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Generally, nondeduction service cannot be credited for title or computation unless it was performed before and a deposit is made. You can make a deposit for creditable Federal Employees Retirement System FERS service you performed before during which retirement deductions were not withheld from your pay.

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Interest is charged from the midpoint of periods of service and is compounded annually. Interest is charged to the date the deposit is paid in full or annuity begins, whichever is earlier. Interest is applied at the rates described in the table. If you do not pay for a period of this type of service, you will not receive credit in determining your eligibility to retire or in computing your retirement benefit.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

A redeposit is the repayment of retirement deductions that were previously withheld and refunded to you, plus interest. Interest is charged from the date of the refund and compounded annually. Interest is charged to the date full payment is made or the date annuity begins, whichever is earlier.

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  4. For more information, view Interest Rates. If you do not pay for a period of this type of service, you will receive credit in determining your eligibility to retire but will not receive credit for this service in computing your retirement benefit. You must begin the application process as an employee.

    Complete either a SF or a SF You can make payments through payroll deduction or pay a lump sum if you desire. An easy way to determine if it makes sense to make your military deposit is to obtain retirement estimates with and without the military service. However, if you are a new federal employee retirement estimates may be difficult to obtain.

    What You Will Learn in Today’s Podcast:

    Large personnel centers are often too busy to calculate projections. Luckily, the retirement calculation for a FERS employee is simple enough:. If you are approaching retirement, and you bought back your military time, confirm that your payroll statement of earnings and leave lists that payback amount on your biweekly statements. Some federal employees have problems with confirming payback when retiring and it is important to keep all records of your payback and check with your personnel office to insure this information is in your OPF or eOPF prior to retiring.

    His records did not contain the "DG" form "Record of military buy back paid in full. Unfortunately the only dates available on-line through the employee express website go back as far as Many agencies are converting their hard copy OPFs to electronic versions and I recommend that when this happens each employee, prior to retirement, should review their eOPF for accuracy and to ensure key information is included. This is a common problem, but usually straightened out with some persistence and information after contacting the correct person.

    Generally, military deposit payments are made directly to your payroll office by-passing your HR department.

    Military Service Credit Deposit - Buy Back Military Time

    Normally the only way military deposit information is placed in the Official Personnel Folder OPF is if the employee has a copy and asks for it to be placed in the OPF. Do you have a separate payroll office? Find out the contact for your current payroll office and ask them if they can verify your military deposit. What about the letter that says how much you owe - Any POC? Sometimes that letter is in the OPF and will have contact information on it. If you are still having problems locating the correct person Are those 10 years gone for good, when it comes to leave accrual or changing the SCD?

    They will be able to tell you how your military time would be calculated and how much would apply toward the FERS retirement. I can afford to make an increase in my deductions from my paycheck but not a large increase. Is there a time limit to how long one is given to actually complete the buy-back process?

    Hello Fixxer, There is no interest charged if you complete the buy back within the first 2 years of federal employment. After that, they start charging interest. I would verify with your HR department so you have a full understanding. As for increasing your payments, that may be a good idea as it will decrease the amount of time it takes to complete the buy back, and it will reduce the total amount of money you spend on the buy back.

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for the response. I am starting the buy back process. I just started a federal job 1 July My questions are, I received separation pay but the military is in the process of recouping that amount through my service connected disability almost done. Will this effect my retirement pay? What other factors should I consider. Hello James, Thank you for contacting me. I would verify with your HR department before assuming you do not have to buy back that compensation.

    Be sure to ask if you are still required to buy that back if it has been recouped from the VA. I wish you the best, and please let me know what you find out. I know it is not advantageous to buyback military time if you retired. I have 6 years left till I can retire in ANG. I currently have almost 3 years as a Fed. I medically retired with almost ten yrs active duty, I am almost to my 3 year mark as a federal employee.

    If I buy back time 9yr does that mean that I would only have 8 more years before I retired as a fed employee?

    One more step

    Reason I ask is I noticed after the buy back my total satisfactory federal service in years dropped along with my points after my first anniversary. Should I wait until I retire from reserves to initiate a buy back? Chief Phillips, Thank you for contacting me. No, buying your time back has no impact on your military Reserve retirement eligibility, points, or status. You can earn both the military retirement and the civil service retirement without impacting the other one.

    I recommend contacting your personnel office to find out why your point and satisfactory service numbers have changed. They should remain unaffected. I hope this points you in the right direction. Hello Nick, Thank you for contacting me.

    DFAS News You Need - Military Service Deposits (Military Buyback)

    I do not believe you can borrow from your buyback. I would recommend against it unless it is an extreme financial emergency, as it would substantially decrease your pension. The best thing to do is contact your Human Resources office to inquire about these questions. I wish you the best, and thank you for your service! I also work at VA. Would I be able to buy back military time under this scenario? I noted, somebody already asked similar question, but I do not see the answer. Hello Olga, Thank you for contacting me. Yes, so far as I am aware, you should be eligible to buy back your military service time.

    This should help you increase your government service time and increase your government pension when you reach retirement age. I am retired from the navy with a 20 year career and am receiving a military pension. I was also a graduate of the Naval Academy. I recently started a career working for the Department of the Navy as a civilian employee. They tell me I am not entitled to that credit. They point to 5 U. If not, what regulation says I can get credit for my academy time even though I am retired from the military?

    Hey Ryan, my question is; i have 5 years of Active Duty time with the Army Nation Guard but i havent worked in federal job. Are the buy back rules the same for county and state employees? You will need to contact your Human Resources office. They will be able to review your personnel file and give you more specific information.

    Hello Sir, I have a question? I have the money to paid it all. I am single and in my 50th.

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    I am a disability annuitant who was recently subjected to an adjustment in my disability annuity; based upon belated receipt of Social Security benefits after my claim for disability was accepted by OPM. My question to you is;. Hello Brent, I am not an expert on the federal retirement system. If you have proof of your civilian Leave and Earnings Statements and your military service deposits, then you should provide copies of those to a civil service human resources officer and try to get your records corrected.

    The Civil Service should have a central authority for records updates. You will need to work with them to understand how this will impact your civilian retirement, and whether or not it will impact your Social Security benefits. You will need to resolve this issue before you can work with the Social Security Administration to make any possible corrections to your social security benefits. I spent 8 yrs in the reserves.