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Instructional and Technical Team

Staff take digitized pictures and help campers write bios to put up on a camp program Web page. Each camper receives a certificate of participation.

Case Study #1

Camp Lots of Fun uses an existing high school computer lab for the Internet Fun program. There are one or two campers at each computer station. DO-IT provides adaptive technology and other accommodations for campers who cannot use standard computer devices. All campers have opportunities to participate in the Internet lab activities that are offered in the morning and afternoon.

The home page presented to them as they enter the lab is tailored to camper interests and abilities.

The page is dynamic and is changed over the course of the camp as new resources are found, interest in old resources is exhausted, and campers express their interests. Most campers are escorted by adult assistants who are part of the Camp program and assist campers with Internet activities.

No special registration for Internet Fun is required of campers. Next to Beside Besides 13 Next to Beside Besides 12 Next to Beside Besides 9 Next to Beside Besides 10 Next to Beside Besides 11 Next to Beside Besides 4 Next to Beside Besides 5 Next to Beside Besides 3 Next to Beside Besides 8 Next to Beside Besides 7 Next to Beside Besides 6 Next to Beside Besides 1 Next to Beside Besides 2 Symphony orchestra Simon Steen-Andersen: Video art and gallery installation Simon Steen-Andersen: Run Time Error

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