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It extends a drill bit from an opening on its bottom apex and attempts to bore through the armor above the GeoFront, in the first credible attempt to reach Terminal Dogma. Despite being one of the most powerful and formidable Angels, Ramiel is very passive in nature, using a slowly moving drill to bore into the GeoFront while using its deadly energy attacks only for defensive purposes. Ramiel's core is not shown, but it is implied to be deep within the Angel's body. Rebuild of Evangelion reveals Ramiel's core is at the center of its body.

Ramiel was defeated by Rei and Shinji in a coordinated assault the two pilots' first operation together. Shinji in Unit 01 was armed with an experimental positron cannon to shoot the Angel from a distance, Rei in Unit 00 was equipped with a special shield allegedly a thermal protection shield from a decommissioned Space Shuttle to defend Unit The positron cannon needed all the power from Japan to operate and the shield could only deflect the particle beam for 17 seconds.

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When Shinji fired, Ramiel reacted and fired at the same time. The two beams met each other, warping each other and causing both to miss.

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Ramiel fired a second shot before the positron cannon could fully recharge; Rei blocked the beam, first with the shield and then with Unit 00 itself after the shield was destroyed. This bought Shinji enough time to fire a second shot after the cannon recharged, which passed through Ramiel's center and killed it. Like Shamshel, Ramiel's corpse remained intact and was shown over the next several episodes being gradually deconstructed. In the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Ramiel has been changed significantly: Its drill bit is also morphed out of its substance.

Additionally, it moved its core when Shinji fired at it instead of firing at Shinji at the exact moment he fired at Ramiel, but it is destroyed when Shinji fired a second shot. It also retains the surrounding noise that sounds like female choral music, but it emits screams when it attacks and is damaged and is classified as the sixth Angel instead of the fifth. It also has a small "face" similar to Sachiel's on its forehead, and its core is located in its mouth.

It can use parts of its body to slice objects such as warships. Unlike the preceding Angels, it does not generate a visible AT field.

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Gaghiel was searching for the Adam embryo, but because the presence of the embryo was secret apparently even from Seele , NERV officially reported that Gaghiel was drawn by Unit It managed to damage or destroy almost one third of the UN's combined fleet. Asuka brashly challenges Gaghiel in Unit 02 wearing only B-type equipment unsuited for marine combat.

A miscalculation by Asuka makes Unit 02 step onto a flight deck elevator which collapses, throwing the Eva and the Angel into the water, where Asuka and Shinji find themselves immobilized. The Angel bites down on them, trapping them in its jaws. Misato hatches a plan, and Unit 02 forces the Angel's mouth open though only with Asuka and Shinji working and thinking in unison , allowing a pair of scuttled Iowa -class battleships the Illinois and Kentucky to lodge in its mouth knocking out most of its teeth in the process and fire via remote control at the Angel's core, then self-destruct inside the Angel, killing it.

In the manga, Gaghiel's appearance is limited to a video shown to Misato, Rei, and Shinji by Ritsuko Akagi , showing Unit 02 piloted just by Asuka engaging the Angel and inflicting massive damage with its progressive knife, and it is stated that the Angel was destroyed soon after that. Gaghiel does not appear in Rebuild of Evangelion series. It has two cores located in its chest, matched on either side of its center torso by four external bone-like rib structures. Israfel has the ability to split itself into separate, twin Angels, referred to as "Alpha" and "Beta".

The twin Angels are almost identical in appearance and properties to the original except in color scheme. Both have masks with three eye holes and possess their own cores, but without the rib structures. Both cores must be destroyed at the same time, or they will heal each other. After emerging from the ocean, Israfel was engaged by Asuka and Shinji. Defying orders to attack in synch with Shinji, Asuka assaulted the Angel alone, cleaving it in two. Shocking everyone, Israfel split into its twins, and decisively defeated Asuka and Shinji. The Angel was incapacitated for roughly six days, during which time it recovered from its injuries.

Israfel was defeated through a synchronized attack by Shinji and Asuka, concerted via a musical score and with the memorization of numerous dance moves, first forcing the Angel to split into its twins, then back into its singular mode, this time with the two cores exposed which were destroyed simultaneously. Israfel does not appear in Evangelion: It appears to have no abilities beyond its extraordinary resistance to heat and pressure, up to the point of being able to open its mouth in magma.

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Its own AT field never manifested physically. Sandalphon was discovered in an embryonic state [26] deep inside the Mount Asama volcano. NERV was determined to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to strike first against an Angel. Asuka, in Unit 02, was sent to capture the Angel using a special electromagnetic cage.

The Eva's normal B-type equipment was not designed for extreme environments, so Unit 02 was equipped with the D-type Equipment, specifically designed for extreme conditions like magma. During the operation the Angel awoke, rapidly developed into its adult form, and attacked Unit 02, damaging it, however Unit 02 could not take any countermeasure due to the fact that it had lost its progressive knife earlier from the pressure of the lava It was sent over the depth limit of the D-type equipment.

Sandalphon was defeated by Asuka using the D-type equipment's coolant inspired by an earlier conversation with Shinji regarding thermal expansion and Unit 01's progressive knife. Sandalphon did not appear in the manga adaptation nor in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. The central eye on the underbelly secretes a strong solvent which can easily melt through both concrete and steel. The Angel attempts to burn a tunnel directly into the Geofront using the solvent. The Angel appears to possess no armament beyond this solvent, and its AT field never physically manifests, though the battle plan against it made mention of using Unit 02 to nullify its AT field before it would be fired upon.

Matarael's core is not revealed. Matarael emerged from the ocean during a near-total power outage in Tokyo-3 caused by an unnamed individual or party. It was defeated through the coordinated efforts of Units 00, 01, and 02, in the first simultaneous deployment of all three Evas. Due to the power outage, the Evas ran on their internal batteries, supplemented by large additional batteries mounted to the shoulder boxes, and had to be launched manually.

The Angel was killed using standard-issue Eva firearms, the only successful attempt at doing so. It has an elongated body, with three eye-like markings one in the center and one on either end of the body , and three stem-like growths projecting radially at both ends. It also seems to have an ability to jam satellite communications.

The Angel's most devastating weapon is itself: Its core appears as the pupil of the central "eye". Sahaquiel first appeared in low Earth orbit. When NERV attempted to analyze the Angel, it crushed the scanning satellites with its AT field although they were able to complete the scan. The Angel began dropping pieces of itself onto Earth. The resulting blast would have been so powerful that Tokyo-III would have been transformed into an extension of the Pacific Ocean.

Sahaquiel was intercepted and killed through the combined efforts of all three Evas.

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Eva 01 first stopped the Angel's physical descent by "catching" it as it fell, then as all three Evas held it off the ground, Eva 00 canceled out its AT field, negating both of its main means of attack and then Eva 02 killed the Angel by stabbing its core with a Progressive Knife. It is named after the Angel of the Skies. It starts out in space as a giant ball surrounded by a black membrane with moving eyespots.

Then when it is about to land, it sheds the membrane and shape-shifts to resemble its anime counterpart, only this version is larger and has sharp spikes trailing it. When Shinji uses EVA's AT field to stop its descent, a body resembling Sachiel morphs out of the central eye and attacks Shinji with arms that turned into drills. The Angel then starts to propel itself towards the ground with an increasing amount of thrust, forcing Shinji to struggle to hold the Angel off the ground and pushing EVA to its breaking point.

Eleventh Angel

The Angel's core is also on the edge of the central eye and moved around the edge to avoids attacks from Asuka in EVA until Rei in EVA is able to physically grab hold of it and stop it greatly hurting herself in the process. Asuka then had to stab the core with two knives and force one of them deeper into the core to destroy it causing Sahaquiel to explode into a massive geyser of blood and floods a great portion of the city.

It is designated as the 8th Angel in Evangelion: In addition to its AT field, it demonstrates an ability to adapt and evolve to almost anything. Rather than "moving" in the conventional sense, the Angel seems to simply spread by rapidly reproducing at the cellular level.

It is not known whether or not Ireul has a core. It appears in the Pribnow Box deep in the GeoFront, where it is initially mistaken for corrosion before spreading to where the pilots are taking part in tests. Ritsuko and Misato, prior to understanding what they were up against, attempted to destroy the "corrosion" with lasers, only to have an AT field materialize to block their efforts.

They soon discovered that the Angel is vulnerable to ozone and so pumped large amounts of it into the area of infection. The tactic temporarily stopped the Angel's spread, but after only a few seconds, it adapted to the ozone, and even absorbed it to increase its strength before suddenly mutating into a form resembling electronic circuitry. Linked into the Pribnow Box computer systems, the Angel electronically hacked into the MAGI computer systems, protecting the hard connections with an AT field on the cables to prevent it from being cut off. While inside, it read many critical files and attempted to initiate a self-destruct sequence before being slowed down long enough by Ritsuko to allow her in turn to initiate the Angel's destruction by using the last "free" MAGI to set the Angel on an evolutionary path to its own annihilation.

The Angel initially appears as a large, floating, black-and-white patterned sphere, and, when attacked, it re-manifests as a large black shadow. The Angel's true body is the shadow itself, and the "shadow" of the Angel is the floating sphere, this makes this Angel one of the most difficult to combat as it is impossible to attack a virtually 2-D creature. Leliel is explained as possessing an inverted AT field, which allows the Angel to take into itself anything in range of its shadow-like body, but keeping it contained. An analogy would be a two-way mirror.

Within the inverted AT field is a Dirac sea , which "could lead to another universe". At its fullest extension, the Angel's body is meters in diameter and 3 nanometers thick. It is unknown whether Leliel had a core. Leliel appeared out of thin air over Tokyo-3, and all three Evas were sortied against it. Ireul makes an appearance in the Anime, it does not appear in the manga and in the Rebuild of Evangelion.

It is preceded by Sahaquiel and succeeded by Leliel. It appears in the Pribnow Box deep in the GeoFront , where it is initially mistaken for corrosion before spreading to where the pilots are taking part in tests. Ritsuko and Misato , prior to understanding what they were up against, attempted to destroy the "corrosion" with lasers, only to have an A.

Field materialize to block their efforts. They soon discovered that the Angel is vulnerable to ozone and so pumped large amounts of it into the area of infection.

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