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The story of this image can awaken one's faith. God has not left us. But it sure is good to have these events to help our mortal flaws. Sweet Jesus, thank you for giving us a picture of your loving Mother. Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of America and intercessor of the unborn, pray for us. Blessed Mother please stay with us and protect us as a Mother would her children!

We need you now, more than ever. It took my breath away,last night I saw Mary of Nazareth what a beautiful movie. Mary Mother of God Pray for us. Amazing and very interesting, but I would love if you could provide sources for all this information. I want to see where it's cited and recorded that these studies were done.

May women learn to be obedient to God as you were and trust and have faith always in Him. My respects to you oh Holy Mother of Jesus peace and blessings of God upon you both. May all women who are believers learn to put their trust, faith and obedience to God as you did. May we live trying to learn by your example of bravery and purity. If you pray to her she WILL help. Thank you Holy Mother for all the wonders you have provided. We need you now in this world more than ever. Jesus and Mary forgive us and continue to help us.

Wow left me without words! Thank you Virgencita for all your love and care you give us everyday. I pray to you for the peace and faith of the world that need you. Please protect my kids, my husband and myself, protect and help my mother's health, she has been one o your most devoted believers. Vigen de Guadalupe pray for us and for all those in need of our Lord's words. Holy mother we need you in these troubled times as you appeared before in troubled times help us to understand your compassion.

There are some errors here. For example, the tilma does not radiate a temperature consistent with the human body, nor is there any noise detectable by a stethoscope, nor do the colors float. Everything else is pretty accurate. But it pains me that articles like this are mixing up truth and falsehood. The reason I can mention that these are erros-- and with some authority-- is that I had the chance to speak at length with the postulator of the cause of the canonization of Juan Diego that is, Father Eduardo Chavez who had close contact with the scientific studies and who himself attest that there are miracles of the tilma, but the temperature, stethoscope, and floating image claims are not some of them.

What church are you appointed to, name of the church and city? Also can substantiate your claim other than just saying to have had a conversation? Philip Serna Callahan and Prof. Smith discovered that the Tilma maintains constant temperature of a living person, Dr. Carlos Fernandez del Castillo that there are heartbeats at beats per minute as when baby is in the womb heard when stethoscope is placed at the waist on the Tilma. Chavez and you have simply discarded their scientific discovery as well as scientific discoveries of colours floating above the Tilma's surface, of Our Lady's eyes behaving as being alive etc.

You disbelieve in those miraculous facts but they still exist in spite of your disbelief. Shame on you for implicitly accusing the scientists of a mortally sinful lie itself a mortal sin. I will have to agree with Fr Anthony that some of the statements might have not been well supported or documented or might have been mislead. Specifically the temperature, the heart beating and the live eyes. Graue indicated that the effects observed on the eyes give the impression of a live eye not behaving like a live eye. No doubt no human being will be able to achieve that level of perfection.

This is still inexplicable, but the closest theories are based on the how the light is reflected, a technique that no human being will be able to achieve on a painting. For objective minds the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is still full of facts that no science can explain now, no way to produce this centuries ago.

I am a firm believer and devote of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I don't like when some statements might be misconceived-mislead and fall into fanatics, I would not agree to point fingers into people like Fr. Actually, these challenges have proven to be worthy specially when no human explanation is found. No doubt, despite some facts that might require some caution in interpretation, the image in the tilma does have a lot of facts that cannot be explained and have to be deemed as miraculous. I would like to contact the owner of this blog but there is no contact listed. Perhaps some persons are treated to miracles that others cannot conceive and believe and others are not.

These 46 stars are the most brilliant stars that surround the horizon of the Mexican Valley which have been identified. I'm forever grateful to have been blessed to witness this reflection of the Divine. Our Lady is undoubtedly is manife sted in d telma. She is showing to d world the power she has to protect, she is the mother of our lord Jesus. How wonderful it is that the tilma of our Lady maintains a body temp of How wonderful it must be to hear the heart beat of times per minute from the tilma of Our Lady.

How wonderful must it be to see the year old untarnished image of Our Lady. How wonderful it must be to observe all the scientific data associated with the Tilma of Our Lady. I hope and pray that many more people may see the image of Our Lady. I pray for the conversion of many who will study and learn of the living miracle that is Our Lady of Guadalupe. Ave Maria purisima, sin pecado en su vida.

Excuse me, can you tell me what is the reference for the NASA investigation and scientists name that are the base of this part of the article above? There are no brush strokes, or sketch marks on it. The image also seems to increase in size and change colors owing to an unknown property of the surface and substance of which it is made. When examined less than 10 inches of the image, one can only see the maguey cloth; the colors totally disappear.

I already found the answer to my previous comment in the same article above. Louis, Enrique Laskano, why do you write your name in Russian??? Is there a book or publication of this article that can be purchased with the exact wordings??? I've never before heard anything about this. It's the most amazing thing I have ever come across. Pleas provide the real dimensions of Our Lady's face, as I have a photographic print that is said to be a 1: I have no way to confirm this without measurements of the original face, i. I thank you in advance for providing this info, or another source where I can verify the fact my image is a true 1;1 replica.

Thank you in advance, and God Bless you and your work. On July 16, , Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock, accompanied by her Heavenly Army of Angels and made the following promise: Visions of Heaven Hell and Purgatory , Book 4. Margaret Mary Alacoque is one of Jesus' most powerful workers in the vineyard.

Through the work of St. Margaret Mary, in obedience to Jesus' mandate, devotion to His Sacred Heart became a strong movement throughout the world.

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Visions of Heaven Hell and Purgatory , Book 3. July 19, by Journeys of Faith. His ministry was to the children of Turin, in Northern Italy, victims of the Industrial Revolution in that country at that time. Don Bosco was God's gift to the Church of that century. Visions of Heaven Hell and Purgatory , Book 2. July 15, by Journeys of Faith. When Our Lord wants a message to get out to His Church, he raises up a powerful Saint to do the task.

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  2. The Virgin of Guadalupe’s Birth of a Nation?
  3. Natürliche Selektion (German Edition).
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  5. Such a Saint was Gertrude the Great! She was the one to plant the seed which would bloom through the hands of another powerful Saint and visionary, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, four centuries later. July 14, by Journeys of Faith. Paschal Baylon is one of the most multi-faceted diamonds the Church has ever contained in its Treasury of Faith. He is a lay person, never having been ordained a priest. July 12, by Journeys of Faith. July 9, by Journeys of Faith. Saint Basil the Great was born into a very comfortable life, his family owning considerable land and possessions.

    Infallible Catholic: Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

    But their worldly goods did not own them. As Saints beget Saints, his early life would be molded by the example left by his parents' virtuous and pious life. Both dry martyrs, Dry Martyr - one who suffers all forms of persecution.

    Our Lady of the Cape

    It is said of St. Francis of Assisi, that he didn't trust books, and never wanted his Friars to get distracted and influenced by the words of authors, whose works he also didn't trust. He trusted the Bible, but not certain people's interpretations of it. Early in the twentieth century, the Lord gave us a simple servant, Helen Kowalska, born in the small village of Glogowiec, Poland, on August 25, , the day before the National Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

    July 8, by Journeys of Faith. Our Saint was born in the beautiful countryside of Verdu in Catalonia, Spain in or around There's not much known about his childhood, other than he was born of a distinguished old family of Catalonia. Stigmatists Table of Contents: Who are the Angels? July 7, by Journeys of Faith.

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    Thomas Aquinas is so outstanding. The Lord has given him the ability to take very complex matters, such as the differences between animal, human and Angel, and break them down into logical, extremely understandable terms. He was particularly enraptured by Angels, as are we. He made a study of them.

    Marian apparition

    Duguay, were convinced that Our Lady would come through. Desilets even vowed to dedicate the original church which the parish had outgrown to Our Lady of the Rosary if the river froze. What happened next was truly miraculous. Duguay has left us the following account:. Maurice River and fringing the northern shore of the St. The broken ice drifted downstream into the bay of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, covering the river to a distance of several hundred feet below the church.

    Joseph for a bridge of ice. I added that, after vespers, I would accompany those who wished to prospect a passage to the far shore of the St. The distance between the broken-up floes varied considerably. On and on we went. Firmin Cadotte led the way, axe in hand, a rope around his waist, held by Flavien Bourassa… just in case! It must have been about 1, feet from the inshore ice along the southern shore… When I looked up, I saw that my two guides had moved on about feet: Still moving forward, Firmin Cadotte struck through the thin ice with the head of his axe.

    The other men watched us go on, but did not dare follow, so that, in the end, my two guides and myself were the only ones to reach the south shore…. We came back at 11 p. Stopping next to the old sacristy I asked the men: The night was crisp, considering it was the end of March, and the bridge was already solid enough to walk on. Joseph], at 4 a. We sent off for some men to pour more water over our bridge and to saturate the snow which had fallen during the night.

    We were beginning to be proud of our bridge. When we tested it with a blow from an axe, we found that it was already six inches thick. We had instructed Joe Bellefeuille and his son to prepare six-foot blocks of stone. While we were deciding where to open up the track there had been a great deal of snow overnight , we saw the first sleigh coming over our bridge.

    Our Lady of the Cape

    It was driven by Joe Longval who had been eager to bring over the first load of stones. Duguay stated that the fact that water thrown on the floating snow would run back into the river which was verified by the lanterns proved that there was no ice on the rest of the river — only on the bridge. The entire undertaking would be completed by March 25 th , the Feast of the Annunciation, the day they noticed that the bridge was beginning to melt.

    I ordered a stop to the work, and no one undertook to make another voyage. It was quite extraordinary, a true miracle. It defied common sense. We immediately named it the Rosary Bridge. The Rosary Bridge was built in , in remembrance of the miracle of On August 15 of the same year, Bishop Cloutier blessed it solemnly, and said to the crowd: It is the Lord who made it.