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Precious moments are the fertile seeds, life embeds into your now experience.

The Power Of Precious Moments: How To Cherish The Gift Of Now

It is difficult to stay present when bombarded with the avalanche of outside noises vying for our attention. Mobile phone devices and other electronic gadgets prevent us from opening to the present moment because our attention span is limited. The need to escape from the here and now through multitasking, for example, is based on the assumption that we will be more productive. It is the lure of the future being better than the present that most excites us.

So, we transition from one moment to another, hoping the next will be better but rarely is it that way.

Cherish Sayings and Cherish Quotes | Wise Old Sayings

The future has its own problems and challenges, but we are eager for the next moment to arrive because we are constantly discontent. Can you see the foolishness of our thoughts when we believe our happiness lies in the future and not in the present moment? In that respect, we are like mice in a lab experiment looking for the exit out of the maze, only to be met with a dead end.

It is a relentless journey of anxiety, frustration and longing. We become spectators of our life instead of being the main character. We flee from the present moment just like an actor transitioning from scene to scene in a play. Mindfulness is the practice of calling the thinking mind back to where the body is, wherein the two become as one in the present moment. Happiness is not dependent on attaining something outside of you because once you do, you are likely to crave the next thing.

After a while, you become accustomed to yearning and not appreciating what is taking place now. I invite you to connect with the power of precious moments to cherish the gift of your now experience. I was speaking with a client recently who was bemoaning her current problems. They were resolvable by any means, but from her perspective they were out of reach. I invited her to consider the issue from the viewpoint of a person dying from a life-threatening illness, someone who would give anything to be in her shoes.

The Cheetah Girls - Cherish The Moment

While an extreme example, it helped my client to see the folly of her thoughts and the insignificance of her dilemma. Jan Frazier writes in The Freedom of Being: At Ease with What Is: However, these are momentary glimpses into happiness since we are not confronting our problems but fleeing from them.

This means being in a state of reverence for co-creating each experience as it should be. Lean in to your problems and openly accept them, knowing they contain the seed of something extraordinary for your life to unfold. If you continue to run away from the present moment, it will gather momentum and come crashing upon you when you least expect it. This moment, this wonderful precious moment is a gift. This reminds me Outspoken Party by Fergie Avon, only that one is more fruity and "clean". Now it's winter and I tried again this perfume.

Cherish the Moments

This time I can definitely feel patchouli. I like this perfume. It's persistent and gourmand for me. In my oppinion,i like that you can wear it day and night,not just for a particular ocasion. Fruity and expensive smelling with a clear resemblance to the original whilst retaining its own character. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Avon Cherish the Moment fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information.

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