring all of your questions and learn how to deal with minor first aid situations. This is an introduction to first aid, not a certification course. Invasive Species in Coquitlam English Ivy, Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed, Morning Glory, Periwinkle and Yellow Lamium are some of the invasive species which can take over the natural environment and push out native plants necessary for fish, birds and other wildlife.

Learn how to identify these invasive plants, some of which, like Giant Hogweed can cause injury to people. You can play a part in stopping their spread, find out what to do to remove these aggressive and persistent plants.