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Toggle navigation University of Dundee. Full Time Study topics which are frequently the subject of expert testimony in court, and have most relevance internationally. MSc Forensic Dentistry This 1 year programme will enable you to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in forensic dentistry and research. George Parkman was a respected professor at Harvard University who also dealt with real estate and lending money. Parkman a considerable amount of money. Parkman failed to return home from dinner on November 23, In the furnace, fragments of the maxillary jaw were discovered.

Nathan Cooley Keep, Dr. This was the first time dental evidence was used to convict a murderer. This case is also a great example of how expert testimony was used in court.

How Forensic Dentistry Works

Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - , India. Received Feb 5; Accepted Mar 5. Licensee Master Publishing Group. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License http: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Abstract Forensic Odontology a branch of Forensic sciences uses the skill of the dentist in personal identification during mass calamities, sexual assault and child abuse to name a few. According to American board of forensic odontology dental identification can be divided into four types 3: The ante-mortem and postmortem data match to establish that it is from same individual;. The ante-mortem and postmortem data have few consistent features, but because of quality of the records it is difficulty to establish the identity;.

Storage The specimen should be stored in cold place or frozen. Collection One should be very careful about contaminating the specimens so should wear gloves and use pristine instruments.

Forensic Dentistry History

Reference sample When there is no much information about ante-mortem of the individual, the specimens can be selected from spouse and children as reference sample for DNA testing. Saliva It is major source of DNA because; it contains sloughed epithelial cells from oral mucosa and inner surface of lip.

Forensic dentistry

Teeth Teeth with act as major source of DNA because its ability to withstand to undergo changes. Developmental changes that occur to the human dentition while the teeth are growing and emerging into the oral cavity. Craniofacial morphology and dimension: The morphology of the skull and mandible, pattern formed by six traits those are mastoid, supraorbital ridge, size and architecture of the skull, zygomatic extensions, nasal aperture, and mandible gonial angle and Frontal sinus dimension are taken into consideration. Sex difference in tooth dimension: Sex determination by measuring mesiodistal and buccolingual dimensions is most simple and reliable method for sex determination.

Both the dimensions are more in male than in female. In male, the distal accessory ridge in canines is more prominent than in female.

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  8. In female, there is less number of cusps in mandibular first molar distobuccal or distal. These features can be because of evolutionary reduction in the female lower jaw size. Sex determination by DNA analysis: The study by Das and his associates stated that the sex determination could be obtained from the studying the X and Y-chromosomes upto four weeks of the death.

    In more aggressive bites -The assailant may suck the soft tissues into the mouth so that images of palatal and incisal surfaces of teeth may appear.

    Forensic Odontology: The New Dimension in Dental Analysis

    In less aggressive bites -the skin may not be completely penetrated so there can be oval mark mostly of anterior teeth. Bites on objects If bite is present on objects such as apple, beer, chocolate etc. Lip print Cheiloscopy is a forensic investigation that deals with identification of human based on lip traces. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg; DNA technology and Forensic Odontology. Forensic odontology - identification by dental means. Handbook of Forensic Medicine. Forensic Odontology with case report.

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    The palatal rugae pattern: Determination of palatal rugae patterns among two ethnic populations of India by logistic regression analysis. Journal of Forensic and Legal Med. Indication and limitations of using palatal rugae for personal identification in edentulous cases. Palatal rugae patterns in Australian Aborigines and Caucasians.

    Differences in the palatal rugae shape in two populations of India. Studies on personal identification by means of lip prints. A study of lip print pattern in Goan dental students - A digital approach. Age determination from central incisors of fetus and infants. Estimation of gestational age from tooth germs: