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Basically anytime he yells "Stay off my lawn," it is not so much a threat as it is a warning.

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Ultimately the main characters set her spirit free by blowing up the house and he loses his crotchety behavior, happily giving back all the toys he confiscated to everyone in the neighborhood. Carl Frederickson from Up. He's grumpy and crotchety because his beloved wife is dead, and because he feels overwhelming guilt from an unfulfilled promise he made to her. Merlin describes himself as this in The Sword in the Stone. I'm an ugly, horrible, grouchy, old man!

The movie Grumpy Old Men , featuring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, focuses on two such characters fighting between themselves over old-man stuff and ages-long grudges. It got a sequel, Grumpier Old Men. But they used to be a partner act, and they're coerced into reuniting for a television special. Grumpy Hilarity Ensues , of course. Sam Baines from Back to the Future seemed to be that sort of person.

It's unlikely that kids would routinely jump in front of his car, and that he was just grumbling about "damn kids" in general. Miracle Max in The Princess Bride is a grouchy, grumpy fellow who just wants to be left alone, although the biggest reason is, he's lost his confidence as a miracle working due to Prince Humperdink firing him. Never has the phrase "Get off my lawn" sounded so terrifying Jetfire in the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

His father was the wheel! He may not have transformed into anything, but he did it with honor! Overuse of exclamation points! Justinian in Belisarius Series and Theodora is a grumpy old lady.

Ellen White, The Grumpy Old Man.

Making them a sort of Happily Married grumpy old couple. Lazarus Long in Robert A. Heinlein 's Time Enough for Love is, at years old at the start of the novel, the oldest human ever and can be as grumpy as he wants to be. Discworld Albert, Death's manservant, doesn't approve of anything that's happened since his "death" some two millennia ago, especially not the changes to Unseen University he was the first Archchancellor. Since he hasn't aged since he entered Death's Domain, he was probably a grumpy old man then as well. Granny Weatherwax may be a badass and the greatest witch in the world, but she is also , and admits herself to be, a very grouchy old lady, usually because she thinks she knows better than everyone else.

Old Man Aaloon is a three thousand year old man who lives in the Dragon's Lair headquarters. He considers his fellows in the guild to be "strays" and "thieves" that need to stay away from his home the guild's archives and keep their hands off his scrolls. When Eric wanders in, Aaloon beats him with his Magic Staff until he runs out. Gender inverted with Millie Bellows in Rabble Starkey. She is an old woman thrice widowed who lives alone and yelled to make sure Gunther wasn't walking on her grass.

She also had a hard time showing appreciation when Rabble and Veronica started to help around her house. The crotchety old alchemist at Coven brusquely brushes the titular Horrifying Hero off and refuses to even look at them while he takes his time finishing a project.

Abruptly zig-zagged when he does look and realizes what kind of creature he's been rude to. The Four Yorkshiremen sketch from At Last the Show featuring John Cleese and Graham Chapman of Monty Python's Flying Circus is basically a pissing contest between four old men trying to outdo each other in their "hard life" bit and taking to Serial Escalation levels: Rickard's response when Robb asks him about possible lodging for Ser Alton show that he is a rather irritable man. Justified, as the North has recently lost Winterfell, which calls into question Robb's worthiness as King in the North.

He was also right about Robb marrying Talisa costing him the war.

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  3. African American Voices from Iwo Jima: Personal Accounts of the Battle.

The Freys weren't too happy about it. Every time he appeared on the show, he would make a rant against modern-day society, starting off with his Catch-Phrase "I'm old and I'm not happy! If you wanted to blow dry your hair you stood outside during a hurricane.

Grumpy Old Man

Your hair was dry, but you had a sharp piece of wood driven clear through your skull! And that's the way it was and you liked it!

Whoopee, I'm a human head-kabob! We didn't need moooovin' pitchurrrres. In my day, there was only one show in town — it was called 'Stare at the sun! You'd sit in the middle of an open field and stare up at the sun till your eyeballs burst into flames! And you thought, 'Oh, no!

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Maybe I shouldn't've stared directly into the burning sun with my eyes wide open. Your head was on fire and people were roastin' chickens over it. And that's the way it was and we liked it! It's not just you. I saw him yell at a butterfly once. Called it a son of a bitch, told it to get out of his garden. The Mummy in Monster Bash. Longbeards are dwarfs who are so old their beards are now longer than they are.

Longbeards are famous for constantly remarking on how everything was back in their day; Orcs were bigger, goblins sneakier, ale stronger, packs heavier Their special ability allows units to reroll a morale test to prevent their grumpy leers and words of "told you so". Runelords take this to an even greater extent. As some of the oldest Dwarfs in a given hold, they are legendarily cantankerous and have been known to retreat to their workshops for years on end to get away from all the useless beardlings that surround them.

Some of the greatest secrets of rune lore have been lost forever simply because the only runesmiths who knew them were so grumpy that they couldn't put up with an apprentice long enough to pass the knowledge down. In fact this is the view other races tend to take of dwarfs in general: In All My Sons , Joe Keller is 61 and nearing the end of his career as a businessman, and gets grouchy and defensive when his own business practices are however rightfully called into question.

Jolee Bindo from Knights of the Old Republic is an interesting example, he purposefully acts like a stereotypical Grumpy Old Man because he finds humor in it and jokingly? Or he really is a Grumpy Old Man, and just enjoys it. In Jade Empire , another Bioware game, you can run into a pair of old men in Tien's Landing grumbling about the state of the town.

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  • Addressing one of them will get you moaned at, but the other will explain he means nothing by it, and they're just passing time. Ezio Auditore has become this by the time Assassin's Creed: He's 65, and just wants to enjoy what little time he has left with his family in peace, away from the Templars and the Assassins, which is why he doesn't take too kindly to Shao Jun pulling him back into it all.

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    However, he does warm up, in typical Ezio fashion , once he gets to know her properly. He also tends to make comments that have him come across less like a legendary Chinese hero and more like a cranky old man with a bow and arrows. Despite or because of his long history of service in the LAPD Rusty has become grumpy, ornery, and a borderline alcoholic who wants nothing more than to chalk each case up to a suicide and go home. Hershel Biggs is referred to as a basket case and an institution, and is explicitly partnered with disgraced protagonist Cole Phelps to spare the rejects from being partnered with anyone else on the Arson desk.

    Cranky Kong from Donkey Kong Country is far too happy to criticize newfangled video games with their fancy graphics and scrolling screens and controllers with way too many in his opinion buttons. Manuals for the first couple of Donkey Kong Country games explain that he refuses to go adventuring, despite his experience and wisdom instead giving hints or selling useful items to the playable Kongs — while insulting them every step of the way , because of his grumpy old ape-ness, but after getting kicked out of his home in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze he apparently gets over it.

    In EarthBound , some of the cranky townspeople trying to kill you will "grumble about today's youth" to lower your party members' Guts stats. Morrowind , the Spymaster of the Blades in Morrowind and primary Quest Giver for the first act of the main quest, Caius Cosades, is one. He will go quite berserk if you mess up on his quests and the other Blades call him "sour" and "a worrier" when asked.

    Despite this, he does obviously care about the Player Character. Drack, who at the ripe old age of sixteen hundred and counting, is very much aware of this trope and embraces it except when he's actually being a Cool Old Guy , especially at the end of his loyalty mission when his would-be grandson in-law and Ryder try being supportive about Drack's low opinion of himself.

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