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On the off chance that you read these reviews or that somebody can bring it to your attention, I stripped the DRM from your book and fixed the HTML the last time I read it. You can't beat that deal!

Hiero's Journey

The Kindle book was recently updated and the new version is improved. Unfortunately, it is also still terrible. Many of the OCR problems were resolved, but not all of them. Improper paragraph breaks and missing or incorrect punctuation still abound. Italics have not been restored. Overall, it is better, but still bad.

It is obvious that nobody who gives a damn has read through the text. As Hiero's Journey is one of my favorite books, I was happy to see a Kindle version available. Unfortunately, it is a big disappointment. The formatting is terrible, with line breaks in the middle of paragraphs, missing punctuation, many bad-OCR character substitutions, and none of the italics used to identify mental communication in the original version. For ten dollars, this is a complete rip off. I'll stick with my old paper copy. The publisher should either reduce the price to 99 cents or fix the text.

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Don't make the same mistake I did. I would happily have repurchased all of his books for the Kindle if this one had been well done. Hopefully they will release a fixed version. Until this one is corrected, there is no way I will be taking a risk on the others. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. This book is alright. When I was done with the story I didn't feel any sort of revelation or anything. I just felt like alright the story is over now, what am I gonna read next. I want to give a sense of what this book is like for those of you wondering if you should buy it.

This is a fantasy book set years in the future after a nuclear apocalypse, "The Death. The hero is a warrior priest that comes from one of the small settlements with a mission to go somewhere and get something. Where he's going and what he's looking for is a secret.

Hiero’s Loooong Journey – PC Bushi

The lands that he is traveling through are only known through old outdated maps, and are mostly wild nature that has evolved a lot from our own time. The bad guys are twisted and foul creatures called Leemutes and the Unclean. Here's an example of a description of one of the first encounters with a group of a type of leemute: The rest of the world is woods, swamps, deserts, etc. The people have evolved or discovered telepathy too. Not everyone knows how to use telepathy but everyone seems to be capable of it, including animals.

But what is his function as a priest? He says a few prayers, but he never offers mass or gives blessings. Not very clerical behavior at all. But as Jeffro pointed out, Aldo is too powerful. But the Eleveners and the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood represents the evil physicists and hard scientists.

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So there was at least one big eye-roller. Was there anything I did like? But he was quickly overshadowed by Gorm the bear and was mostly relegated to chewing swamp vegetation. At the very least I must give multiple props and a single kudo for that. View all posts by pcbushi. Like Liked by 1 person.

Hiero’s Loooong Journey

Pretty much my take on it, Bushi. I actually read the the second book as well. BTW, Lanier was coming up with nothing new. Lanier was a Gardner Fox to her Robert E.

Imagination is the key to life, without imagination there is nothing

The story is full of interesting twists and turns, all of which are internally consistent with the world, characters, and story-lines. The protagonist is someone you empathize with and admire, but not someone you would ever want to trade places with. The first publishing run of Dune sold poorly and Sterling lost his job over it. His promotion of the book was later vindicated, but too late to save his job. Tolkien, sculpted ice age animals, and made miniatures featuring Lord of the Rings characters.

Illumined Union & Hieros Gamos

Supposedly Tolkien admired the miniatures but did not want them marketed. Lanier died before writing a third book, a real shame as there is so much more to be written in this unusual world. Thanks Neahga — this is an interesting-sounding set of books that I will have to check out. It sounds like Lanier may have tried to generate the sense that Dark Ages are frequently periods of great, though highly localized and chaotic, intellectual ferment, not just the splatter-fest by grunting Conan-types that Hollywood likes to show.

The weakest point is the beginning — a radio-astronomer is involved in an unusual accident that transports his consciousness into the future, where he finds himself trapped in an organic computer with another personality. This Other is some sort of priest-figure for the hunter-gatherer humans of the era, who are in a death-struggle with evolved intelligent birds.

Ancestor-worship is a kind of applied technology in this era and telepathy is considered to be a natural outgrowth of the advanced physics of the previous civilizations. It turns out that a remnant of the previous civilization exists somewhere, and the astronomer, the Other and a local tribesman all have their own reasons for tying to find it. Unfortunately, there is no book 3, unless someone else picks up the banner and writes it themselves. After first translation of Hiero Desteen story to russian language.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was republication of story in edge of millenium And group of russian authors in continue of the Saga of Hiero World published about 20 books in