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When she got off the phone she said it would be possible to offer a house to stay in. When I heard that it may be possible to get help with accommodation I started to think about things. I still went into the abortion clinic which was full of women and handed over my appointment letter.

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When it came to my turn I told her that I was not going to go through with it. She turned to me in anger! She gave me this angry expression: You know, the God that we serve is more than enough! The Good Counsel went well above my expectations.

Betty’s Story [Guest Post]

Not only did they give me a home to live in, but they also helped me apply for a UK visa. She regained pounds. She relied on her support system. Her husband, family and friends encouraged her. After a while, Betty wanted to spice up her personal challenge by making it public.

Betty's Story - Be Here For Me

As an added incentive to get back into her healthy habits, she partnered with a local radio station to start the Betty Bevans Get Healthy Challenge. As the event grew, even the mayors of Riverview, Moncton and Dieppe took up the challenge.

Betty’s Story

People now come up to Betty and tell her what an inspiration she is and share their own wellness stories with her. This makes Betty feel like her whole community is supporting her on her wellness journey! Sometimes you share a tip, sometimes you just give them a hug. And Betty has no intention of looking back. I had a normal pregnancy until the week ultrasound.

We expected to find out the gender of our child and hear that our baby was healthy, and all was well.

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Instead we found out our baby girl had three soft markers possibly indicating a chromosomal abnormality of some kind. Thankfully, additional testing revealed that the concerns were superficial and there were no additional reasons to worry - the neonatologist assured us that we should expect a healthy baby girl. I had an uneventful delivery and other than being a SUPER sleepy baby who had a hard time getting the hang of eating, everything seemed pretty normal with Betty.

She was quite different from her older sister, but I chalked it up to her simply being a different child; her own little person. At her two month well-check, I had a list of concerns, but I fully expected our pediatrician to kind of blow them off as insignificant, encouraging me to just give her time.

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In reality, he was actually quite worried. She had a chronic cough which turned out to be related to acid reflux from what we can tell , an umbilical hernia, misshapen skull, was not smiling or engaging visually, and was unaware of her hands. He wrote "global developmental delays" on the Early Intervention pamphlet and told me to call them. I thought it sounded a bit extreme, but now I'm so thankful he was so aware of the issues we were dealing with from early on.

We visited the ophthalmologist who reported that her eyes and optic nerve were perfectly healthy, though he agreed that she was not tracking well and not engaging with her world visually. We got a CT scan to rule out craniosynostosis and while her skull sutures were open which is good , they noted something "fuzzy" about part of her brain and ordered an MRI to rule out a stroke or underdeveloped brain.

Adventure Time - Betty's Plan To Save Simon Petrikov (Clip) Skyhooks II

The MRI was normal. Lots of blood tests followed - all of which were normal.

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  4. We started Early Intervention around two months in gross motor and cognitive areas.