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Now this is the kind of research I love to find when I'm trying to do my own due dilligence: University research proving that colloidal silver kills staph, candida albicans, Salmonella and Pseudomona. And does it quickly too! This would argue powerfully in favor of nebuliser administration I thought about buying more but for the life of me I can't find a place that sells it around here - at a drug store they give you a funny look when you ask for it So much for my original intent to let this thread die in favor of the one in the silver forum: Zarkov's rather disingenuous contributions stirred the pot a bit.

There was a post in the other thread I thought was a very appropriate cautionary note and it expresses my view pretty well I think it bears repeating here: Colloidal silver is indeed an effective antibiotic. Historically it was a common practice to keep a silver dollar in your canteen to disinfect your drinking water. It is both an effective external anti-biotic for cuts and wounds as well as internal antibiotic. I had a similar experience a few years earlier after a visit to the dentist, who also shot me up with some powerful antibiotics.

If I ever felt compelled to take Colloidal Silver internally again, it would be to fight a serious infection and I would follow it up with a healthy dose of acidophilus beneficial bacteria and yogurt, to feed the immune system. The problem is that over the years, your immune system has been uniquely developed by its response to harmful bacteria that you have been exposed to in your lifetime and once wiped out, your body has to start the process all over again, from scratch. Be cautious with using colloidal silver internally. Rarely get sick and when do recover quickly.

Garlic is supposed to be a very beneficial dietary supplement and when I feel something coming on I take lots of French's Yellow Mustard on whole wheat bread and that always helps me. This is only my own personal observations regarding my own health. Last time I saw a doctor was in the late 70s to stitch up a cut nose after I ran into a chain link fence catching a fly ball in a softball game. I also believe that maintaining a positive frame of mind regarding my health has also helped, and that belief has been supported by early metaphysical writers touting "the power of positive thinking" P.

I am also NOT a doctor. My intent is to arm myself with a weapon against severe disease, not necessarily take the stuff all the time. If it kills pathological viruses and bacteria there would seem to be no reason for it to selectively leave the beneficial bacteria alone. But like antibiotics which can do the same thing, it might be a worthy trade off in case of severe illness.

If such a dire scenario were to develop, whatever we've prepared for ourselves in the way of medical help might be all that's available. At your suggestion I'm going to look into adding some kind of probiotic product to my preps to restore at least the beneficial intestinal bacteria in case of a wipeout. There is something wrong with this: I hinted in my response that I was focused on the digestive tract. I hated to nitpick an otherwise sensible post. I would like to see some evidence that colloidal silver can impact the workings of the immune system I know of none at this point.

And of course the immune system is far more than just antibodies. T-Cells, temperature changes fevers and a host of other tools live in that "immune system" toolbox the body has. I use colloidial silver more often during cold and flu season. I put an ounce in a gallon of milk. So far I have not had any milk go bad even a week to ten days after expiration. I decided a long time ago to buy the best product I could find. Quality control was my concern.

I want the same quality everytime. A feature I could not get a straight answer on from the DIY crowd. Absolute assurance of consistency from one batch to the next is near impossible to obtain for the home producer. But you can make "oblique" tests of both the process and the colloid itself that give you enough information to form some well substantiated estimations. Studying the Tyndall Effect with a laser pointer. Using Faraday's equations to determine how much silver is exiting the electrodes over time length of process.

Even with my so far limited experiece, I'm convinced I can reliably produce a high quality, crystal clear colloid between ppm every time. And that's far better than any colloidal silver on the market.

One advantage to making your own is the fact that colloidal silver doesn't travel well. Vigorous agitation increases aggregation of silver ions into silver particles. It's still good colloidal silver but the agitation increases particulate silver at the expense of ionic silver. Agitation is substantially reduced if the only "travel" it does is from the shed to the kitchen cabinet. Professionally testing a batch costs hundreds of dollars, and in some studies I've read, batches tested by three different labs came back with dramatically different results.

The trip to the lab itself could account for the differences due to aggregation. Even with professional testing there isn't much of a guarantee. I'm finding this project quite fascinating. I will end up coughing up the money for two professional tests once I get all the production equipment set up and tuned.

I'm going to make an attempt to verify my estimations. I wish I had unlimited funds I'd take this on as a full-on research project if I could afford the costs, but I will at least get some independent verification of my results before I even start the process of deciding whether or not to offer what I produce to others. Maybe Silver and Gold are therapeutic I have no knowledge of colloidal gold. I know it takes much higher voltages to make using electrolysis and so far at least it's well beyond my abilities to produce.

Don't know enough about any potential theraputic qualities to comment either way. Not really, my understanding is ORME Gold is a powder, and has potentially additional effects that a colloidial silver does not. Clear polycarbonate expansion ring for largemouth jars 4.

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Magnetic stirrer base 6. Roll of clean paper towels Apparently Nobles Pureau water is purified by reverse osmosis 1. The first thing I did at this point was test the water with the COM Since pure water is essential to making good colloidal silver, I wanted to see what water quality I was starting with. To my surprise, the meter read as high as 7. Water temperature was a cool That sounded a bit high for good quality distilled water, so I ran the test again. At the second reading the water temperature had risen to Following the instructions that came with the COM, I tested the calibration solution which should have given me a reading of micro Siemens but got a reading of Almost double what it should have been.

Again, following the directions that came with the meter I adjusted the reading downward, attempting to bring the reading down to the mark, but the meter hit about and refused to go any lower no matter how many times I pushed the button. I turned the unit off in an attempt to reset it, dipped it into the ppm test solution again and this time got a reading of Following the directions I again switched to calibration mode and attempted to reduce the reading to the level. Again it refused to move any lower. I returned to the meter and decided to reset it back to the original setting.

I turned the meter on, put it in the calibration solution and reset the reading at where it began. I then tested my water to see if I would get the same reading and I did.

Technical Discussions On Making Colloidal Silver

The reading returned to 6. I went through the whole calibration procedure again and again the meter refused to allow me to adjust lower than I decided to test my water again at this level of calibration. The water reading stood at 4. I dimmed the lights and checked both the production jar and the control jar with the laser. No laser light was visible in either jar. The generator was turned on at precisely 5: The jar of control water still reveals no visible line when illuminated with the laser.

After some effort, he figured out what I had done wrong in attempting to calibrate the COM meter and I re-calibrated it properly. It had been properly calibrated from the beginning and all readings of the control jar of water remained the same as the original readings. The reading is micro Siemens at Makes me wonder if buying a still might not be a good idea!

I pulled the Silver Well off the jar and wiped the electrodes with a paper towel to remove the buildup. As I understand it this is a very unnecessary step because the colloid will be filtered through two brown, unbleached coffee filters upon decanting, which will remove any large debris that might detach itself from the electrodes during the process. This cycle took approximately 4: Since my water started at 6.

The colloid is still crystal clear, no yellowish tint has developed. The laser shows up as well defined, bright and homogenous. Observed a few black specks in the bottom of the jar that looked like a small sprinkling of pepper. Will try to push this colloid up to Will finish this off in the morning. Turned the generator back on to see how long it will run.

Since we need to rise about 10ppm to get into the 20ppm ionic silver range, about two hours should do it. Cleaned electrodes and continued the process. The increase in ionic silver seems to be slowing. The water is beginning to take on a yellowish tinge and I will likely stop the batch at The colloid is still only showing a hint of yellow. Removed the generator and the electrodes were covered with significant amounts of wispy grey filaments.

I carefully scraped those into a jar for future use in silver gel for topical applications. After wiping with a paper towel, the electrodes are a uniform grey color with no sign of pitting on either electrode. One electrode is a significantly darker grey than the other. For whatever reason, it appears that silver ions were aggregating into particles faster than new ions were being put into the water by the generator. In spite of my earlier idea of pushing this batch until it went too far for internal use, I think this is likely a fairly strong colloid of decent quality.

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With a final reading of To get some idea I chose to weigh it. A good quality kitchen scale indicates the colloid weighs grams, and I spilled 10ml or so, so my initial estimate of 1. No buildup of any kind was noted on the sides of the jar and vigorous swirling of the last bit of liquid prior to decanting removed all vestiges of buildup from the bottom of the jar. I did not rinse the jar before pouring the ml seed stock into the jar. All but approximately 10ml of that was poured back into the jar for seed stock and the remaining ten ml or so with its load of precipitated silver was poured into a small jar for later use in a topical silver gel.

I forgot to check the final solution with the laser to see if there was any discernable difference in the brightness of the laser. TDS meter reads Original reading at completion of the batch was It is still very very light yellow. The straw yellow color indicates considerable particulate silver in the colloid over and above the ionic content. If you see flawed assumptions or data please point them out. Each batch takes about an hour, the water is not yellowy and quite clear. I did notice that after letting it sit a few days I had a small build up at the bottom of the glass of very fine grey matter.

A positive effect that I noticed was this burn on my finger did not even take a day to heal, not sure if its the colloidal silver or what but I have never had a burn like that just disapear the next day. Any other time it actually tastes good, a little metallic but very drinkable. I just tasted my first dose today. But it was from batch four, not the batch this log is from. It was a little metallic tasting but not bad. As to the time, this system uses very low amperage so that more ionic silver than particulate silver is formed, so it takes some time.

I actually started this first batch at 5: Quite a bit more than four hours It wasn't "cooking" that whole time. The fine grey precipitate you noticed would seem to indicate rather large silver particles are being formed with your generator. Particles too big to remain in suspension. What ppm silver concentration are you getting in an hour?

I'm only using 24 volts as well. You'd be starting with about 36, with that tapering off a bit as the batteries discharged. I filtered it with a bleached coffe filter, the sludge was after letting it sit for a few days. With my resistor in place I am maxing out at 30 volts when complete. I usually stop it at around 28ish Volts. I'll brush up on the Faraday equations and see if I can explain it well enough for others to understand. We can figure out the ppm pretty closely with those.

You'd be able to get a pretty precise estimate of silver content. How much silver did I drink? I haven't tried to verify how well the spreadsheet does the job, but it wouldn't be too hard to create one. The math only looks intimidating until you plug in numbers for the variables. Herx's Faraday's Equation Calculator http: Well, it's been about 5 days now since I've had my colloidal silver generator going and I've already learned a great deal. I'm keeping detailed logs of each production run so I can decide what data is necessary to collect and at what frequency.

I still haven't received the AtlasNova generators I ordered should be another week or so I've found that I can make colloids consistently stronger than 20ppm silver content, but also that those colloids tend to be unstable, exhibiting both color changes, and changes in the ratio of ionic vs particulate silver over time. Batch 5 has taken on a very very slight yellow tint, so slight in fact it is necessary to hold a control sample of pure water next to it for comparison in order to be certain the tint is there.

If I don't achieve better stability with the 20ppm colloids I may back off to 15ppm colloids and see if the aggregation of ions into particles doesn't back off as well. Found a passion, I see: I don't know about passion I suppose it is at least in part because it's something I can control that has the potential to mitigate the effects of a pandemic for myself, my family and hopefully many others. I'm setting up to be able to produce enough to treat quite a few people The theory looks pretty hopeful, but reality sometimes intrudes on hope.

As with so much, time will tell. I didn't start this thread just to showcase my own little gig here. I'm hoping that others who are making colloidal silver, using it, or are interested in either would feel free to share their experiences or questions. Pile in if you fit any of that.

Technical Discussions On Making Colloidal Silver

We know more together than any of us can individually. On the other hand, I've used a silver ointment for external skin issues with good results. Anyways - they kept ill people each in their own room avoiding cross-contamination , and served all meals on silver plates That pretty much sums up my attitude toward the stuff. Nothing I've seen indicates that regular intake of colloidal silver would be beneficial for its own sake. There's no evidence I've seen that the body needs silver to function as opposed to other elements selenium, zinc, etc. I am taking some of what I've recently made, but more for the sake of being my own guinea pig before I feel confident offering it to others.

Overall, I'm expecting to use this stuff like a medicine, not a health supplement. I'll be investigating using a nebuliser to introduce colloidal silver directly into the lungs as soon as the nebuliser I ordered arrives. I just happen to have a rather persistant lung infection of some sort that has been lingering for nearly two months now, so maybe I'll actually be able to discern a change. I've heard of many possible external uses, especially related to burns. I've bought a kit with a powder in it that forms a gel when wet and I will be experimenting with that to see what kind of uses a silver gel might have.

It's a good way to use up the odd "overcooked" batch that wouldn't be useful for ingestion. It could also be sprayed on the outside of a facemask if wearing those in public became a wise thing to do at some point. What is worse than death? I am truly concerned that some people may believe the silver claims But I do have a historical record of silver used as medicine I'm adventurous enough to start from there and begin learning what I can from my own investigations.

You keep saying madness is assured but never back it up with any substantive evidence. Yet there is a record of many people who have been using colloidal silver for years with no ill effect. You don't seem to understand the chemical differences between elemental silver and silver compounds. Evidence suggests that ingesting silver compounds is quite problematic, though I've never seen madness associated even with that. To the degree that we still have the freedom to do so, I intend to exercise my ability to research, analyze, learn, interpret, assign risk and educate myself in hopes of having some alternatives that could be life saving in a worst case scenario, and at minimum have the potential to provide some freedom from the current pharmacology based medical system that is designed to profit from treating symptoms instead of curing diseases.

I'm not here to convince anyone to do what I'm doing. I'm here to collaborate with those who have done their own due dilligence and have made their own determination to pursue this same path. Together we will learn more faster than any of us could on our own. PS I trust colloidal silver a damned sight farther than I trust the flu vaccines they're rushing to push on everyone Zarkov - I suspect you are gone, but nonetheless, can you provide the backup support associated with your probability quess?

I think you are way off! I appreciate all the effort Stormdancer and others are putting forth to try to shed some light on this - its just a bit of science and all along Stormdancer seems to have stated that this is a careful study for the purpose of learning.

I don't understand how anyone with good intent could have a problem with that. Whatever - If you trust no-one, why would you expect anyone to trust you? That is a fair but off-topic Anyhow, I have a few silver coins and if there is a way to use these for health benefit, then I want to know. Furthermore Zarkov to retort your probability claim if silver is "SO, SO dangerous" from a health standpoint, then why is so much of it being used in polyester? I would have to assume the polyester-silver matrix producers the polyester is supposedly "impregnated" with the silver but, I don't know the actual percentage fraction of the "impregnation" - ha, ha would be aware of the risks such that if they nonetheless produced a very potentially dangerous mixture, that they would recognize the potential future liability and then choose not to go there.

Thus, this suggests to me that your probability 0. Who are you anyhow? Based on what you say above, you seem to be a "shill" for the pharmaceutical industry, but I know that is just speculation. Still, do you fully realize how low of a probability 0. Do you think the rest of us are just stupid. Get a clue would be my council. Plus - who cares about outer space aliens and such! Zarkov - I thought you were done? I thought you were gone?

Anyhow, you are correct in this small way: I do NOT trust you and the message you sent me awhile ago was out of line. Regardless, I will talk with you again at a time and moment of my choosing. Stormdancer's effort here seems most worthwhile to me Trust is necessary for life buddy. I take that back. But OK, yes I do. Not sure if I have ever gotten a message from you Still, if someone says "trust no one" what does that say about that someone?

I could delete the above post as well as this one , but I won't because there has been no harm. Plus, I really don't want any personal messages from any bullies. Bullies make me go ballistic And this has nothing to do with what I eat, drink, smell, taste, smoke, toke, take, or feel.

Bullies are even further behind the fishies - astrologically speaking or even not. Bullies will get their due. I've had some passing contact with language use and linguistics as a forensic indicator of authorship, so it was interesting to note that you and "bobby" on that forum use some pretty similar language patterns and manners of expression. Enough to conclude that Zarkov and bobby are the same person. It appears that you have created a bulletin board for the purpose of ramrodding your views regardless of truth and studiously ignore any questions or perspectives that would tend to disprove them.

One thing I have very, very little tolerance for is liars. Especially arrogant, insane liars that feel the superiority of their ideas obviates the need for facts to back them up.

How to make colloidal silver at home

Please, make good on your promise to leave this thread. What I can see of your character makes everything you say of questionable veracity, and that is truly sad because you are obviously quite intelligent. A bit of intellectual honestly and your contributions might be of considerable value. When a little truth is contained in a fog of lies and ego, all potential value is destroyed. Unfortunately I'll have to miss out on whatever your knowledge and intelligence might provide because nothing you say can be trusted. You've got your little homemade playground at that link.

You are free to lock threads to stifle dissenting opinions and you and "bobby" can continue happily in your mutual admiration of I am very interested in information that would tend to disprove my current conclusions. I'd love to see evidence that I am incorrect in assuming that ingesting high quality colloidal ionic and nano-particulate elemental silver is relatively benign and potentially beneficial.

So far, you have presented none. And I don't expect you can. That is my database no one posts there except ME! I trust no one else, especially pathetic earthlings: Cya Good one Zarkov! As I've sorted through the information available about colloidal silver it is obvious that there are quite a few websites out there making unsupportable claims.

One of the best tools for determining which are really knowledgeable and which are not is a good understanding of the definitions of the words used to describe their products. With that in mind I think it might be useful to post solid definitions of the various terms related to colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a term used to describe a whole range of products, each with very different chemical characteristics. Colloidal systems may exist as dispersions of one substance in another—for example, smoke particles in air—or as single materials, such as rubber or the membrane of a biological cell.

These particles do not precipitate out of the liquid and collect at the bottom of the vessel. A solution is a mixture of materials, one of which is usually a fluid. A fluid is a material that flows, such as a liquid or a gas. The fluid of a solution is usually the solvent. The material other than the solvent is the solute. We say that we dissolve the solute into the solvent.

The particles of solute are the size of individual small molecules or individual small ions. One nanometer is about the maximum diameter for a solute particle. The mixture does not separate on standing. In a gravity environment the solution will not come apart due to any difference in density of the materials in the solution. The mixture does not separate by common fiber filter. The entire solution will pass through the filter. Once it is completely mixed, the mixture is homogeneous. If you take a sample of the solution from any point in the solution, the proportions of the materials will be the same.

The mixture appears clear rather than cloudy. It may have some color to it, but it seems to be transparent otherwise. Because both definitions apply to Electrically Isolated Silver EIS from here on EIS is the only kind of colloidal silver I am interested in making so it will be the focus of my efforts. Even more specific, I am using a low voltage, low amperage method of generating colloidal silver.

Back to colloids vs. A silver ion is the smallest unit of silver that can be produced. It is one electrically charged atom of silver. Anything smaller gets into the sub-atomic range and ceases to be silver at all. The silver ions produced in this process are technically dissolved in the water which is the definition of a solution. The nano-particles of silver aggregations of more than one silver atom are suspended in the water which is the definition of a colloid. Both are actively biocidal.

This point of maximum concentration, the saturation point, depends on the temperature of the liquid as well as the chemical nature of the substances involved. This understanding helps in sorting through the fantastic claims some colloidal silver products make. The saturation point of silver dissolved in water is roughly 30 parts per million at room temperature. Adding more silver to the solution once the ca. Silver is still being added to the water, but it will change from ionic to particulate silver. I saw one product that claimed to contain ppm ionic silver.

You can throw a big BS flag on that one and discern that if they get such a basic chemistry question wrong, they either don't understand enough to make good quality colloidal silver or they're actively trying to decieve. Either way I wouldn't touch anything they sell. Anyone claiming to produce a silver solution of greater concentration than 30ppm ionic silver content is suspect. Silver colloids on the other hand, can significantly exceed 30ppm. It is both a silver solution referring to the ionic silver content and a silver colloid referring to the silver particle content.

The generators I bought from AtlasNova came in today and I got a rather pleasant surprise. I'd called Arnold Beland before I jumped into this as part of my due diligence. I had an extremely pleasant conversation with him and found him to be patient and extremely informative.

He promised to ship my order that day and it has arrived earlier than my most optimistic expectations. He must have kept his word. The pleasant surprise I got was that in addition to being extremely professionally packed bubble wrapped components in a box full of styrofoam peanuts Mr. Beland had apparently done a bit of extra work that I expected to have to do myself. I told him I wanted four generators and he could have easily sold me four power supplies, one for each generator and I'd never have known the difference.

He informed me that the one power supply was more than adequate to power all four generators. The surprise was that I expected to be left to figure out how to get all four generators connected. I expected a bit of time with some wire and a soldering iron would be needed. To my surprise, the generators came in, all connected to the power supply with a very professionally constructed wiring harness. All ready to go. Beland is an engineer and I'm going to invite him to visit this thread so he can weigh in on my investigations.

I'd love to have him looking over my shoulder and pointing out things I get wrong or miss. We'll see if he sees fit to accept. The generator I've been using up to this point is a great little easy to use! Edited 13 Aug Please disregard this and all further mention of "seeding" later in this thread. The concept is thoroughly discredited and will result in the production of larger silver particles instead of the preferred silver ions. Take special note of Abeland1's comments about "seeding".

It will be awhile yet before I get the AtlasNova stuff set up. I've ordered some laboratory glassware 5 liter beakers and some measuring cups, glass stirring rods, etc. The AtlasNova generator has a slider on it that can be used to control amperage throughout the production cycle so I can be sure that I'm producing the highest ratio of ionic silver to particulate silver possible. If you're interested in generating your own colloidal silver and you don't want to have to manage the process, I can tell you I'm very happy with the Silver Well Silver Puppy. I wouldn't be without one!

It's been a vital tool for testing water quality before starting, and monitoring progress throughout the cycle. Does anyone know about angstrom silver? I guess it is technically a silver colloid, but one in which they have reduced the particles to no more than 1 angstrom, or 0. Supposedly this is healthier because the smaller particles are filtered out of your body and not stored in cells. I found a place around town that sells it and I'm thinking of getting some. I could try to make my own colloidal but there are drawbacks in that the particle size would be larger and I wouldn't be able to get ppm which is what this health store is selling.

I'm not familiar with angstrom silver, but I have a couple red lights flashing here. That's generally accepted to be about the size of one atom. Maybe hydrogen atoms would be smaller? I don't know, but with 47 protons, 61 neutrons and 5 electron shells a silver atom is fair size as atoms go.

With ionic silver we're already dealing in single atoms, so I'm not sure what they're referring to, and it may be nothing more than a marketing ploy. The second concern is that since ionic silver in pure water reaches saturation somewhere around 30ppm, ppm is not possible in a pure water and silver solution, so either they're talking a silver protein or some form of silver compound Is this stuff for ingestion or external use?

The nebulizer study I read recorded dramatic results from colloidal silver EIS at a concentration of 3 to 5 parts per million. If silver colloids are effective at ppm why would we need ppm? The higher the concentration the greater risk of argyria or some other problem. My personal limit for ingestion is 20ppm stuff and I doubt I'll use that for anything but a "kicker" on the odd occaision that I feel a flu coming on and it's already known that a bad one is going around in my area. I wouldn't be comfortable using a maintainence dose that strong for very long. I'm not familiar with the product you're referring to and I'm just coming off the top of my head here with questions Thanks so much for the information provided.

Norman Smith I have already made up a gallon of CS for my immediate family and have passed the info along to my extended family. I used silver bars purchased off ebay. I just made certain that the seller had a high rating from buyers. I did 2 quarts at a time and used 3 nine volt batteries, running each batch for 4 hours.

I tested the batteries after the last batch and the reading for each was still over 9 volts. So the batteries deplete very little and should last for several batches. Investing in a voltmeter would be useful for those wondering how much voltage is left in the batteries. My wife easily gets pneumonia and really suffers when she has to take a course of antibiotics. The side effects are terrible. I have her primed to take the CS at the first sign of a cold and hopefully this will eliminate many future problems.

Thanks again for the wonderful information. Paul Rodrigues They say it makes the silver particles smaller and easier absorbed.. I"m on my way to make my own silver with the bars like you mentioned.. Thanks Great site by the way.. Thinking about buying a silver generator — Hermann Mittelholzer My own solution was to source which I did on eBay , a good quality variable DC power supply which goes from 0V to 30V.

Jim Morrison I now see the fda [federal department of assassins] are a bunch of assissins for hire by the criminal drug companies, who have murdered millions of people. They did not "cause their deaths" - they murdered them. Similar issue to Robin Talsma — Craig Hilles My first batch was a quart which I ran for about 2 hours, and it came out just like you said, slightly yellowish.

I ran a second batch with the same batteries and this one was completely clear. I went ahead and used it for a cold. Do you think that one is safe to use or should I dump it? I could just take smaller doses. Arnold Beland The first is the water that you use. It must be distilled to a high degree of purity. You will need some way to check that the water you are using is pure enough. The distilled water that is sold in grocery stores in 1 gallon containers will generally be good enough. You will still need some way to check it. This can be done with a conductivity meter or by some method included in the design and function of whatever generator we use.

The second factor is the purity of the silver that we use. We want silver ions and preferably no other metals. We want to make a solution containing silver ions, as they are proven to be of great benefit. There are many other metals, however, that can do us great harm. We must take every precaution we can to avoid taking toxic metals into our bodies. This is why we use only silver wire and insist on a certificate of analysis showing the impurities that are present. In the case of the highest quality silver the largest impurity will be copper which is not bad in small amounts.

This will be the case in silver that comes directly from silver ore that is refined directly. If you buy silver without an assay certificate it could contain scraps from manufacturing facilities that are alloying silver with any number of other metals. So it's not just a matter of it being , but what is the nature of the other.

When you consider the fact that when we make colloidal silver the result is a liquid solution with silver in parts per million PPM , it makes no sense to try to economize on this. If we consider making colloidal silver at a strength of 10 PPM for example, 1 ounce of silver wire could make theoretically , ounces or gallons of colloidal silver. The third factor is the amount of time that we allow the process. Hydrogen will appear at the cathode the negatively charged electrode, where electrons enter the water , and oxygen will appear at the anode the positively charged electrode.

Back in the days of the 3 9 V battery and coins we would wait until we saw a cloud of what we were told were pieces of silver forming in the water and stopping the process soon after that. In reality, the cloud was form by hydrogen and oxygen micro bubbles and meant that the process was in a runaway mode.

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Disconnecting the batteries at that point would, if you were lucky, get you perhaps a five PPM colloidal silver solution. It would not keep its strength for very long as the larger particles would quickly collide with and absorb the silver ions. A few of us promoted the use of current limiting to prevent the runaway condition. Some of us noted that the higher resistance we used the better results we obtained in both higher PPM and stability. Many of us, including yours truly, tried every conceivable method of stirring to allow the use of a higher current in order to speed up the process.

All of my efforts in this direction failed. I could not get around the fact that for a given surface area of silver anode only a certain amount of current was allowed. There is a region surrounding the anode called the Nernst diffusion area. To put it simply, it is a region that will only allow a certain density of ion's to exist before they agglomerate into larger particles. So for those of you with your own setups for making colloidal silver, try reducing the current and allowing more time and let us know the results.

Joseph Fondren Because of a minor heart problem I've seen several doctors from Colorado to Alabama in the past year and expressed to each of them my distrust of Big Pharma, and gave them my opinion that two many doctors see every health problem as a "- rug deficiency. How do the drug reps figure this is cost effective for them?

I'm not completely new to colloidal silver though never having used it. Your info really impressed me. The expected "hard close" to buy something never came, and then you even went so far as to tell me in great detail how to make my own. I'll be encouraging my whole extended family to read it. There are some reasons your info really got my attention other than the obvious health benefits.

I own a closed down silver mine with hundreds of tons of ore on top of the ground. I have a spring that has been professionally checked and rated "very good water. Am I wrong to see this as a potential income or barter situation after the collapse? At this point it seems the biggest obstacle would be turning the ore into silver pure enough to be safe. I have about 30, one-quart glass, Jim Beam bottles with handles and plastic caps. Would these be suitable for storage? Since I have the wherewithal to make moonshine, would that be suitable for cleaning in lieu of vodka? Would I need to use potatoes as a base for the moonshine?

Would 24 volts from two 12v batteries be OK for the electrolysis? Thanks for some fantastic info. Colloidal Silver works for me — Dean Striker I had just pulled in on a relocation after a long tow. Had an awful swelling on the right side of my face. I figured I would be heading to an emergency room! New neighbor stopped by to intro and noticed my plight. He immediately went home and came back with CS and told me what it was and how to use it. Three days later it was totally gone! I'm now making my own CS, use it only when afflicted with something, and it works!

Colloidal Gold — Laurier Belanger Been producing Colloidal Silver for years. Now I see how the rods may come from China and be contaminated……. I was wondering if anyone has information on Colloidal Gold and how to make it. Can I use the same copper wires and power source as used for the Colloidal Silver production?

By the dimension of them, I figure that one can realistically use about 3 grams of each making colloidal silver. At 20ppm, it appears that 3 grams would make about 40 gallons. Double that to 80 gallons for two 5-gram bars. Does that sound about right? You write bars plural, so I'm assuming 2 are needed? Two bars are needed to make colloidal silver. One bar would be connected to the positive wire, and the other to the negative wire. The claims are that a method was patented and I'd backed by clinical trials? The warning signs that were cited in the article are present, since the company is supposedly producing a "silver solution" that is better than real colloidal silver, and it is so special that it is not really colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver was so Twentieth Century, after all. Let me break it down. They call it the "silver solution" because this phrase has no real meaning or regulatory value. There is no such ingredient as "solution", so the product can contain whatever they want, or nothing at all. I'm speculatively leaning more toward the latter. So the main ingredient could be chicken blood, and there would be nothing that anyone could do about it. By calling their product the "solution", there is an inherent dishonesty from the get-go, on the very front of the label, in a type of legal maneuvering and an avoidance of honest disclosure.

What exactly is the product, and shouldn't they be proud to tell us everything about it? Was the "10 ppm" thing even tested, how, and by whom? It's not like there is a trade secret issue with the ingredients or the manufacturing process, because they boast that it is already patented, and therefore their formulation and process should have full legal protection against competition. They were being honest about that patent thing, right?

About that patent thing. In actuality, a patent does not mean anything remarkable, but sleazy marketers have trained us to falsely see the existence of patents as something indicating a special quality. I literally could patent the way that I floss my teeth, if I were willing to pay the required fees. That has probably been done. Judging by what else is on the labeling, I'm not going to assume that they have been honest about having a valid patent claim.

I'm not going to bother looking, frankly. Whenever I see or hear the phrase "patented You should do the same. I'm betting that the "clinical trials" do not exist, and I noticed that there is no further information about the trials. You really should bet with me on this one. For the sake of discussion, let's pretend there really were some clinical trials. What exactly was the methodology, who was doing the testing, and what was being testing for exactly? Do you believe that maybe the F. I have a few doubts about that.

If they did indeed have a huge and valid clinical trial about their product, then would we not expect for them to have the details proudly posted everywhere instead of hidden? Why do they seem to be so afraid of their own scientifically-proven results? I'd certainly love to evaluate the data personally -- that is, if it exists.

This means some other unnamed group provided the supplements and maybe a dozen other companies provided the ingredients. It screams the overwhelming probability of "no accountability" and "China" at the same time. Of course, if you are interested in supplementing with lead, antifreeze, and cadmium, then the origins might not be of concern for you. The type of testing that we should be seeking is a toxicology screen. Finally, the company has some of the more obvious, flat-out frauds, like spirulina and "digestive enzymes". I'm not making a joke when I write that they claim the spirulina will reduce allergies.

That's like how the establishment once claimed that Heroin cured drug addictions. Maybe the business plan is to make the customers sicker with the spirulina and "digestive enzymes", so that the silver products sell much better. I would so not be surprised. Edward Robinson Ever since I learned about colloidal silver I have been sent in multiple directions I think I'll try my luck making my own silver by following the article instructions I just ran across this site today.

The article above has to be one of the best I've ever read. The 'big sell' never came, and I was truly impressed. I've been familiar with CS for years but have never made it. Never bought it either!! Now then, if no virus can stand up to CS, this must include Hep-C as well, right? I've had the virus since , but have never taken any treatment for it.

My enzymes are within safe range, but I'd still like to eradicate the virus. Just use the search box at the top-right of every page. Mr Ralph F Stone Dark Yellow Results — Nancy Johnston I've made two batches so far but both have turned much darker than pale yellow. I used silver bullion and a glass pot, alligator clips to hold the bullion but I bought them with the battery connectors already attached and the wire may not be copper, I can't tell as it's covered in red and black plastic but I am assuming it's not. Is using copper wire absolutely essential?

Making 1 quart at a time and both times it's only taken just over two hours, am I letting it go too long and that's why the colour is coming off as dark yellow or is the wires which do not touch the water ever. I'm hoping for a response as I have consumed some and am worried now. PS - love your website! Jim Brooks I have everything I need to make colloidal silver and have had it now for a couple of weeks.

My frustration is, I cannot find an adapter that puts out the suggested 30Volts DC with 3 amps or one in the 26 volt range even. I live in a fairly large city and have made numerous calls to every electronics store and computer store in the area and have not come up with this part. Radio Shack does not have either. Can you guys please direct me to where I mind find this PS just joined the site today and can't wait to read all the goodies inside.

You connect them together in a triangle just attach each battery to the other, negative to positive. I have a multi-meter and it comes out to almost exactly 28 volts DC which is what you want. Then just get wires with alligator clips on each end, and attach the batteries to your silver bars. Just make sure the alligator clips don't touch the water! By the time you get tired of buying 9-volt batteries I'm getting pretty close , you can find a power supply on Ebay that will work.

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Just start out with 9 volt batteries to make sure this is something you are really going to keep up doing. Questions on Making this — Angela Perkins I've made two batches using the directions but there's a white substance that goes between the two silver bars. Please, can someone give some input as to what I may be doing wrong?

Silver particles tend to accumulate between the silver bars to make a bridge if the bars are touching the container. The bridge should be a gray color to a silvery color. Such bridges should be periodically broken to minimize electrical shorting. We recommend scraping it with a wooden spoon periodically.

There is a contamination problem if you are getting white residue anywhere. If you are not following our recommendations religiously, then you are begging for trouble. The best most pure distilled water that we have found is Walmart's "Great Value" brand. I have watched probably, every video on the subject on YouTube and have seen some pretty bizarre things and claims In all of my research, I have not come across a better article on the subject, than this one Even sourcing the silver I buy mine from the Bank as it's I can attest to the lack of accuracy of the little PPM Testers I have often placed mine into the solution and got a different reading each time The only thing I use it for, now, is to test my Distilled water I can live with that as I don't sell the stuff It's for me only Anyway, Great writeup Thanks.

Aging — Carlos Dasilva After that the color does not change. After my first 2hr. So is everything ok that it changes to a light to medium honey color after a few hours from the initial state? Steam distilled water - store bought 3 9v batteries 1 quart mason jar 2X 1 not troy ounce. Although, what you describe would be especially strong.

It's just a guess from what I am visualizing. Can you not show us in detail how it is done rather than explaining it to us in text? I would really like to make this and do it properly so that I don't harm myself and my family or make something subtherapeutic. We have made a video about making colloidal silver at home, and it should be published tomorrow.

Sign up for our mailing list to get a notification as soon as it is released, or conversely you can look us up on YouTube tomorrow, or look for an update on this article. We have been working on the video for two months, and we are proud of it. It is extremely thorough. It has everything you would ever need to know about making colloidal silver, including the things that you don't know that you need to know.

You have very good timing, Sir. The movie is being uploaded as I write this. You may watch the video now: I first learned to make it in using 3 9v batteries. I think using a power supply unit is the best for consistent quality product. You people amaze me. I'll be purchasing the book shortly. Making CS — Emily Epstein We made colloidal silver and according to the video, ours is the same color as the jar labeled "large particle, too strong, possibly impure. We used 2 1 oz. Silver was cleaned with vinegar and salt, then vodka.

We used a distilled water from our home water distiller. There was a lot of black in the water at the end. We filtered through a coffee filter and have kept covered. We let it run in about a gallon of water for about hours at 30 volts. My husband said there was a lot of silver formations before stirring. The silver bars were clearly utilized; one looks half as thin. Either the water was impure or we left it running too long, but it was probably a combination. Just wanted to share our experience and we will be attempting again.

Can we dilute our the "large particle, too strong, possibly impure," dark yellow batch with store bought distilled water to attain color shown in your video for ideal CS? You have our official permission to disregard our safety advice and drink that tainted solution to your heart's desires. Good luck with that. Where to buy the silver bars? I have very hard time finding a bank that would sell the silver bars. Can someone guide me in the good direction as I do not want to buy them online because of the so many fakes out there. Best wishes, Mihaela Stiso.

Our recommendation is to order from a company known as JM Bullion www. The company formerly produced the famous "Engelhard bullion", which was the standard of bullion purity for decades. It was featured in our video just to make everyone jealous! While there have been a few changes in the company since those glory days, we nevertheless have not found any indication that they have lowered their standards.

The short story is that we would trust them, and we literally do in the making of our own colloidal silver. We normally do not buy silver online, of course, but we would feel safe if it came from them. Mihaela Stiso Thank you, thank you, thank you. Making a hole in the silver bars!

Is there a tool or what do i use to do that? Thank you again Mihaela Stiso. I purchased a little bottle of colloidal silver from Brian to prime my own colloidal silver with. I have the bullion bars from the website you recommended , i fallowed everything that Sarah and Thomas shows in the video ,i cleaned the silver bars with vinegar and salt , then vodka , then distilled water from walmart the great value , i measured the voltage was 30 , i left it for 4 hours switching the alligator clips every hour or so , i stir the solution with a wooden spoon.

The only thing i didn't do is not wearing gloves i didnt have any on hand but i did wash my hands with soap, vodka then rinsed with the distilled water. My colloidal silver had some black particles and the color is pretty dark, as you show in the video the 3rd jar you showing.

It was a light gray when i finished it but the next day turned dark. I used a 6 cups glass jar about 1. Is there a way to test the purity of the water? I don't know what i did wrong? Thank you Mihaela Stiso. Amount — Llyana Abbott But the article said to start off with about two tablespoons, then increase. I have been increasing but now I'm worried; how much is too much?

Is there a max dose? For example, if I'm taking about a cup do I really need more than that? Maybe I overlooked it somewhere. Amount — Thomas Corriher Editor-in-Chief The information from the early Twentieth Century, from when silver was used as a general-purpose antibiotic by mainstream medicine, was literally burned.

I can tell you that the biggest risk of using too much colloidal silver is anemia, because the silver will bind with iron in the blood to both neutralize the iron, and cause the body to excrete too much iron. Iron supplements or a healthy diet will fix this, but it can take weeks before the formerly anemic person has regained his full energy. Of course, this is rarely noticed, since sick people already have low energy.

Coilloidal silver and salt - Silver Chlorate — Benoit Deschamps Really the best info I've found for making our own CS! I've followed meticulously what you told in the youtube video and successfully made my own colloidal silver. It was slightly grey then turned pale yellow. It took about 15 hours for about 1 gallon of distilled water 30Vdc. One thing I have an interrogation about is using salt on the silver bars for cleaning them. Does salt combine with silver ion particules to form Silver Chlorate?

I've read somewhere that if you want to test CS, we can add some salt to it. How much of this is true? When I put salt in my CS, it generates a white smoke, until all the liquid is slightly whiter but still not opaque. Looking for your advice and experience. Giving another try — Mihaela Stiso When i was getting the copper wire out to clean the silver bars i noticed that the wire got blackish where was twisted. Does this have anything to do with my very dark and contaminated colloidal something else? Giving another try — Thomas Corriher Editor-in-Chief If the wire is changing colors, then you have something chemical going on.

Electricity alone will not change the color of copper wire. At work, every year I would get sick at least 4 or 5 days a year. I'm a big baby so even if I get a bad cold I just stay home instead of forcing myself to go to work and "tough it out". Since I found your site in , I have been using colloidal silver, making it on my own pretty much exactly as you describe. I had my boss check with HR, and I haven't had a sick day since Not a coincidence I think!

So I want to thank you for being the site that was convincing enough to get me started on colloidal silver! For the first time, it seems my jar of colloidal silver got contaminated with bacteria or other pathogen. It had that smell I know from making water to look at under the microscope. And kind of some stuff floating on top. Maybe 1-celled organism pathogens rather than bacteria. So anyway I filtered it with a coffee filter, boiled it, and filtered it again, and it's fine now still yellow.

The easiest way to obtain such a jar, if you cannot find one, is to buy a one-gallon glass jar of pickles. At Wal-Mart, for example, the ones with the food stores in them, you can buy pickles in bulk in one-gallon glass jars. Wal-Mart also has a section with many glass jars in it. At grocery stores, the large jars will be in the bulk food section or in the pickle section. You will also need a plastic funnel which has a very wide bottom and a large funnel with has a narrow bottom.

The wide-bottom funnels can be found at Wal-Mart in the canning section, or at any grocery store that has a canning section. These funnels are not critical, but they come in very handy when pouring the water from jar to jar. You should also have some amber jars for storing the finished colloidal silver.

Even if you are able to buy the amber jars, in quart or half-gallon size, you still need to store the jars in a dark place. Here is one vendor of quart-sized i. You will need two alligator clips, which can be small, but yet large enough to hold a 12 or 14 gauge silver wire in place these would be medium sized alligator clips at Radio Shack. Usually, these clips come in packs of 10 or so alligator clips.

With the power pack unit unplugged, during construction, cut-off whatever is at the end of the wire on the original power pack. Separate the two wires for several inches. Strip each wire and solder an alligator clip at the end of each wire. Use one red alligator clip and one black alligator clip for the two wires. It doesn't matter which color goes on which wire. You may want to use one ohm resistor. There are pros and cons associated with putting a ohm resistor on one of the wires.

The good news is that it will protect the power pack should to two silver wires touch each other by accident. The bad news is that putting a ohm resistor on one of the wires will DOUBLE the length of time it takes to cook the colloidal silver. Most people will not use a resistor. They will plug the power pack into a power strip, with the power strip turned off. They will then set up their silver wires in place. With the silver wires in place, they will turn the power strip power on. Likewise, when they have to remove the silver wires for cleaning, they will turn off the power pack before they touch the silver wires.

If you do choose to use a resistor, it needs to be put on one of the wires it doesn't matter which one between the power supply and the alligator clip. It doesn't matter in what direction the resistor is pointed. If you are going to use an LED to display a current which really isn't necessary , put it on the other wire, meaning do not put it on the same wire the resistor in on.

You will definitely want to buy a small, battery-powered, hand-held laser, to see how dense the colloidal silver is becoming. These can also be purchased at Radio Shack or any office supply store. In other words, your line of sight is perpendicular to the laser beam, which is pointed through the water.

However, stirring the colloidal silver will actually slow down the cooking slightly. Certainly, do not use metal or it will short-circuit the silver wires. Put one alligator clip on the end of each inch silver wire to keep the wire from falling into the water. The other end of the silver wire is pushed through the hole in the wood and goes into the water. Thus, the wooden board in placed on top of the wide mouth jar and holds the silver wires in place.

The alligator clip is positioned so that the silver wire goes down to about 1 inch from the bottom of the jar. The ONLY type of water you should use is distilled water, which has been distilled by water distillation not reverse osmosis. There are NO exceptions. All other types of water have too many impurities. While water impurities help speed up the cooking of the colloidal silver, the minerals in the water can bind to the silver particles and may eventually create a health condition known as argyria.

Argyria is a condition where the skin turns grey or blue-grey because of taking high doses of impure colloidal silver over time. It is very difficult to reverse the condition, so it should be avoided. While salt will allow current to flow, it may create silver chloride, which can cause argyria over time.

It is 10 times easier to use tap water than distilled water because it allows electrical currents to flow much, much better than distilled water. However, such colloidal silver should only be used for external purposes. No matter what kind of water you use, if the water turns black, throw the water away, it has too many impurities in it.

The water will always be put into the one-gallon jar in two parts. For the first part, one-half quart e. This is either distilled water or distilled water from a batch of colloidal silver this will be explained below. Either way, the water is at room temperature. The main reason for putting this water in first is to keep the glass jug from breaking when you pour the boiling water into it. The second part of putting liquids into the jar is when you put pure distilled water, which was heated to a low boil, into the jar to finish filling the one-gallon jar up with water.

NEVER use an aluminum pot or a stainless steel pot which is copper coated or has any other coating. Heat until it comes to a low boil. Then pour the hot water into the jar that already has the room temperature water in it. This is when you use the wide-mouth funnel, though you may use it at other times as well. The instructions for cooking your first batch of colloidal silver is different than at other times. This is because your first batch does not have the luxury of having previously cooked colloidal silver put into the jar to help enhance the electrical current between the two silver wires.

Pure distilled water, which is the only kind of water you have for the first batch, conducts electricity very, very poorly.