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The developer had initially countered complaints that the game's aiming was inaccurate in a blog post on its official site. However, after complaints continued on the Naughty Dog forum and NeoGAF, a patch to address concerns about the game's aiming system was impending after developer Naughty Dog invited a couple of fans to its HQ to discuss the problem. The update offers the option of toggling between the new controls and a set-up more in line with that found in Uncharted 2. Amy Hennig , in an interview with GameTrailers , defended this aspect by arguing that too little linearity in the series would have affected the game's narrative.

In , Liz Lanier of Game Informer included Marlowe among the top ten female villains in video games, stating that "Marlowe is the definition of a power lady. She runs the Hermetic Order, a secret organization that will do anything to find the Atlantis of the Sands. Marlowe will still take any opportunity to belittle Drake and others that get in her way on a personal level on top of taking violent action. Drake's Deception was the fifth-best selling game in the U.

It became the 11th best ever PS3 launch in the UK, and outperformed its predecessor's launch week sales by 37 percent. Worldwide, the game broke all records for the Uncharted franchise, in the sales department, firmly ahead of the last game in the franchise.

Sony confirmed it shipped 3. Following the critical acclaim it received at its release, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has received numerous awards from various magazines, trade shows and gaming websites. Uncharted 3 was nominated for eight awards at the Spike Video Game Awards , including Game of the Year, and was voted by critics for two wins. In Official PlayStation Magazine UK ' s interview about Uncharted 4 , Richmond discusses some of the new directions that the franchise could take in the future, as well as maintaining fan interest and going too far.

According to Richmond, Nate still has plenty more to give and the studio would continue to create new Uncharted experiences as long as fans want it. Instead it has always "sort have seen it as a stand-alone adventure", with each game existing as a self-sustaining gaming experience. Naughty Dog has said future titles will have to live up to a "really high" quality standard.

Speaking to IGN, lead effects artist Keith Guerrette said success has made the studio "a little bit reluctant, actually, if we do sit back and decide to continue with the Uncharted world, because we don't want to "ruin" the series. The teaser trailer showed an overview of a map and a voice-over by Todd Stashwick. At E3 , a new trailer was revealed. A Thief's End , was released on May 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Erick Pangilinan Robh Ruppel. PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4.

November 1, EU: November 2, AU: October 7, NA: October 9, UK: It's hard to explain how it works and how we developed it, but it absolutely ended up real and believable.

It was one of our biggest challenges. Sand isn't just there to create footholds; it pours, it shifts, so we wanted to introduce it in a way that looks great but also presents you with big challenges. Your first look at 's must-play videogame 'Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception ' ". Retrieved December 9, Retrieved June 8, Retrieved December 1, Retrieved February 26, Retrieved July 4, Drake's Deception Gameplay Reveal". Retrieved January 28, Retrieved July 17, Entire Gamescom demo in HD video".

Retrieved October 14, Uncharted 3 gameplay video extends airport scene". Uncharted 3 will feel more open". Retrieved February 9, Archived from the original on September 14, Archived from the original on June 6, Retrieved July 11, Retrieved October 26, Archived from the original on July 10, Retrieved July 8, Archived from the original on June 16, Archived from the original on February 27, Retrieved December 4, Uncharted needs PS4 for next graphical leap". Retrieved July 28, Archived from the original on October 28, Uncharted 3 'will show a new level in 3D gaming' — Sony".

Archived from the original on March 18, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved November 4, Indiana Jones plays Uncharted 3". Uncharted 3 launch trailer is stunning". Go hands-on with Uncharted 3 single player in London this weekend". Drake's Deception for PS3 News". Sony Europe Press Centre". Archived from the original on May 13, Archived from the original on May 30, Archived from the original on March 31, Uncharted 3 goodies free via Subway promotion". Retrieved April 24, Yemen, Syria and other modes now live". Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta patch problems: It's sorted, says Naughty Dog".

Retrieved February 21, Player progress 'lost forever' — Naughty Dog". Uncharted 3 beta extended". Retrieved July 20, Drake Deception Collector's Edition and pre-order bonuses detailed". Retrieved July 2, Sony Computer Entertainment America. Archived from the original on April 1, Uncharted 3 PS3 bundle revealed". Retrieved August 30, Retrieved October 28, Uncharted 3 'Flashback' map pack DLC revealed".

Retrieved November 19, New Uncharted 3 map pack lands next week — trailer". Uncharted 3 multiplayer gets free Christmas goodies". Retrieved December 22, Uncharted 3 to get new block mesh multiplayer map". Retrieved January 15, Retrieved June 30, Archived from the original on December 20, The Winners From G4tv. Archived from the original on June 21, Archived from the original on June 15, Archived from the original on July 14, Best of Show Awards — gamrFeed".

Official PlayStation Magazine's game of E3: Archived from the original on October 7, Archived from the original on February 7, Archived from the original on August 3, Retrieved October 31, Retrieved October 24, Drake's Deception Review for PS3 from". Archived from the original on January 13, Drake's Deception review — Edge Magazine". Archived from the original on October 26, Retrieved November 7, Retrieved May 14, Another Epic Chapter — Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception — PlayStation 3". Drake's Deception Review from".

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Drake's Deception Review from GamesMaster". Archived from the original on July 15, Drake's Deception Review, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception PS3 Review". Drake's Deception review, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception PS3 Reviews". Drake's Deception Review for PS3". Archived from the original on February 8, Retrieved October 30, Drake's Deception Review PS Drake's Deception is cinematic brillance [ sic ] for a home console". The Sydney Morning Herald. Uncharted 3's linearity is a strength, not a weakness".

Retrieved December 10, Battlefield 3 holds on Games industry news MCV". Uncharted 3 conquers Battlefield". Archived from the original on June 27, Retrieved December 11, Retrieved December 19, Retrieved December 24, Retrieved December 16, Retrieved December 18, Archived from the original on April 21, Retrieved December 23, We want lo lend you he full amount you have in mind Remember; you re good for more at Benefit ill. Near Hudson s Bay Co.. I Peoples wonts to save you a lot of money on Christmas shopping! Solid- state motor for faster, clearer, no-pull shaving.

Exclusive self- sharpening stainless steel head. Handsome metal framed gift box. Full one year guarantee- Special low price. John Young, might just as well have admitted on December 1 when he reported on plans to continue studying the economic structure, that he is powerless to control the Inflationary trend In any way. His commission, in fact, has ceased to be a useful instrument. He did get from business a pledge of price restraints for , but he has been unable to get it continued Into next year.

Young's commission can accomplish anything without criteria of whal constitutes Inflationary increases in wages and prices the government will find it hard to explain. Nevertheless, a wage and pilce control body — which in the end must be the government of Canada seems to promise the only effective means of keeping a regular inflation braking apparatus available. Just a week after Dr. Young threw up his hands, Arthur Burns, chairman of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, told his people it might be necessary to use compulsory arbitration and a wage-price review board to siow the inflationary trend.

As was to be expected, he got an immediate reaction from organized labor. Across the Atlantic, Prime Minister Edward Heath of the United Kingdom is facing up to what may be the greatest economic crisis in the nation's recent history, with a hard policy of wage and price control which will almost certainly invite a widespread if not a general strike. It may involve the opening of the books of private industry to the inspection of the arbitrating body, This would be resisted just as determinedly as labor would resist the compulsory feature of the arbitration measure, seeing in it the end of big union authority.

While two power blocks, industry and labor, seek ever bigger benefits there is an increasing proportion of the consuming public that is hurt by the inflationary pressure. It is the responsibility of government to protect this sector. It is extraordinary that leadership cannot recognize the danger of the present trend. The end, of course, is a socialized society where there is no private sector and no labor organization. Is this where the road of freedom leads? Can the western democracies not see around the bend? There is little in the report, tabled in the House of Commons this week, that can be taken seriously.

McCarthy hit the nail on its curly head when she said: Preference will he given to Ihote that are brief. Few clear-thinking women would want concessions of lhat magnitude. Such action, as commission member Prof John Humphrey stated, wpuid he insuiting to Canadian women who, he feels, "are quite capable of standing on their own feet. It is unfortunate none of the five women members could see this as well. There are so many concessions sought for working wives that milady who prefers to slay at home and be fully supported by her husband could be made to feel like a second-class citizen because she is nol bringing in a pay cheque on her own.

The royal commission on the hiatus of women which came into being in the Lester B. According to recent reports of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics there are , more women voters than men voters in Canada and if the distaff side feels it is being oppressed, it has the power to do something about it in its own pretty hands. He has played a major role in the often hectic defence of the Britiah pound The ytar-old former governor of the Bank of England haa been named by Prime Minister Edwaid Heath to replace journalist Juhn Freeman in Britain's No.

Hb godfather a as King tiMiija V. Thai promises to be the new ambassador's chief assignment, though headlines may go to Anglo-American military strength "east of Sues. The cost of Jiving in Britain haa jumped 7 5 per cent ao far in It went up 15 per cent in October alone Unemployment is nearing Heath, like President Nixon, can argue persuasively that lire seeds of inflation were sown during the previous administrallon, but like Mr.

In sn alliance will Louis Lafonlaine of Usurer Canada Quebec he formed two ministries of which the second, called Uie greal miniatry. Australia — The English poet Joiin Milton was burn. During and lie winked in four New York financial houses, including J P Morgan and Co as part of his training to take over as managing director of hie family's Baring Brothers and Co.

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Americana own our industry, commerce, natural resources, publishing companies They teach in our schools and universities, and they are now buying up our land — not just any old land, but our Ireauttful islands and prime recreation Land which is nareplaccable. We don't want the children and grandchildren of those who settled tills country and worked to develop it to be mere rentfiuyers to outsiders.

I am not an America 11 - haler. I ret other who love our country speak up and protect our Itentage. It's getting very late In another few years the damage will be irreparable. Nelson Rockefeller, who won the elec tiou. Listing the mayor's assets —an a 11 r active personality, a strong power base, liberal political opinions — Mr. Lindsuy Is pretending, against all that he personally believes in, that he wants to remain in lie Republican Party of Nixon, Agnew and even Rockefeller Ironically.

This bus meant mm b television expo sure for Mr. Todi experiment trips to ii tarns in cl world. The Natural Look — of light weight washable human hair. W Executive Look The majority of soldiers are so smashed on pot. Not a very stirring portrait of s fighting force. It used to be they could get a couple of months work out of new people, hut that is no longer the case. When new guys coma Into our company we lap how we've taken over and turn them on.

Often, after an order was given, it was discussed with the men. So hostile, in fact, that several U. A good, fiavourful cup of coffee for only a nickel. The nickel cup of coffee has always spelled value. And value is what McDonald's sells. In these inflationary times, you have to search for value. For value is not price alone, it must also have quality. It is value because our ingredients are the finest. We use the same quality products you use st home But to give your budget another break, we're selling coffee at McDonald's for 5?

B Cedar Hills Crossroads. After all, just because your dollar keeps shrinking is no reason your appetite has to. McKay believes he has the answer: Q per cent of all contaminants are emitted within one foot of the ground and 90 per cent within 25 feet. H is a scientific fact, he aays. Acceptance of hia project does not guarantee him any monetary return. McKay said observation has shown that undeveloped areas in Loe Angeles are among the last to become smogless after rain, apparently because they have no streets, gutter catch basina and underground storm drains to "evacuate" the polluted air.

Bui i t s newer outlying areas, which have separate systems and consequently have dormant air in the storm drains except when It rains, have a considerable pollution pioblcm. But as soon as nr the other pressure dropped. Spanish rulers soon withdrew th Basques' rights. But they are a stubborn people, their conviction of rightness hardened in adversity, and they refuse to admit defeat.

But Generalissimo Francisco Franco's victory over the republicans put an end to that. In the Basque provinces of Spain, the language was kept alive mainly by village families, and in a few private schools. The Gukpucoa provincial capital of San Sebastian has been the cockpit of much of the violent struggle developing In recent yesrs between Basque separatists and the Franco regime.

The current trial of 18 Basques in Burgos Involves tlie murder of the secret police chief of San Sebastian in August, He was alleged by the Basques to have been a master of torture of Basques unfortunate to fall Into bit hands. Franco suspended civil rights In the Basque lands in hopes of destroying the movement He arrested scores of persons each time, but the ETA always revived quickly The state of emergency declared In Guipuzcoa province this time probably will be no more successful. The more conservative Basque nationalist movement aims lower, at more political and cultural autonomy within Spain.

The upsurge in Basque activity comes in the twilight of Franco's life — he turned 78 on Dec 4 Bnd for tlie first time is finding general support among other Spanish political opposition groups. Later, he may change hia mind. He has switched from a hard to a soft and back to a hard line on the Basques before this. But whatever Franco does, the Basques will continue to fight for more freedom. But the trial is pushing the government steadily toward a dilemma whose solution appears more difficult by the day The Basque case lias opened wounds which were closed for 31 years by the regime of Gen Francisco Franco.

But one fact is obvious: A A A On his 78th birthday. AAA The prosecution is expected to ask death for six and prison terms totalling years for the others. If death sentences are given. Basque HtsUstton is expected. If not, what will the milllery do? The fact thut a trial of this stature has been opened to public view already indicates supjiovt of Basque separatism or ETA but as a protest that the trial Is unfair. Only one Spaniard in 50 is Basque.

But the example of Basque activism against times have changed. There of arrests in Guipuzcoa Prov- are other signals no waves ince following the state of bers. The trial ignited demonstra- emergency The previous time, in August, I III Inserted tv g. Others attributed tha high coats to the protected Iocs! Don Watson, president of.. M days' kldiutp N-ra I Ii. This is the year Maverick economy comes 3 ways. The big difference is that now, in addition to the original 2-door sensation, you can have the new, longer 4 door Maverick that makes extra room for your back seat drivers.

Or, if you're a sports fan, try the new sporty Maverick Grabber-the simple low priced sports machine. And Maverick lets you choose your engine to suit your needs. Maverick makes it simple. Crabbs of Victoria, whose licence has lieen suspended for la months. C government ferry Queen of Victoria Aug, 2. Three ferry passengers wera. Tbe talk bad been about French English relations In Canada. Clarkson urged Hist cities be given a voice at the national level because power should be vested where the problems are. McLaughlin, policy chairman for the Toronto and District Libera Association, called for constitutional status for large cities.

Bill of Rights of U provides protection only for some civil and political rights but ignored economic, social and cultural rights. On his return trip, Trudeau will visit ludonola Jan. St- HI stiles sold Um visits to Pakistan, India sod Ceylon will give tbe prims minister aa opportunity to discuss with heads of government Canada's extensive bilateral relations with their countries, especially la trade and development.

Given under my hand l his h day of November, You can afford to be Santa for your family. Some as is and one of a kinds. Durable, washable, expanded vinyl cloth reinforced. Colours Black, Gold and Dark Green. Deluxe famous name genuine Naugahyde. Pecan table, arborite "x48"x60" with leaf , attractive high-back chairs — reinforced 0 4 95 vinyl.

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DUG lAd Du zw. IWI , 3". Driver' C 1 I? Utilities was the only! Declines outnumbered ad- T or onto Up unchanged. Oil refining and nincilncsl M: Clast C 15 Hcuston O iron B7 -r cert,. Maroh l record Jan Feb 1, record Jan IS! S Cilia Nrt Cbl'ldga Block tlr JSf. Tirii 69, FrankfU. I 31 4 99 C Jamlean SO C l. Mir mm 41 fi 40 3 Alia, 58 57 58 3 Mol. B Tue, 16a Muff iai Tcxlrt a,. E- Ames A Ho-. Xienh, Sellak 19 fi 71 12 31 37 11 13 Xunriar fi a 78 78 Swm l.

War Reciting a long list of natior extremist fringe, the highly- regarded magazine notes that Canada is host to some of the biggest corporations to the world, "but few list Ibeir stocks an Canadia. A few said they regarded the whole thing a simply political rhetoric. To go along with it will entail some loss at profit and privilege by U.

The previous high was ,, bushels, shipped in The grain clearance association said ,, bushels had cleared the port by Monday afternoon. Berridge said effects of a recent million bushel sale of wheat to China will not be reflected in ship movements here until January. Wail-to-wall carpets, range refrigerator and drapes Ail ibe wonderful conveniences of livirnz in a modem, bright and spacious apartment with all the security of owning your home.

Chlgrrrtn tn port CS AV lrf'morr. Vanpouvar dua So at S am. Ult Tonight, sip into something light. And because this whisky is a selected blend of rye whiskies, you can taste why it alone is the light fantastic. Interest paid from the 1st of the month on accounts opened by the 5th of the month. An externa litlger and most of the engine lying around in pieces. A finger got stuck and the crew of a five truck speni two fiours taking the engine apart while a doctor gave Neville pain-killing drugs. That would mean a total loss ol pounds, another Guinness record Senii-Elotjs Wall and Trim Enamel Oil base interior enamel is scrubbable, resists marring, chipping and stains.

Ohio Dtiuald Pattengill, 2? A spnkeanian for Mrs. A good car should have four things: Drop in and SEE! Spray Enamel sa,e Q7r Price I v- t. All- purpose high - gloss enamel in push-button can Easy-io-apply. I wad free Choice of colours. Set 7L-Inch roller coaler sel comes complete with deep- well paint tray. Plastic Drop Sheet— 8x12' a for 1. Calif Actress Arlene DuhJ. D i 40 Light set consists of une 15 and lighl set Bulbs in transparent ui translucent I n assorted colours.

Simpsons-Scars Teleshop Order Board will be open 8: This year gift shop for catalogue ur store merchandise the easy Simpsons-Seurs Teleshop Way! NIGHT 6 to 9 p. Action set wiU 2 extra jump ramp sets. Complete with track loops, and two hot wheel can. Exciting rideon racing and spln- nlng. Indoor and outdoor tun. Goes forward, backward, or around In circles as the rider turns the wheels.

Comb it or set it. Jaot of Free Parking Set inciurics toilet, basin and tub. Tries with two-coat finish. Tongue and fcfome design. White only in size 12x12" or 16x16 '. Carton contains 64 sq. But they would be charged and prosecuted for serious offences, including, kidnap- plng, if they ever triad to get back into Canada. But they are at least entitled to apply for Canadian passports. Who's Rern Sleeping in My Rod?

There was still no answer when the screen went blank. I think they will jugt tha night out, listening far' calls or any other unusual sounds. I don'i think they are at much more than the l. He said that Muchalat wasn't really a mountain "just a big lump of rock, very similar to the other mountains in the area However, he said, it "la pretty treacherous country. Cornish said today's search would be a detailed one. The earlier search cdncentralcd mainly on he open surface area "We have been looking for Ihe obvious.

He said that Tuesday's search started at about II: And 1 looked down at the ground. Meadlo turned to me and' He said the firing continued for three or lour minutes with Heidis changing msgutoee at least once. Aubrey Daniel said, however, that he was still seeking two missing witnesses, and asked for the right to reopen his case at some future time. The device does not need complicated infra-red light or detectable spotlights It can be adjusted for changes in light, magnification and range, officials said. Rev Juan Echava Gari- terrorism and possession of cacheiaya also said he was arms.

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Haro Road Olaidurd F. Ghueford Avenue Gnrdot, Read F. West ftl IBM Itall. Obrd Avrnur Tlllirunv Elrrarnlary School. If elm c ken Road on the enth flOlh and eleventh lUbl lays of December. Lots of Free Parking Tauk Senior aquarium starter kit is a gift the whole family will appreciate! Juit add the fish! Aquarium—As above, smaller size Sale Price, Eh.

Goldfish Goldfish, now at special Christmas prices! Cage has bed and wheel. Kit comes with chrome wire cage containing cxer- wheel and sleeping shelf, plus starter kit, book and hamster Price, to'ViSQ K. Lots of Free Farkiug Hll flalimiaL Victoria, B. Jar 2 lb pkg. He was surprised there were so few complaints considering such traffic, but he asked the MPs for "concrete examples" so action might be taken on their complalnts. The committee also was told that the department dropiied its program of giving subsidies for a limited time period to employers who hired older workers.

The department found that after the subsidies stopped coming in the older workers were let go. Teams working for fire fighter Paul Red Adan' o Houston are sinking relief wells intended to rob the surface fires of their fuel source below the floor of the gulf. A film of oil continued floating m a five-mile-long line to the west of the platform Coast Guard spokesmen said the oil film did not pose an immediate threat to the Luujsiuna coast. The drilling team began on the first relief well last Saturday and Shell officials estimated at the time each well would take three weeks to complete A fourth dhlling rig is expected to begin another relief well Thursday.

The platform fire began last Tuesday when a well producing oil and gas blew oof of control and fslally irttrned four men The fire has raged out of control since. But the foreign ministers called fur more details oq a British proposal for a longer period for Britain to take on Its full share of financing the community Britain also proposed a longer transition period for New Zealand butter and cheese and commonwealth sugar.

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Pgrrott suggested that preliminaries involve talks with the - regional boanf, so that whoever goea to the meeting with Luffmark and Haalth board chairman Mrs. Rubymay Parrott said Tuesday that Monday, Jan. Whit- mead, senior medical health oliicer. Reinforced I vinyl cover in good colour jj j selecUou.

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Just Dial Local or Whan transportation difficulties make it Impossible for you to corns to Baton's. Let us help you choose your new Sealy. It took a long time, like three hours. Brenda is shown before process started, having hair set. The four incumbents stood on their past records. McKay said he would not falter or tum aside in face of the challenge.

Frampton said he bad promised Victoria a new swimming pool. The pool was almost completed. Centennial Square and Bastion Square. This city Is fust becoming Well. We need nmre control uf development. Jay Gould Gets Control of n.. Te Eight Near Lex were -t a law by s half amolhared aoeeae. If asnirslheaaswnra la smsu is"u. Aa old tray haired genlleman wiiV. Workshop wuo hia uv,borie4 la the ample olds oi 01 masses will be openl, or covert. Oi I, aasailed at the next constitutional convention, OwraaiUY- hundred embarrassed and bim.

II bad baea ehunc ia a draft, orfireBdtae, worth 33e. Aa, with ha oua. M per omk W. At length the or on days J rata. Ari'lT t Ihli r ; la t ". In Ibe bar-room of Ibe latter, stored. It is announced Irom Wwhiuaton thai Tlaw. Mar 28 A dariee bank rob. Kl, Tbe Itallderi and I'nloa far- Tbe stock 'pecultiioa strong.

Full text of "The Newton Graphic, November "

The chief business al wu linsnoir. Oiirr flarttaliona wer small, Jrdin ka l. Illll'l riaie ttorl and wu won by Dancaaler. Kaaer nay horses, mounted and rode away. A son from 1 say to per cent. The of tbe president of the bank waa atanding closed Arm al best price of tb day. HULL, agalnat lo iCimer, the cashier, and ran off.

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