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However, some of the ideas behind the substitution cipher continue to live on — some forms of modern encryption might use an extremely large text set and an extremely sophisticated substitution to effectively encrypt information.

Alphabetical Substitution

Home Dictionary Tags Security. Definition - What does Substitution Cipher mean? Techopedia explains Substitution Cipher In a substitution cipher, a letter such as A or T, is transposed into some other letter, which effectively encrypts the sequence to a human reader.

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You have probably seen this type of cipher before; often in the newspapers there is a "cryptoquip" which challenges you to solve just such a cipher. Try to decipher the encrypted text below. Each cipher below uses some systematic way of replacing the plaintext letters with the ciphertext letters. In addition to figuring out what each says, try to figure out how the message was enciphered.

Monoalphabetic Substitution Encoder

Use the word breaks to give you clues as to what is being said, and look for patterns you recognize. All of these messages are in English!

You can also look at some hints.