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What does it mean to be a champion?

Or not so much a cool sport the way we watch it on TV. Pros walk around with that attitude of seriousness like anybody could get hurt. Like a tight-rope walker getting ready to perform. Pro boxers more than anyone know how long it takes to be good. They understand how many years it takes to develop a good jab. They understand how many years it takes to build a bulletproof defense. First off…pro boxers are sweaty as hell. Look for a guy who looks like he went swimming with his clothes on.

The sweat comes from hours of constant movement. No cool-offs during the workout. No more than one minute break for anything. They are always moving, always warm…from the moment they enter the gym till the moment they leave. They have suuuuuper long warm-up and cool-down routines. Warming down is hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, some light weights, more shadowboxing, lots of stretching to keep the body from being sore or stiff the next day.

BE A CHAMPION - Motivational Video

I really mean this. And then they half-ass their bag work and mitt work or skip it until after sparring to save energy. Throwing his combinations, putting a little pop here and there…but mostly just being calm. You see them bringing their hands all the way up to their face, slipping and dodging, and jumping all over the place. And so they do it on the bag. Pros on the other hand are more focused on punching technique and punching rhythm. Michael J. Herman: Books

Just trying to maintain a steady flow on the bag. They throw many small punches and make less exaggerated movements in general. Their hands are usually more at chest level. And overall, their bagwork is pretty chill. This attitude crosses over their mittwork and sparring as well. Pro boxers seem to be in their own world and just breathing their way through all the routines. They hear you and you know they hear you. Pros are notorious for long periods of shadow boxing. Anybody can look impressive hitting a bag. But it takes a pro to look impressive shadow boxing.

They look so graceful and relaxed and yet so powerful at the same time. The arms keep pumping and pumping and they seem to have endless energy. Pro boxers do so many core exercises everyday that it easily takes them about 30 minutes to an hour to get through all of them. It is ALL in the eyes.

They have cool calm vicious eyes. It means calm and ready. They always seem to know where to look. If you watch the fastest fighters, you see them walking around and using a lot of slow lulling movements to calm their opponents before suddenly striking with a lightning quickness. Too much jumping and jerking around all over the place. When you watch the pros spar, there are many moments of calm stillness in their sparring sessions.

Changing your attitude?

Like two statues meditating before springing to life against with combinations. And then back into their restful meditative staring contests. Pros throw many punches that are really fast touching shots. And they know when and where and how and they do it from so many different angles. You feel like pros can always touch you from many different angles.

Many rapid bursts of combinations and lots of combination exchanges. This contrasts amateurs because amateurs are more often trading and engaged in longer combinations. Pros move a bit more and so combinations tend to cut out. Pros are typically fighting for so many rounds, they prepare not to waste energy jumping around like the way amateur boxers do. They rely on clever use of angles and slick movements to avoid punches up close.

Not having to move around so much allows them to sit down and stay grounded for more powerful punches. Pros throw amazing hooks to the body. They know the perfect spots and have slick enough head movement and precise timing to dig to the body. You have to witness this in person to appreciate. The moment you dedicate every part of your body and life to the sport of boxing, and you commit your future to it, you are on track to be a champion.

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You can start today. You can start training, pushing, making contacts, asking good questions, and challenging yourself every day.

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

Being a pro boxer is more about having the attitude than the title itself. Pro boxers are also such cool calm people.. Inspirational read, I bookmarked this entry for future reference. Tips on etiquette and expectations, I think, would be a huge help. Take it as it comes. Start in the gym and see what they tell you to do and pay attention. Time, experience, and confidence. Spend your time in the gym! Because there are no guarantees in life. What if you get hurt, what if this happens or that happens, what if everything you ever worked for was taken away from you?

Este articulo es muy bueno! I am definitely reading this a few more times, my mindset is definitely upside-down! Your articles belong to a great boxing magazine. Johnny, I have been a soccer player my whole life at a competitive level college, semi- pro, and reserve teams but since I was a little kid I admire the sport of boxing. I respect the hard work and determination that is invested by these athletes.

Your tips and feedback on the articles are amazing. You have opened my eyes to areas of boxing that I never imagined. Please keep more content comment, you are def making a big difference in my life. I started boxing in November, i looked up the nearest boxing club and i joined. On my first day i sparred, i thought i could handle it since i had practiced a lot of things i read on your web site.

And i could execute the basics pretty well, even though it was totally different being in with a live opponent. My sparring partners were 2 amatuers, one of them being a 3 time national champion, and a pro boxer. I made some mistakes in my first spar, i caught the fast guy habit and i kept dropping my hands without knowing it, so when the trainning sesion was over i was convinced my speed was to much for anyone in the gym to handle…. Boy was i wrong! Sure enough they were going easy on my and in the next 3 days i was taking some beatings.

But never the less i forced myself to go every day, shocked that i would drag myself to participate in the sport i loved. But a glimmer of light broke through in the form of C. And the same place Mikkel Kessler trained. I had a good hang on all the fundamentals Thanks for that! Yes, the Art of the Fist is our religion.

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