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The expanding dark says "incoming! The confusing, oppositional signals cause the visual neuron to respond more weakly than it otherwise would. The neural activity peaks later and at a lower rate in response to the motion dazzle the patterned squares , Santer said. This activity correlates with the locust behavior, so it has real-world effects.

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Lots of animals, including mammals, birds and fish, have looming-detection neurons, Santer said, but whether motion dazzle would fool them too is still unknown. The studies on human perception of motion dazzle all focused on sideways motion, not an object coming toward the viewer, he said. Nevertheless, the study is the first to demonstrate conclusively that motion dazzle works, Santer said.

The next step would be to find out if predators have evolved to wear these patterns specifically to fool their prey, and if motion dazzle camouflage really benefits organisms in the real world, he said. Original article on LiveScience. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of South Carolina and a graduate certificate in science writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Locusts' compound eyes are fooled by motion dazzle camouflage, which uses bold contrasting patterns to confuse the viewer's sense of speed and trajectory. See the World from a Cat's Eyes. In fact, there is nothing routine about this man of sensuous thrilling fiction. Gregg Burton is a Brooklynite who hails from the infamous town of Waco, Texas.

Amazing Street Art That Fools the Eye

He came by the military experience showcased in his book, What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas honestly. Upon leaving that world, the newly discharged Burton was ready for something new. This suspenseful work which many have said marks his unquestionable writing talent and diverse writing style, makes Burton a hidden talent in the independent literary world.


It was purely by coincidence, and maybe a little boredom, that Burton stumbled upon his unique talent. While working with a group of women, lovers of mainstream erotic and suspenseful fiction, Burton picked up his first piece of literature.

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That first product was a short story that friends and family analyzed and raved about. Burton moved on to poetry and a full-length novel What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas that was published in When the reality is, they are just like you and me.

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I write because it makes me feel good. I love to tell a good story. Motion dazzle camouflage isn't about blending in, as blend-in camouflage stops working as soon as an animal moves. A similar type of camouflage is disruptive or edge camouflage , which similarly uses bold patterns to confuse the eye even when an animal is in motion.

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During World War I, the British and United States Navies adopted dazzle camouflage on their warships, resulting in "razzle-dazzle" vessels that looked like the brainchildren of Picasso. Despite the widespread use, nobody knew for sure whether razzle-dazzle camouflage worked, and computer-based studies on humans have yielded mixed results.

A Gallery of Visual Tricks ]. To figure out whether dazzle camouflage really exists, Santer turned to an organism he knows well: Looming is an important motion to detect if you're a locust, as it could indicate that a predator is headed your way, ready to devour you whole. When a loom-detecting neuron fires, it triggers flying locusts to leap or to swerve out of the way.

Fools the eye

Dazzle camouflage should mask motion, so if the camouflage really works, it should keep this neuron from working at its best, Santer reasoned. To test the idea, they parked locusts in front of specialized computer screens, monitoring their visual neurons with copper wires inserted into their heads. On the screen, locusts would see a series of squares, expanding rapidly so as to look like they were looming toward the insects.

Santer varied the contrast of the squares against the background.