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Temperton mixed his traditional harmony segments with the idea of adding shorter note melodies to suit Jackson's aggressive style. His manager stated, "The tuxedo was the overall plan for the Off the Wall project and package. The tuxedo was our idea, the socks were Michael'". Music critics Stephen Thomas Erlewine and Stephen Holden of AllMusic observed that Off the Wall was crafted from funk , disco - pop , soul , soft rock , and pop ballads. Each of them had that purity, that strong signature sound and that open wound that pushed them to greatness.

The vulnerability, verging on fragility that would become embedded in Michael's persona found, perhaps, its richest expression in this wistful ballad". With the arrival of Off the Wall in the late s, Jackson's abilities as a vocalist were well regarded; AllMusic writer Stephen Thomas Erlewine described him as a "blindingly gifted vocalist". Their analysis was also that "Jackson's feathery-timbered tenor is extraordinary beautiful. It slides smoothly into a startling falsetto that's used very daringly". Taraborrelli stated, "Fans and industry peers alike were left with their mouths agape when Off the Wall was issued to the public.


Fans proclaimed that they hadn't heard him sing with such joy and abandon since the early Jackson 5 days". It peaked atop the Billboard Hot and reached number three in the UK. In February the album's title track was released as a single, and went to number 10 on the Billboard Hot chart and became a top 10 hit in four countries. Off the Wall was hailed as a major breakthrough for Jackson, while receiving critical recognition, along with praises, from major music publications.

Holden went on to compare Jackson to Stevie Wonder , another Motown performer who began recording at a young age and gained critical acclaim for his transition. In The Village Voice , Robert Christgau hailed Off the Wall as "the dance groove of the year" and that Jackson's vocal stylings were a reminder that he had grown up. He also praised "Rock with You", describing it as "masterful".

The reviewer concurred with a colleague that Jackson was "probably the best singer in the world right now in terms of style and technique". In , Jackson won three awards at the American Music Awards for his solo efforts: Despite its commercial success, Jackson felt Off the Wall should have made a much bigger impact, and was determined to exceed expectations with his next release. Jackson stated that "It was totally unfair that it didn't get Record of the Year and it can never happen again".

AllMusic gave the record a five star review, praising the record's disco -tinged funk and mainstream pop blend, along with Jackson's songwriting and Jones' crafty production. Hence, the forgivable Wings cover". In , the album was ranked number 68 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest albums of all time. The layers of percussion and the stacks of backing vocals, both artfully choreographed to create drama and ecstasy on the dance floor, still rock parties in the 21st century".

The reissue and documentary were both released on February 26, Personnel as listed in the album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Off the Wall disambiguation. Quincy Jones Michael Jackson. The slipcover for the Special Edition of the album. Current pressings of the special edition do not include the slipcover.

July 28, " Rock with You " Released: November 3, " Off the Wall " Released: April 19, " Girlfriend " Released: This was a visionary album, a record that found a way to break disco wide open into a new world where the beat was undeniable. Quincy Jones Jackson co. Stevie Wonder Susaye Greene. Carole Bayer Sager David Foster.

It's also due to the brilliant songwriting, an intoxicating blend of strong melodies, rhythmic hooks, and indelible construction. Most of all, its success is due to the sound constructed by Jackson and producer Quincy Jones , a dazzling array of disco beats, funk guitars, clean mainstream pop, and unashamed and therefore affecting schmaltz that is utterly thrilling in its utter joy.

Off the Wall

This is highly professional, highly crafted music, and its details are evident, but the overall effect is nothing but pure pleasure. Jackson and Jones expanded this approach on the blockbuster Thriller , often with equally stunning results, but they never bettered it. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Jazz Latin New Age. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. People are rendered invisible or not interesting when being a wallflower gender discrimination mostly.

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall FULL ALBUM 1979

Therefore, if you are off the wall, you are visible and become interesting. Crazy in many ways means original, beyond the dull, mass, sheep-like, etc. Lighter, Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang gives as a first occurrence of "off the wall" in a slang sense this exchange from a scare film, cited with interpolated commentary in Michael Starks, Cocaine Fiends and Reefer Madness I'm off the wall.

The sense of the bracketed quot[ation] is unclear; perh[aps] it implies "only a wallflower.

off the wall | Definition of off the wall in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Brown Trumbull P[ar]k We all said thanks in our own off-the-wall ways. Not that off-the-wall holyroller kind of clapping.

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Frank Brown, Trumbull Park actually has three instances of "off the wall," each time as a hyphenated adjective phrase. Seemed like Terry had to keep coming up with those off-the-wall remarks. I was getting sick of this cat:. I don't know whose church radio program it was that was swinging so nice that January Sunday morning. I mean, organs and choirs and people clapping—not that off-the-wall holyroller kind of clapping, but that happy-in-time easy-going everything-together kind of clapping.

Whosever church it was, it was going. Arthur looked up and laughed sort of quick-like and pulled at his ear; and one by one the brave ones, the not-so-brave ones, the hip ones, the square ones, the men and women—one by one, we all said thanks in our own off-the-wall ways:. The two s citations suggest that the phrase may have arisen in African American slang before crossing over to white U.


I remember that "off the wall" was a popular term in the small east-coast college I attended in the early-to-mids—popular enough, in fact, that my friends and I had a routine where, whenever someone alluded to something or someone being "off the wall," we would immediately pretend to attach ourselves magnetically to the nearest wall by both hands and both feet, and proclaim that we were "on the wall. In , in law school in Texas, I encountered a related phrase: See off [one's] chump, off [one's] head, off [one's] nut, off [one's] onion, off [one's] rocker, off [one's] trolley.

These expressions have in common that the middle term is a possessive pronoun instead of the word the , but otherwise they seem quite similar to "off the wall. I have sometimes wondered whether "off the wall" was suggested by the sad fate of Humpty-Dumpty, but I've not found any support for that idea in reference works.

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I asked him a trick question. Then, I asked him; Do you know where I am coming from? He answered yes, but he really didn't. That's when I answered him "Off The Wall.