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What accounts for the popularity of card magic? For one thing, cards are instantly recognizable objects. Even in this age of video games, card games are still popular solitaire is even one of the most popular computer games.

How to Do Card Magic Tricks for Beginners | HobbyLark

Everybody knows what cards are as well as certain facts about them, such as that there are four suits, two Jokers and 52 cards in a deck. Playing cards, with their backs all alike in their faces all different, seem to have been designed to do tricks with. Most card games involve concealing the identity of one's cards from the other players and trying to guess what cards the others might hold.

Therefore, it is not surprising that most card tricks involve having a spectator select a card and the magician trying to guess which card was selected. Both types of tricks can be entertaining, but, whatever kind you do, the real key is to practice and to concentrate on winning over and captivating your audience. If you wish to perform card tricks using some of the more sophisticated sleight-of-hand, you should have a certain amount of talent, a great love of card magic and a willingness to spend long and hard hours practicing and rehearsing.

However, if you simply wish to perform a few card tricks to entertain and impress your family and friends, there is no shortage of great non-sleight-of-hand card tricks you can learn. One thing that I should point out is that, even though many card tricks require no sleight-of-hand, many of them, especially the more elaborate ones, have a significant number of steps involved which must be memorized and learned to perfection before you attempt to perform them — even the so-called "self-working" ones.

Beginning a card trick and then forgetting a crucial step is even worse then starting to tell a joke and forgetting the punchline!

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So what is the most important part of learning card magic? Learning how to be truly entertaining. And what is the most important part of actual performing? Avoiding the temptation to do too many tricks at a time! If you wish to learn card magic, there are a number of books, DVDs, online videos, e-books and courses on card magic that you can learn from. To get you started, here are a number of good tricks you can learn now. This trick shows how an effective storyline can dress up a trick to make it more interesting to the audience. You show four jacks to the audience and tell them that they represent four burglars who decided to rob Macy's department store.

Cops and Robbers

They start out on the roof of the store, and they agree that they will meet there again when they are done. You place the four jacks on the top of the face-down deck. The first burglar went down to the jewelry department, you say. You take one of the face-down jacks from the top of the deck and place it randomly somewhere in the deck.

The second burglar went to the furs department. You slip the second jack into the deck. The other two burglars went into the electronics and automotive departments. You accompany this explanation by slipping the two remaining jacks somewhere in the deck. Suddenly the alarm rang! Just like magic, the four burglars reappear on the roof of the store just in time for the police to collar them.

One by one, you turn the four cards on top of the deck over and show that they are the four jacks! Find the four jacks in the deck. What the audience doesn't know is that you have four random cards in addition to the jacks. Fan the jacks out for the audience, being careful to keep the four random cards hidden behind the last Jack.

Place all the cards face down on top of the deck. When you slip the top four cards into different places in the deck, it is really the four random cards rather than the jacks. End the trick by showing that the four jacks have returned to the top of the deck. You have someone thoroughly shuffle a deck of cards and then hand the deck to you behind your back.

While you are holding the deck there, tell the audience member to remove a card from anywhere in the deck, look at it, and then place it on top of the deck. You turn and face the audience and, after a little concentrating, you name the selected card! After a card is chosen behind your back, turn and face the audience. After you do so, you secretly tear off a small portion of the corner of the top card containing the index pip. After you turn and face the audience, you bring the hand containing the index up to your forehead, as if you are concentrating. The torn portion of the card stays hidden behind your fingers.

This allows you to glance at it and discern the name of the card.

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The torn card is slipped into your rear pocket behind your back so it is not discovered. The trick can be repeated once or twice, but don't overdo it! You lay nine cards on the table face up in three rows. While you are out of the room, the audience agrees on a chosen card, but doesn't touch it or move it.

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You return to the room and tell the audience that you will read the mind of your assistant. Attach one of the paper clips to the front of the bill from the top, with the shorter side of the clip facing you. The clip should go over the outer layer of the folded bill as well as the middle layer, and it should be clipped near the edge of the bill, not the fold. Attach the other paper clip to the back of the bill from the top, with the shorter side facing away from you.

Again, the clip should go over the outer layer of the folded bill as well as the middle layer. Take one end of the bill in each hand and give it a quick snap. Close View all gallery. Close Share options Pinterest. These mesmerizing feats of wizardry can be achieved by mere mortals. Clasp your hands together again in the fake position only you know. Wave your hands around while clasped, shout "Abracadabra" or other "magic words," then spin around while changing the position of your hand.

Use this for one person. You can use a single volunteer from a large audience, but only one person will really feel the strange effect this magic trick results in. This is a better magic trick to use on one friend or family member, or when you can repeat it for each person in a small group. Ask the person to hold their hands close together.

Ask the other person to hold his hands together as though he were about to clap, with palms facing each other.

ANY DECK & NO SETUP - Card Trick Tutorial

If you want to ham it up, ask him to start applauding to welcome the amazing magician yourself , then grab his hands and stop them in this position after a few claps. Put your hands around his. Hold your hands in a similar position, palms inward, on either side of his hands. Pretend you're about to clap in the same place he is.

Ask him to push against your hands. Push inward on both his hands as hard as you can. At the same time, he should be pushing outward with his hands against yours. Do this for about 60 seconds. Optionally, chant "magic words" while you do this. After about a minute, ask him to stop pushing. Remove your hands, and ask if he feels anything.

Doing Card Tricks

He should feel an "invisible bubble" pushing his hands outward, even though nothing is touching them. Practice this in advance. This is a difficult trick to pull off, since the audience needs to be looking from exactly the right angle. Find a friend who's willing to take a look while you practice, and help you figure out the best way to position yourself while you try the steps below.

Pick a pair of pants that has pant legs that hang down partly over your foot or shoe. The best pants will hide your heels, but keep the toes and center of your feet visible. Stand back from the audience. Tell the audience you need space to concentrate, and to avoid falling on them when the levitation magic ends. The audience should be about 8—10 feet 2. Stand at an angle away from your audience. This is where a friend will come in handy, since you might have to experiment with this at different angles to find out where the illusion looks most convincing. Your toes are pointed at Stand up on the toe of your right foot.

Make a big show of how difficult levitation is, and raise your arms into the air slowly as though your were pulling yourself up. Push up on the toe of your right foot only, where the audience can't see your foot. Raise your right heel, and your entire left foot, trying to keep them even with each other. Keep your left foot parallel with the ground. Drop your feet back onto the ground. After a few seconds, drop back down to the ground. Bend your knees and ankles as you hit the ground, to make it seem like you fell from a taller height than you actually did.

Tell a friend you can make her move without touching her. Tell your friend, "I bet you will move before I finish walking around you three times, without anyone touching you. Walk around her slowly. Walk around her while pretending to concentrate very hard. Leave at least two ft 60 cm between you. Turn to her and say "one" the first time you circle around her.

Walk around her a second time. Continue to circle around her slowly. Pause and wipe imaginary sweat off your forehead, and say "Okay, you're a tough one, but I can still do this. Quickly turn and walk directly away from her, before she realizes what's happening and tries to grab you.

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