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Die Printausgabe ist vergriffen und wird nicht wieder aufgelegt. Voraussichtlich im Juni wird der Titel als E-Book erscheinen. Book 4 Being and the Meaning of Life Indestructible Innocence Being and the Meaning of Life discusses in detail the issues and understandings involved in actually shifting the personal identity from personality to Essence. This is not an abstract or esoteric work, but a useful exploration of specific personal issues faced by students in the process of self-realization.

How do you know that the knowledge you get from others is the truth? How do you know that your teachers, or even the great philosophers, have the answer that is appropriate for you? Christ says to love your neighbor. Do you really know that that is what you need to do? Buddha says that enlightenment is the best thing. How do you know that is what you need? Talks on the topics of spiritual maturity and non-conceptual reality. A view of understanding the basic unity of reality, and brings forth the issues involved when this understanding of unity confronts the egocentric and isolated perspectives of the personality.

One of the greatest puzzles for the serious student of spiritual disciplines arises from the encounter with the realm of pure awareness, usually accompanied by a perception of emptiness of the self or of the world previously seen as solid.

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Here there is great wonderment, and sometimes concern. What does this insight mean about the world of forms? What does it mean about the spiritual world, and about the realm of Essence? Ein Potenzial, das durch die Realisierung und Entfaltung der menschlichen Essenz erschlossen wird — jener uns innewohnenden Kraft, die uns erlaubt, an der wirklichen Welt teilzunehmen. Voraussichtlich im Juni wird der Titel als E-Book erscheinen.. This ground is composed of five coemergent dimensions: The first three dimensions are emphasized in the previous volumes, while volume five focuses on the dimensions of absolute emptiness and creative dynamism how our spiritual purity is inherently creative and dynamic, and is always displaying or manifesting all the forms of experience we encounter.

The book concludes by discussing the inseparability of the five dimensions, and points to the truth that enlightenment goes further than the realization of the boundless, empty luminosity and dynamism of true nature. The realization of the empty, boundless ground of reality simply functions as a way station toward a freedom that expands even further, opening up a much more inclusive view of the totality of reality — one that encompasses all realizations without needing to adhere to any of them.

Almaas brings our attention to the ways we can approach our lives as a practice in order to actualize our potential as human beings. His further explorations on the relationships between the 6. Inexhaustible Mystery is the fifth and final book in A. There is a force, there is an intelligence, there is a consciousness, a dynamic, living intelligence who is inherently functioning in such a way to reveal itself. And it appears to us as our interest in liberation. It appears to us as our interest and dedication. It appears to us as the interest in practice or spiritual work. And when the insights happen, we might own them.

Join in this exploration of mystery with A. Almaas, and experience his passionate love in this process of inquiry in presence. The purpose of the talks is to guide and orient individuals who are intensely engaged in doing the difficult work of essential realization. The talks are organized in a manner that shows the various states and stages of realization in the order that occurs for the typical student, at least in our teaching method: They begin with the states, knowledge, and questions most needed for starting the work on oneself, proceeding to stages of increasing depth and subtlety, and culminating in detailed understanding of the most mature states and conditions of realization.

Hence, this series is not only a detailed and specific guidance for the student, but also an expression and manifestation of the unfoldment of the human essence as it reveals the mystery, wonder, exquisiteness, and richness of the real world, our true inheritance. Each talk is actually the expression of a certain aspect or dimension of being as it descends into the consciousness of the teacher in response to the present needs of the students.

The teacher acts both as an embodiment of such reality and as a channel for the living knowledge that is part of this embodiment.

Nasreddin Hoca: der Topf

It is my wish that more of my fellow human beings participate in our real world, and taste the incredible beauty and integrity of being a human being, a full manifestation of the love of the Truth. Almaas shows how inner spaciousness can be experienced in somatic, psychological and spiritual ways, details some of the many levels of inner space and, more importantly, illustrates how these experiences of space can lead to fundamental healing and integration of our being.

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The Point of Existence describes the underlying spiritual basis for the common understanding of narcissism, which is the experience of a disturbance in the inner sense of self and the resulting need for constant reflection from the outside. This vulnerability in the inner experience of identity arises out of a basic separation from the essential presence which is the source of a true sense of self.

He shows how the universal narcissism of everyday life is English: Seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren gilt der von A. The practice of inquiry is an open-ended exploration into the immediacy of our experience, which invites a continuous, spontaneous unfoldment of our soul. This book reveals what it means to engage in the practice of inquiry as a spiritual path: Almaas explores basic elements English: Book 2 of the practice including the open-ended attitude, the focus on direct knowledge, Brilliancy — The Essence of the experience of not knowing, and the Intelligence process of questioning.

He also descriIntelligence is one of bes the recognition and experience of the defining characinner guidance, which he calls Diamond teristics of human Guidance, and much of the book he devobeings: Buch Band 1 of human intelligence are based on the notion that intelligence Forschungsreise ins innere is a product of brain functioning. He calls this source the Brileinen wesentlichen liancy of our true nature. In For- ther is found to shape the experience of schungsreise ins innere Universum legt Brilliancy.

Using a Socratic method that A. The hidden richness that rests in our life, in our heart, in our experience is here — not over there, in some better life, in some other house, in some other career, in some other relationship or country or spiritual school. One time, perhaps, we actually knew that—and then we forgot. From time to time, we are reminded by others of that richness, or we rediscover it ourselves. But over and over, we forget. When we lose touch with the fullness of who we really are, when we ourselves cannot recognize or appreciate it, when it is invisible to us or seems inaccessible, the knowledge that we are the location and source of what we are seeking is only abstract information, irrelevant to our personal situation.

In fact, what we find is that most everything in our life works against our turning that knowledge into the currency of personal inner richness. This video is of the public talk given by A. This is a public talk given by A. Join Almaas in this journey of inquiry and curiosity as he offers the experience of what it means to be where you are in the moment, allowing your inner unfoldment to manifest. This DVD provides a rich understanding and exploration of the simplicity of being ourselves without the interference of our habitual patterns. As an introduction to his book, The Unfolding Now, Almaas explores in these talks the practice of presence — being aware of and living in the now.

When we can be with the truth of our present experience, we invite our essential nature to reveal who and what we truly are in a dynamic and immediate way. As he elucidates this truth, Almaas also explores some of the elements that are involved in engaging this simple but challenging practice. Almaas on the role of his books from the interview with Bob Olson, Fall What role do your books, versus retreats and work with individual teachers, play in helping people move toward truth?

It includes a unique and new understanding of how ego is related to true nature, based on a new useful paradigm of qualities of true nature. This new paradigm of spiritual qualities can aid students of many paths for it helps to give them contexts for understanding their experience that have not been available before.

The books also discuss true nature in its aspects and dimensions in a kind of detail, specificity and precision not available much in spiritual literature, which can be useful for students of the inner path regardless of the particular path. It is a way of teaching, not as effective as direct personal teaching, but can nevertheless have a beneficial impact in awakening people to the inner truths, encouraging and inspiring them to engage the inner path. It is both the responsibility of the researcher to put out his learning and discoveries, and by doing that the spiritual literature of mankind is enriched and expanded.

I know it is my function to put out the Diamond Approach. I know some of the benefits, but I do not profess to know all the possibilities of germination and consequences of its spread. It is an interesting question, for instance, to wonder what will be the overall and long-term consequence of putting out such new paradigm of spiritual essence. Buch personality gradually releases its grip on Das Elixier der Erleuchtung our being, and allows essence to emerIn dieser faszinierenge and transform the personality itself.

Almaas deutlich, synthesis of Western and Eastern apwelche Art der inneproaches to psychological and spiritual ren Arbeit der heutidevelopment.

[Das Z gehört zum Alphabet] (Paul Maar)

Almaas, in dem er die wesentlichen Bestandteile seiner Arbeit beleuchtet. Auf beeindruckende Weise zeigt A. Almaas auf, wie unsere wahre innere The process of realization and integration of true nature described in the voice of one who articulates precisely and vividly the psychological and epistemological barriers which confront the individual consciousness as realization is integrated in the context of personal life.

Almaas describes how his participation in the unfolding manifestation of Being ushers him into realms that expose and transform increasingly deep ego structures and attachments. Inner Journey Home What is the soul, and how do we come to know it? What is its journey in life, and what stages and obstacles are encountered along the way?

Hearing these talks gives the listener a profound and fascinating insight into the nature of the human soul and spiritual reality. Provocative for newcomers and illuminating for current practitioners of the path, each of these two presentations explores a different aspect of the inner journey described in the book. Almaas and Karen Johnson, they are an essential part of it. Conventional wisdom cautions that desire and passion are opposed to the spiritual path — that engaging in desire will take you more into the world, into egoic life.

And for most people, that is exactly what happens. We naturally tend to experience wanting in a self-centered way. The Power of Divine Eros challenges the view that the divine and the erotic are separate. When we open to the energy, aliveness, spontaneity, and zest of erotic love, we will find it inseparable from the realm of the holy and sacred. When this is understood, desire and passion become a gateway to wholeness and to realizing our full potential.

The Power of Divine Eros A. The teaching in this book is off the map— because reality itself cannot be captured in a map. In fact, reality is far more alive, far more mysterious than anything we can conceive of. It is always revealing itself by knowing itself; and knowing reality and living it becomes the fulfillment of our life. Almaas, the originator of the Diamond Approach, here presents a new paradigm for understanding reality: He reveals that our life can become an endless revelation of reality, an adventure with neither beginning nor end.

The Alchemy of Freedom: The quest was fueled by some of the prime questions of human existence: Why am I here? How has this world come to be? In fact, it is the true nature of all reality—in all times and all places, without being limited to being anything in particular. This monograph explores the biggest barrier to our growth and unfoldment, no matter what our stage of development - our inner critic. It discusses the etiology and functioning of the superego in our lives and gives practical methods for dealing with it individually, in relationship, and in working with others.

In dieser Monografie erforscht A. Heart Dweller This page booklet is the first work A. Almaas wrote, dating from Because of our particular vision of Reality it is not completely accurate to think of this approach as spiritual work, for this work does not separate the spiritual from the psychological, neither does it see these two as separate from the physical everyday life and scientific investigation of the content of perception.

However, because we live in a society where the prevailing thought is that of the separated facets of Reality, the closest category recognized in this mentality, to our approach, is that of a spiritual path or exploration. Diese Schule ist eine Schule, die der inneren Arbeit, der Entdeckung, der Entwicklung und der Erhaltung der menschlichen Essenz Wesenskern gewidmet ist.

Now for the first time ever, Almaas is creating with Sounds True an accessible audio introduction to his lifetime of work. More than 7 hours of recording Sounds True, appr.

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These talks are presented by A. Almaas, to the Colorado and California work groups in the early days of the Ridhwan School. CD Ridhwan Foundation, appr.

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In these audios, Hameed Ali explores how the insights of modern psychology can become part of a spiritual psychology, where the nature and qualities of soul, essence, and Being are contrasted with the normal experience of self. Almaas, whose writings brilliantly illustrate the unity of modern depth psychology and traditional spiritual wisdom, is a respected, pioneering teacher. This 2 CD set makes available to the public presentations by A. Gold that were part of a one-day art auction and discussion in Grass Valley , California , October, The first disk is a talk given by A.

Almaas on the experiential nature of creativity. He takes the audience on a fascinating journey to discover why being creative is so highly revered in our culture. He sees the narcissistic side in the desire to be recognized and appreciated as special and unique, but he also looks at the deeper longing to feel connected to the outflow of dynamic creative arising. This arising is the ultimate nature of everything emerging from the selfless source — the Absolute. From this, Almaas finds that creativity is truly a combination of generosity and service when it connects us to our deepest nature.

The second disk is primarily a question and answer process between Almaas, Gold and the audience on various topics including artistic passion, creative discipline and the essential artistic experience. Since our everyday experience expresses the qualities of our true nature, the precise understanding of this relationship can function as a bridge to awakening and realization. Working with the relation of true nature to ego manifestations, we can use these manifestations as portals to the timeless truths of our true nature.

Spirituality and Psychoanalysis documents an all-day conference exploring the meeting ground between these two disciplines. Later, there is discussion between members of the panel and then questions from audience members to the panel. This is an unusual and fascinating context to experience Almaas in dialog with psychoanalytic practitioners — something he has been interested in since he wrote his Diamond Mind books, such as The Pearl Beyond Price and The Point of Existence.

Almaas untersucht die neun verschiedenen Prozesse, durch die wir den Kontakt zum Sein — und damit die Perspektive unserer Heiligen Idee — verlieren. Facets of Unity presents the Enneagram of Holy Ideas as a unique view of reality offering valuable insight to those on the spiritual path.

Here we are not directed toward the psychological types but the higher spiritual realities they reflect. Understanding this core brings each of the Holy Ideas within reach, so its The Spiritual Dimension of the spiritual perspective can serve as a key Enneagram, Sandra Maitri for unlocking the fixation and freeing us Here is one of the from its limitations. Among Facetten der Einheit the most knowledgeA. Almaas able teachers of the enneagram in AmeEine anspruchsvolle, spirituell in die rica, Sandra Maitri shows how the enneTiefe gehende Un- agram not only reveals our personalities, tersuchung der neun but illuminates a basic essence within verschiedenen Pro- each of us.

Sandra Maitri elucidates the most intractable pitfalls of our psyches and shows how our understanding of them can lead us to our highest virtues. The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues Using the spiritual psychology of the enneagram, Sandra Maitri highlights two core aspects of human consciousness: The passions are the ego-driven emotional states that come to dominate our lives, such as anger, pride, and fear. Discovering and understanding the passions in an experiential way can lead us to what lies beyond the personality itself.

As we do, the virtues-which include serenity, humility, and courage — naturally arise to support our unfoldment. This giving way from the passions to the virtues is one of the hallmarks of inner development. Penguin Books, p. In diesem Buch geht es sowohl um die spirituelle, als auch um die psychologische Dimension des Enneagramms. Indem wir die Essenz mit all ihren. In a clear and accessible way, it introduces the central teachings and practices of this unique new spiritual path.

The Epilogue again speaks to the reader in a more personal way. Each chapter consists of engaging, thorough coverage of the central features of each topic by Davis and extensive selections from books and talks by Almaas. Here is a practical, accessible handbook that will show you where your inner critic came from, how it operates, and how accessing strength, joy, truth, and compassion can counteract its powerful forces.

Soul without Shame explores what it means to liberate yourself from your inner judge as a step toward experiencing the freedom and vitality of the human soul. It contains exercises, practices, and entertaining examples from everyday life to guide you in your work with the exhilarating process. Byron Brown is a senior student of A. Dieser Titel ist zur Zeit vergriffen.

Da nicht klar ist, wo die Rechte daran liegen, ist derzeit auch nicht mit einer Neuauflage zu rechnen. Einst hatte der Richter eine. Die Begegnung mit dem inneren Richter ist ein vielschichtiger, langwieriger und extrem subtiler Prozess. As a daily practice, it supports awakeness, aliveness, fluidity, alignment and fullness in the body, and the integration and embodiment of core aspects of the teaching.

This page booklet includes detailed instructions and photos of each movement as well as the conceptual framework behind the practice, its history, creation, purpose and principles. This DVD includes an interview with Linda Krier who developed the practice, a 50 minute class with detailed instructions, demonstration of the movements, and questions and answers.

Sufis regions of the heart. No translator could HarperCollins, appr. Book than Coleman Barks has done here. Through these potic imagination; searching explanations of ems the reader will explore the qualities unfamiliar concepts and funny stories that are vital to the spiritual aspirant who provide colourful background and frame seeks to overcome the imprisonment of the selections as no dry historical exege- ego. Der Puls des Rhythmus spielt hier eine entscheidende Rolle, weil er mit Atem und Herzschlag gleichzeitig korrespondiert. It features one long-form 52 minutes composition.

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Wiese is on the zither, DeJong is on the tabla, and Grassow is on the keyboards and synths. The atmospheres surround low-key melodies. The center of the soundscape is the drone. The tabla has de- CD: The zither shimmers and the synth just rolls through the Bahramji arrangement. This psychoactive set is a winner. These quatrains and odes reveal a most human and accessible side of the great poet and mystic. Love is the meaning of our existence, the raw material of transformation, the glorious way of access to Divine intimacy.

This teaching infuses the lyric verse of Rumi — , the greatest of the Sufi poets. Here is a rich introduction to the work of the great mystical poet, featuring leading literary translations of his verse. For Rumi, who believed that the soul comes alive in the presence of a real teacher, love was the inspiration for all his poetry.

The Pocket Rumi The cry of the soul in love with God has never been more eloquently expressed than by the great Persian Sufi master Jalaluddin Rumi Readers have thrilled to his ecstatic songs of divine union for more than eight hundred years. Rumi was born in on the eastern edge of the Persian Empire.

Fleeing from the invasion of the Mongol armies of Genghis Khan, Rumi and his family settled in Turkey, where his father was a scholar and mystic. Later, Rumi succeeded his father in leading a dervish college a divinity school. His life was transformed in , when he met Shams-e Tabriz, a wandering dervish. Omar Faruk Tekbilek had been studying Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam, with the thought of becoming a Sufi cleric. At 15, he quit school to become a professional musician.

Music for me is not something to show off. Playing is prayer for me.