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Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? Send us your feedback. A new word each day Native speaker examples Quick vocabulary challenges. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. He has but one goal in mind, and that is to avenge his father, who he believes was innocent of stealing the Countess of Ashwood jewels.

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Now a wealthy man, Tobin intends to exact his revenge by destroying the Ashwood estate and the Countess of Ashwood, who as a young girl testified against his father. Lily Boudine has become the Countess of Ashwood through a very surprising twist of fate. She is even more surprised when a vaguely familiar looking man calls and tells her he is Tobin Scott, whom she knew as a boy, and that he intends to destroy her or Ashwood.

He leaves the choice to her. Because so many people depend on Ashwood, Lily chooses herself, thinking that she can hold him at bay long enough to remove Ashwood from his clutches. But as they play the game of seduction, and she slowly discovers that he is not the cold, heartless man he would like to present to her, she also believes that Tobin is right—his father did not steal the jewels.

Mass Market Paperback , pages. The Secrets of Hadley Green 2. Lily Boudine , Tobin Scott. West Sussex, England , United Kingdom. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Revenge of Lord Eberlin , please sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about The Revenge of Lord Eberlin. Lists with This Book. A parte disso gostei bastante do romance do eberlin e da ahswood. Pero en Inglaterra todos los nobles saben que Lord Eberlin es un advenedizo, y no tiene las puertas abiertas a la crem de la crem. Pero de verdad que Tobin es uno de esos hombres que enamoran, con su dulzura, con su paciencia.

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En el fondo, creo que hay que conocer a Lord Eberlin. Oct 08, Joana V. Achei que a vi 2. Feb 21, Amanda rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was very excited to get this book as the next installment of a series, however this one fell flat.

It wasn't a bad story, by any means, but I had higher expectations after the build up of the previous novel. The fine balance between the mystery of the missing jewels and adults reconnecting after a childhood friendship just wasn't there. I wanted more memories, more profound revelations about the mystery than I got. I applaud London for not having the usual setting for the characters to profess I was very excited to get this book as the next installment of a series, however this one fell flat.

I applaud London for not having the usual setting for the characters to profess their love for one another, however, she seems to pick awkward moments for them. It never seemed like they got thing ironed out to my satisfaction.

The Revenge of Lord Eberlin

As a side note, the Duchess of Darlington reappears in this novel. Her novel was a DNF for me. She becomes friends over two pages with the heroine. I just don't think friendships develop over two pages, as with relationships. That is why we have whole novels devoted to these things.

Esta foi a minha estreia com a escritora Julia London. I was in dispair to find out if I'm still able to start and finish a book, so I bought it out of impulse at the airport. The beginning was slow and I didn't know what to expect. I've read so many similar books But then it got better. The characters became deeper and they kept their humanity. You've read the synopsis: Lily testified that she'd seen Tobin's father leaving the manor in the same night that the precious jewels disappeared IN ENG It's actually a 3,75 This book gave me mixed feelings.

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Lily testified that she'd seen Tobin's father leaving the manor in the same night that the precious jewels disappeared. She was eight years old and the judges concluded that Tobin's father was the author of the robbery. He's condemned to death and Tobin and his family are destituted. It's more original than most scripts.

There's an obvious moral dilema, but the author developed it with grace. The characters weren't unidimensional, they managed to take in new feelings as they struggled to deal with the old ones. Some moments were very tender. You really understand why these two flawded and wounded people fall for each other. Also there's some humor in it, and some consideration for the time. It's not like everyone will accept Tobin just because he is handsome and rich. And he bought a title in Denmark, which in most books would be enough to make every single lady crawl after the lead male character.

But in this book Julia London respected the social rules. He is even more despised because he bought the title. He is not well received not even for those nice characters from other books, simply because that's not how it worked. So there's a lot to overcome it kept me hanging on a thread because I really didn't know which path Julia would take.


Thankfully she didn't go the easy way - no easy forgiveness, no every one telling them "oh if you love him just leave your position, what is social position compared to love? Also, Tobin isn't an all-mighty figure. He can't overcome his origins, which leaves him frustrated because he is proud. And also he has view spoiler [ a health condition that I believe to be panic attacks hide spoiler ] which also add a human factor to him, so he is flawded and all flesh and blood.

I loved Lucy's character - a little girl around speaking her mind - and McKenzie, which was a very unconventional friend of Tobin's. There were also some downs, though: I don't know if it was the Portuguese translation, but they kept mentioning the "dark mud" inside him and how being near Lily made cracks in that mud and brought light into his soul. Once or twice, alright. But everytime they were together the same metaphor?

It was dull and boring at some point. Also, there wasn't much darkness into his character. He was wounded and furious about the injustice in his past, but as the facts are presented to him he is open minded and accepts them. Also, he is never portrayed as cruel or vil. He simply wants people to pay for their consequences, and by people it means only Lily. Another down is how easily they go from despise to physical envolvement, like it was as easy at the tim to go around kissing people.

A little more restrain would've been appreciated.

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