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Use cover and the red propane tanks around to eliminate all the thugs. At the end of this stretch of baddies is Dr. Get to him to trigger the next cutscene. After Rais crashes the party, you will wake up in the Pit. Thin out one crate at a time.

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To find weapons and fire crackers, climb on top of the crates. The real goal here is to lose as little health as possible. A few of these zombies are more aggressive than others. Focus your energy on them in the beginning and you will be fine. Luring zombies to spiky areas of the Pit might help a lot, few of them just get stuck onto spiky barrels - easy kills.

How to dye eggs with food coloring

Others can be dodged and kicked into spiky containers right away. Once you defeat them all, Rais will toss you a machete. You will need it for the gift he brings you from above. A new type of walker called the Demolisher enters the Pit and you need to kill it. The best strategy is to stay close and dodge out of the way. If you are too far away from him, he will throw rocks that deal a ton of damage. Staying near him will cause him to charge. Leap out of the way at the last second.

After he charges, he stops to catch his breath. Hit him then to deal damage. Keep an eye out for him to swing around to knock you back.

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When he has less health, he will charge multiple times in a row before tiring. Also, throughout the boss fight, Runners will grace your presence. Take them out immediately. Stick with that pattern and you will be golden. Once you defeat the Demolisher, make sure to search the body! You will pick up an epic sledge hammer! Now Rais comes down to chat with you. He is not too happy that you survived.

The path is pretty straight forward. Follow the construction pieces that make a clear path. Stay clear of the bullets duh and red propane tanks. The enemies will shoot those to blow you up. Inside the basement, head back the way you came in earlier and exit out the marked door.

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Outside, Crane starts having seizures again. Hi Emily, I can't think of a reason it wouldn't be good the next day.

It might need to be stirred. I'm going to try this, but I'm wondering how do I measure drops from gel dye as it is like gel and not liquid? The food coloring is a gel paste. Wilton sells them in little tubs at the grocery store or at Michaels. I am sure you can use regular food coloring but I love the gel paste food coloring so it is what I had on hand. How do you get "drops" from gel dye? I use the wilton gels and am a little confused.

Keith Moon

Can you use regular food coloring? Or does the gel paste give you brighter colors? Shannon, you can use regular food coloring. I do love the gel pastes though. You can use food coloring on brown eggs and get very vibrant reds and teals too! You have to use another Tablespoon or two of vinegar with the brown eggs and you have to let them sit for about 15 minutes but the result is fab and your only option if you live in the UK!

We boil our eggs because we couldn't have Easter without deviled eggs!

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  5. I LOVE the idea of blowing them out. No one in my family eats them hard boiled and I jsut hate to waste. We blew out our eggs and made a batch of breakfast burrito mix that we'll have in the morning.


    Thanks for the info on how to blow them out!! To me the real waste would be getting plastic eggs that will likely end up in a landfill eventually! You can fill the hollowed eggs with confetti or fruity pebble cereal, cover the hole with tissue paper and glue and make confetti eggs to crack on each others heads - that's what we do! It makes for a lot of fun!

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    Why would you want to blow the egg yolks out? I like to eat them as well as the kids, seems like that to me is a waste, just get plastic ones instead. I love dying eggs! We're doing 5 dozen this afternoon for a church activity and another 5 dozen as a family tonight! I never thought to make my eggs hollow!! Now that I saw the post after this, I see why LOVE how vibrant the colors came out!!

    What a fun idea, and so clever to use a nasal aspirator! I remember blowing eggs out as a kid and it taking forever, this looks like a far better solution: