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This is my formula for which I change values according to my image. I have experienced a lot of problems in writing css for static and dynamic websites. Second sub-image in this above image is of when you want blocks to be in center when user wants to add dynamically any number of images. So css for it would be -. This included figure will almost clear you the flexbox thing -. This was the scenario for the parent div containing only one element as child div. As you can see first there is display: Then along with it there came align-items: And lastly but not least is justify-content: Main use of flexbox is done when there are more child divs in parent container like this image -.

That was flexbox - the pure css play!

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Almost the oldest method which is still in use also today as it supports major IE versions including also above IE 8 versions. This was old classic method as an replacement to grid layout which is not supported in some of the browsers. This all was of my experience as front-end developer job that I landed in May From that point I learned much more that was result of tackling common problems like these ones. Something goes wrong, they panic, and instinctively pull the regulator out of their mouth.

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It took a long time for researchers to figure out what was going on. That led to an overpowering impulse to uncover the mouth and nose. The victims had followed an emotional response that was in general a good one for the organism, to get air. But it was the wrong response under the special, non-natural, circumstances of scuba diving. Resilient people acknowledge difficult situations, keep calm and evaluate things rationally so they can make a plan and act.

Might there be a simple way to sidestep all these problems? Many of you might be a little confused right now: What do we see when we look at people who survive life and death situations? Many of them were smart enough to bail early.

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The best way to take a punch from a UFC fighter and to survive a hurricane are the same: You quit baseball when you were 10 and quit playing the piano after just 2 lessons. Nobody sticks with everything. And you know what results this type of quitting has? It makes you happier, reduces stress and increases health.

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  8. Via Think Like a Freak: Wrosch found that people who quit their unattainable goals saw physical and psychological benefits. And they develop fewer physical health problems over time. You can do anything — when you stop trying to do everything. For more on how to determine what you should stick with and what you should abandon, click here.

    What does the research say you can do to have more grit? Marshall Goldsmith did a study of incredibly successful people. After assembling all the data he realized the thing they all had in common.

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    And then he shouted: In fact, being delusional helps us become more effective. If they were totally accurate, your goals would be too low. Survivors and great entrepreneurs have this in common. Crazy successful people and people who survive tough situations are all overconfident. Some of you may be scratching your head: You need to make a distinction between denial about the situation and overconfidence in your abilities. The first one is very bad, but the second one can be surprisingly good. See the world accurately — but believe you are a rockstar.

    For more on what the most successful people have in common, click here. So this is how superheroes must feel: Who survives life threatening situations? People who have done it before. People who have prepared.

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    How do you survive a WW2 shipwreck and shark attacks? The Art and Science of Resilience:. As the days went by, he continued to concentrate on strategies for survival. At one point, a rubber life belt floated by and he grabbed it. He had heard that the Japanese would use aircraft to strafe shipwrecked Americans.

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    The life belt could be blown up through a rubber tube. He cut the tube off and kept it, reasoning that if the Japanese spotted them, he could slip under water and breathe through the tube. He was planning ahead. He had a future in his mind, and good survivors always concentrate on the present but plan for the future. Thus, taking it day by day, hour by hour, and sometimes minute by minute, did Don McCall endure. Bad training can be worse than no training. When police practice disarming criminals they often conclude by handing the gun to their partner.

    One officer trained this so perfectly that in the field he took a gun from a criminal — and instinctively handed it right back. Via Make It Stick:. Johnson recounts how officers are trained to take a gun from an assailant at close quarters, a maneuver they practice by role-playing with a fellow officer. It requires speed and deftness: Until one of their officers, on a call in the field, took the gun from an assailant and handed it right back again.

    For more on how to develop good habits — and get rid of bad ones, click here.

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    Is now the time to de-stress? He is a psychiatrist at Harvard who studies trauma. When things go bad, people get sad or scared, retreat and distract themselves.