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Too much sitting may thin the part of your brain that's important for memory, study suggests

Anxiety may come with a silver lining, a new study suggests: Feeling anxious in a new situation may help you remember it more vividly. Too much anxiety, though, can have the opposite effect, by impairing recall and causing people to remember neutral details in a negative light. The new study, published in the journal Brain Sciences , serves as reassurance that a little bit of nervousness can be a good thing, says co-author Myra Fernandes, professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

But it also shows that anxiety can color the lens through which people remember events, interactions and conversations from their past, Fernandes says. When anxiety levels get high enough, she adds, it can cause people to withdraw from their surroundings rather than than taking in and storing memories about them.

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The study involved 80 undergraduate psychology students who were given a standard screening questionnaire to determine their levels of everyday anxiety. Those who had been diagnosed with clinical anxiety disorders were excluded from the study.

The students were then asked to study a set of words as they flashed across a computer screen, and to answer simple questions about their spelling or meaning. Some of the words were overlaid onto negative images, like a picture of an automobile accident, and some were overlaid onto neutral images, like a boat or a house.

Later, the students were asked to recall words used in the experiment. I based the hypothesis on my knowledge that the amount of CPU resources is proportional to the amount of memory allocated to an AWS Lambda function. Now it was time to see if the experiments supported my hypothesis.

The supported languages are C , Java, Node. C and Java have much higher cold start time. The most obvious trend is that statically typed languages C and Java have over times higher cold start time. This clearly supports our hypothesis, although to a much greater extent than I originally anticipated. Python has ridiculously low cold start time. This is most obvious with the C and Java runtimes as the baseline MB cold start time for both are very significant.

Anxiety May Improve Your Memory | Time

So far, the data from the first experiment supports the initial hypothesis. To evaluate the the impact of memory and the package size on cold starts, I created 25 functions with various code and memory sizes. Here are the results from this experiment:.

As with the first experiment, the memory size improves the cold start time and standard deviation in a roughly linear fashion. Interestingly the size of the deployment package does not increase the cold start time. Instead, a larger deployment package seems to have a positive effect on decreasing the overall cold start time. To see if the behaviour is consistent, I would love for someone else to repeat this experiment using a different language runtime.

Hang up! Radiation from mobile phones can affect your memory

The source code used for these experiments can be found here , including the scripts used to calculate the stats and generate the plot. Here are a few things I learned from these experiments:. I posted a follow-up experiment to find out how long Lambda keeps idle functions around before recycling them.