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We'll never share your email address. Click Here to Sign Up! Hut of Yupi — hut-of-y. Here, I gather my short poems and pictures. Paper Moon — tanka-papermoon. For me these short poems have the ability to capture something of the essence that lies at the very heart of life in a way that is at once personal and universal.

Happy Daze — haprochelle. Politiku — Trending Political Topics in 17 Syllables — politiku. A place to show and develop the so-called monostich haiku or the 1-line haiku. Many Western poets writing haiku, senryu and related short form poetry writes monostichs from time to time. Open Micro — openmicro. Old blog showcasing the most striking short est -form poetry on the net, lyrical in characters or less.

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Micropoetry Twibe — twibes. TwiHaiku — Twitter Poetry, is a free Twitter application that lets you share your thoughts, feelings, views or ideas about anything in a poetic manner. My Own Six Words — myownsixwords. My own six words — Micropoetry on life, love, and people. You have six words and only six words. Publishes just one new haiku every day on the web and via e-mail. You can even receive your daily haiku by short message service SMS or text paging. Haiku a Day by April J. Gilliland started her career as a lawyer in Victoria, BC. She is now an artist and writer. Visit her blog of daily Haiku poetry.

Smallpoems by Sbpoet — smallpoems. Nanoism edited by Ben White is an online publication for twitter-fiction: One Forty Fiction — onefortyfiction. This site is dedicated to fiction. Not poetry, but fiction. Stories told with beginnings, middles, and ends, and characters who want things. This blog is home to the daily 3ournal entries of 3ournal founder, Liam Wilkinson. Danny Poet — Microfiction Writer- dannypoet. Danny is a writer of fiction and poetry, and has spent some time writing twitter microstories back in He took some time off to complete a novella and has recently returned to writing Twitter Fiction and Poetry.

Twitter Fiction — The Guardian — theguardian. Liblit — Liberate Your Literature — wordswendt. Write a short story or poem based on the prompt of the day. All genres are welcome.


If you want to share your story with other participants and the rest of the world via Twitter, please use the hashtag liblit. The Sound of Splinters — soundofsplinters. A virtual place to mount all the little thoughts we lose — the ideas, the promises, the doodles. The things that break apart and the insistent pieces that wedge under our skin.

Crave: a collection of micropoetry

And reader, we hope you are. I read this book and I feel as though I have been breathed into.

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  4. How could I not? In the neverending paradox of a life. The relationship he hews between language and the body is both original and hard won.

    Moments: Healing Poems for the Journey Home | Dr. Michael DeMaria

    His lyric complicity is between self, dedicatee, reader, and world. His poems defy solipsism and enter a cosmology of unconditional love. How lucky I am that I found Max Ritvo and his poetry; he makes me love poetry again. Wright pushed the bounds of imagination as she explored desire, loss and physical sensation. Her posthumously published book, ShallCross features seven poem sequences that show her tremendous range in style and approach.

    As a trans coming-of-age text the work is intensely inward- focused, but it resists the imperative of linear autobiography. A voice that represents the war on the Mexico-U. Guerilla adolescents taking their revenge? Enslaved girls who appear in order to combat a macho presidential figure linked to our current-day Central America?

    Latin America advancing on a fascist- capitalist government? The book was written in , in some dark place in Texas, during the first three months Dorantes was awaiting political asylum. Preoccupied with the consequences of mothering and not-mothering, these fifty-three poems trenchantly interrogate sexual violence and its aftermath, lingering at the site of trauma as though hanging onto the lip of an abyss. Writing becomes power, structure an act of bravery.

    Micro Poetry series — vol.01

    An Anthology of Trans and Genderqueer Poetics. The book incites its readers to interrupt themselves in their readings in order to, over and over, enter a space of intermission and alienation, with all its glaring light and no clear exit path. Rich with star—soaked skies and bayou—sodden locales, the poems propel the reader through hurricanes and heartache. Anderson explores the sharp destruction of childhood abuse and the unruly abandon of love and sex, finding grace within calamity.

    Intertwining English with Ojibwe, this debut collection of poems ominously hails and holds us in its ethereal sound, bearing sharp witness to the ruptures perpetuated by the violences of humanity—bodies and lands colonizing and colonized, naming and othering, stamping life into disappearance—while inviting us to forge with Duncan the mythologies that suffuse her poems with crystalline grace and gratitude. Through the de- and recontextualization of what was first familiar and is now strange, Nadelberg establishes herself as an exemplar of early 21st-century artistic practice.

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    She braids several long and formally varied sequences throughout the book, each with its own distinct approach. A Reflection of Me moir September 20, Radical Women on the Marriage Question September 17, Lightning September 9, Mausoleum July 24, Creeping Cedar July 1, Becky with the Good Affair: Sugar Baby Reflections April 17, All Collaborative Review Video Review. The People in This Poem: A Conversational Review August 7, Lords of Waterdeep in Conversation February 25, Flash Portraits of Link: Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert March 31, All Board Games Video Games.

    Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Biography of a Place September 3, Biography of a Place August 3, Biography of a Place July 6, Biography of a Place June 2,