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With archive material and pictures of actual locations used, this is the behind-the-scenes story of a film which changed the Dingle Peninsula overnight, saw more antics than usual by stars, and resulted in David Lean making no film for fourteen years. Subscribe via RSS Feed.

Troubled Epic: On Location with Ryan's Daughter - Michael Tanner - Google Книги

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The characters fail to pop off the screen. While Lawrence is heroic and psychologically complex and Zhivago is kindly and soulful, Ryan and his daughter possess few compelling attributes. As played by a pre- Rumpole of the Bailey Leo McKern, Ryan is a detestable man ready to sacrifice his child to a troglodytic mob.

In the demanding role of naive Rosy, Miles often tries too hard, her face overworking to convey fear, innocence, confusion, or whatever emotion suits the moment. Still, she was Oscar nominated.

The Making of 'Ryan's Daughter': Troubled Epic

It should be noted that was weak on actresses. Ali McGraw was also nominated for Love Story , okay? An unrecognizable John Mills is the village idiot who, sure enough, reveals a tender heart behind a misshapen face. At least this fine British thespian was recognized in his long career, but did he have to get it for playing a dimwitted mute? Lean read the script and said that he did not find it interesting, but suggested to Bolt that he would like to rework it into another setting.

Alec Guinness turned down the role of Father Collins; it had been written with him in mind, but Guinness, a Roman Catholic convert, objected to what he felt was an inaccurate portrayal of a Catholic priest.

Sarah Miles Tribute

His conflicts with Lean while making Doctor Zhivago also contributed. Paul Scofield was Lean's first choice for the part of Shaughnessy, but he was unable to leave a theatre commitment. Reportedly, Mitchum initially was reluctant to take the role. While he admired the script, he was undergoing a personal crisis at the time and when pressed by Lean as to why he wouldn't be available for filming, told him "I was actually planning on committing suicide.

The role of Major Doryan was written for Marlon Brando , who initially accepted, but problems with the production of Burn! Lean then saw Christopher Jones in The Looking Glass War and decided he had to have Jones for the part, and so cast him without ever meeting him.

Troubled Epic

Lean had to wait a year before a suitably dramatic storm appeared. The image was kept clear of spray by a glass disk spinning in front of the lens. Mitchum clashed with Lean, saying that "[W]orking with David Lean is like constructing the Taj Mahal out of toothpicks"; despite this, Mitchum confided to friends and family that he felt Ryan's Daughter was among his best roles and he regretted the negative response the film received. In a radio interview, Mitchum claimed despite the difficult production Lean was one of the best directors he'd worked with.

Jones claimed to have had an affair with Sharon Tate , who was killed by Charles Manson and his followers during filming, which devastated Jones.

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Miles and Jones also grew to dislike one another, leading to trouble when filming the love scenes. Christopher was engaged to Olivia Hussey , and he was not attracted to Miles. He even refused to do the forest love scene with her, which prompted Miles to conspire with Mitchum. It was Mitchum who settled on the idea of drugging Jones by sprinkling an unspecified substance on his cereal.

Mitchum overdosed Jones, however, and the actor was nearly catatonic during the love scene. Jones and Lean clashed frequently.

Lean was not alone in his disappointment with the actor. Jones' retirement from acting was purportedly due to the bad reviews he received for Ryan's Daughter. A nude scene between Miles and Jones, as well as its themes involving infidelity, were the primary reasons for the decision. At the appeal hearing, MGM executives explained that they needed the less restrictive rating to allow more audience into the theatres; otherwise the company would not be able to survive financially. The appeal was overturned and the film received a "GP" rating, which later became "PG". Jack Valenti considered this to be one of the tarnishing marks on the rating system.

Upon its initial release, Ryan's Daughter received a hostile reception from many film reviewers. Roger Ebert felt that "Lean's characters, well written and well acted, are finally dwarfed by his excessive scale. Some attribute the negative reviews to critics' expectations being too high, following the three epics Lean had directed in a row before Ryan's Daughter. The preview cut ran for over minutes and was criticised for its length and poor pacing.

Lean felt obliged to remove up to 17 minutes of footage before the film's wide release. The missing footage has not been restored or located. Lean took these criticisms very personally, claiming at the time that he would never make another film. The film was moderately successful worldwide at the box office and was one of the most successful films of in Britain, where it ran at a West End theatre for almost two years straight.

The film was also criticized for its perceived depiction of the Irish proletariat as uncivilized.