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The Long Dark Winter's Night

And he tries to express the pain and feeling of the Church we live in. In the pain, Father Patrick Bergquist gives hope.

Good Friday, the Child Abuse Scandal, and The Long Dark Winter’s Night

The author is a realist, a poet, a pastor of delicacy and sensitivity. The depth of his response is subtle, passionate, pastorally accurate, and it is communicated in a prayerful manner. We can read his prophetic words and learn much about what it means to sin, and what it means to have a personal relationship with the Christ of the Cross. This poetic volume weaves together the survivors' stories, laced with, sadness, candor and hope. Bergquist's book is written with compassion and insight signaling that what lies at the heart of this matter is the very meaning of priesthood itself.

The Long Dark Winter's Night is a very timely gift from a priest to his church. The Long Dark Winter's Night is an important contribution to understanding the heart of the clergy crisis in the United States. A refusal to practice transparent and visibly accessible management practices is another symptom of leader and system authoritarianism.

Managerial abuses form, therefore, a systemic obedience disorder which usually spreads throughout the institution. Obedience demands for the sake of obedience permeate the milieu. Leader demanded loyalty is expressed by unquestioning obedience rather than by a well-reasoned commitment to shared goals and desired outcomes. The emotional component of both holograms is an absence of empathy and compassion or what we might call an ethic of care.

There are other components to the root system. For ordained clergy, they can include an immature spiritual formation process and a fixated personal process of emotional and psychological development. Fundamentally, however, when all is stripped away, what we find are human disorders in the social structures of obedience, authority and power.

Good Friday, the Child Abuse Scandal, and The Long Dark Winter’s Night – PrayTellBlog

Teaching the weak to question or to disobey authority is usually taboo among those who are engaged in practices of corrupted power and domination. This is true in the individual predator-victim relationship. It is equally true in the corrupted institution-victim relationship. One cannot simultaneously seek total control and educate others for mature freedom, personal accountability, and collective responsibility for the common good.

  • Herz der unsichtbaren Tränen (German Edition).
  • Clergy Sexual Abuse and Clericalism | Enduring Space;
  • Transforming Cultures of Violence One Person at a Time, One Moment at a Time.

As students and scholars begin, culturally, to examine a social issue such as the sexual abuse of children and adolescents by clergy or other religious professionals, it is helpful to have an overview of the tree branches which are visible. During the past five years, as I studied the dual and deeply tangled Roman Catholic scandals of clergy sexual abuse and the complex forms of institutional malfeasance known as religious institution clericalism I have found the following authors to provide a diversity of disciplinary lens, approaches and opinions.

In their disciplinary diversity and in their common faith tradition each of the following authors has made a contribution to my understanding of the complex socio-religious issues — roots of the robustly living tree of affinity sexual abuse of children and adolescents by clergy and other religious professionals. For nearly thirty years Roman Catholic scholars have been engaged in attempts to 1 document and 2 to understand the related issues of clerical sexual abuse of the laity and institutional forms of supervisory malfeasance or clericalism.

They have, therefore, brought two living branches of the affinity sexual violence tree into focus: By providing a small sample of contemporary Catholic written resources on the topic of clerical sexual abuse of children and adults v I hope that the following list of authors can open a lighted pathway into and through the enchanted forest of sexual abuse studies so that younger scholars and researchers will commit themselves to research and advocacy regarding these critical clinical, theological, ethical, legal, religious and spiritual disorders. I have organized the list alphabetically — with a few exceptions.

Journal of Pastoral Psychology 58 , Deliver Us From Evil: Innocence and Faith Betrayed. Reflections of a priest in a time of pain and privilege. Bergquist is a parish priest in Alaska. Lead Us Not into Temptation: Catholic priests andthe sexual abuse of children. The abuse of power in the papacy of John Paul II. Berry and Renner are journalists who have covered aspects of the Roman Catholic sexual abuse scandals since Lafayette, LA. In the second book, they look at issues of corrupted power in the papacy and the Vatican.

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Boston Globe Investigative Staff. The crisis in the Catholic Church.

Little, Brown and Co. The Catholic Church, sexual abuse and the challenges to leadership. Chinicci is a Franciscan brother and a historian. As the religious superior of the California Province of Santa Barbara he needed to guide his order through a process of dealing with accusations of sexual abuse made against one of the brothers in his order.

His discussion of the rule of St. Francis as a guiding principle for reform provides insight into the theological underpinnings of the Franciscans. The Theology of Fear. Self-published, available from www. Coyne is a retired diocesan Roman Catholic priest who examines the sexual abuse crisis from the vantage point of his life history as a working priest. In this book, he examines sacramental theology and what he calls a theology of fear as one root of the sexual abuse scandals in his church.

The Changing Face of the Priesthood. Denial and crisis in the church ,. Cozzens is an ordained Roman Catholic priest, writer, and a former seminary rector. Enabler of Clergy Sexual Abuse. Journal of Pastoral Psychology 54 3 , Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Catholic.

Reflections [from] to The Trial of John Michael Vai: Sworn Testimony of Thomas P. Doyle in Neuberger, T. When Priests Become Predators: Profiles of childhood sexual abuse survivors. Wilmington, DE, Thomas S. Roman Catholic Clericalism, Religious. Duress and Clergy Sexual Abuse.

Journal of Pastoral Psychology 51 3 , A Radical Look at Today and Tomorrow. A decade of crisis, Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy: The Spiritual Damage in Plante, T. Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: A decade of crisis, Santa Barbara, CA: December 31, []. Thomas Doyle Affidavit in Jane Doe vs. Thomas Doyle Reflects on His Regiment. Caught in the Crosshairs: An Authoritative Guide to Roman. He has provided depositions and sworn testimony in multiple civil and criminal court cases.

For additional articles by Doyle, see www.

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McKiernan is one of the people behind the webpage www. Sipe is an expert regarding priest celibacy violations. Mouton, Doyle and Peterson Report. Meeting the problem in a comprehensive and responsible manner.

Clergy Sexual Abuse and Clericalism

At the time of this report in Mouton was a civil lawyer who represented an accused priest in the Lafayette, LA diocese. Doyle was a canon lawyer on the staff of the Vatican embassy in Washington, DC and was assigned by his superiors to monitor the Lafayette trial for the Vatican. Peterson was a priest and a psychiatrist who treated accused priests. Doyle, Sipe and Wall. Sex, Priests and Secret Codes: Doyle, a Dominican priest, is an expert legal consultant to victims and civil courts regarding church law.

Sipe is a laicized former Benedictine monk and an expert on the sexual history and sexual theology of the Catholic Church. Wall is a laicized former Benedictine monk and a canon lawyer who consults with the law firm of Manley and Associates in Los Angeles. The Experience of the Victim of Sexual Abuse; a reflection. Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Sins a novel. A calling in crisis. Those idealized expectations were met with the unavoidable reality of winter's harshness, a pervasive darkness that made it neither realistic nor helpful to merely wait out the winter and hope for spring.

We want to wrap ourselves in the secure blanket of tradition and memory, thinking that this crisis too will pass-or worse still, that it has already passed. Bergquist admits he is "but a simple parish priest, no saint and surely no scholar. He speaks from his heart, soul, and experience in a way few others have done. He names and validates the pain and fear, the hopes and dreams that so many of us share. The Long Dark Winter's Night is both realistic and helpful. Patrick Bergquist was ordained in