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However, they became too long and repetitive for my short attention span and I ended up skipping through most of them in the third book to simply finish. I gave the trilogy 3 stars because it was intriguing enough to read all three books, but conversely I'm also appalled that I spent the time to read them all I think it really only deserves 2 stars.

And did anyone notice she used bigger words in the third book? I think she found a thesaurus. I kept looking at my original 3 star rating and thinking "that's too many! View all 14 comments. Apr 27, Christy rated it it was amazing. I do not think I would go that far. I am a prude and do not share my bedroom things,etc This book had an underlying story of two people learning to be a couple and not be independent. Each brought their own baggage.

He a past of a terrible early childhood, being adopted by a loving family, him being seduced at a young age, and then became a dominant sex gamer. She comes in with her naive, inexperience and never really having to comply to Erotic love story She comes in with her naive, inexperience and never really having to comply to another. She herself played 2nd string to her mother and lived her life for herself! They both end up learning about themselves through each other and making it work!

If you do not want to read the erotic parts you can skip over them and still enjoy the story I read the trilogy in 5 days. It had the love story and all we love to read but it is x-rated all the same! Jun 08, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. I hadn't heard of these until recently when they were mentioned to me by a number of different people within the space of a couple of days. Naturally I was intrigued and upon reading reviews was led to believe they were pure filth. Which, don't be disheartened if that's what you're looking for, they're naughty. But there is so much more. These are not to be dismissed as "women's porn" as I've seen happen.

There is a lot more to the plot and to the characters. They are brilliantly written that yo I hadn't heard of these until recently when they were mentioned to me by a number of different people within the space of a couple of days. They are brilliantly written that you get so involved and empathise with each of the main characters amazingly well! Given the gist of the novels from other people I should have hated Christian Grey but by mid book 1 I loved him as much as Anastasia did!

All 3 were a marvellous, cannot-put-it-down, who-cares-if-I'm-late-for-work-this-is-more-important kind of read! Now I'm just sad I've run out Highly recommended and to be fair I'd like to see a man read that without being effected at all. Consider it a challenge. View all 7 comments. Sep 14, Penny rated it it was amazing Shelves: In a way, that is why I couldn't bring myself to write a review about the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

I realized, in this case, to be at peace with myself I needed to separate mind and emotions. My mind has a completely different opinion of this series than my emotions, but the truth is that what really prevails for me here when I think about Fifty Shades are my emotions, not my mind. At this point I don't care about all the bad press, the good or bad reviews, the bad quality of the writing, that it shows an unhealthy relationship, that it can't really be called BDSM, that some people could misinterpret it and degrade woman because of it, that has too much or too little sex, or yada, yada, yada.

I don't care anymore what people get or don't from it, there are so many debates about it, justifications, explanations, etc, etc So yeah, I am not going to justify anything, or rationalize why I gave it 5 stars. Everything positive or negative about these books have already been pointed out, criticized and argued. What matters to me now is that I liked it, I enjoyed it very much while I read it, in fact I could not put it down, I eat the series up.

Since that very first time, I have read it and listen to the audiobooks many more times, and I have no doubt I will do it again because I find pleasure in it. There is no explanation other than emotionally I feel satisfied when I read it. Some might think is fucked up, maybe it is. Reading is my drug of choice, sometimes is for my mind, sometimes for my feelings, other times is for both.

In this instance with Fifty Shades , the fix is for my emotions alone and they love it. If you are a person who cannot disconnect your mind, then you would probably find more bumps and problems with these books than satisfaction, because there sure are many. View all 12 comments. Aug 01, Aishu Rehman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reading this novel was a bittersweet experience. On the other hand, I wanted to take my sweet time and drag things out because I never wanted it to end. I could read about Christian and Ana forever.

Christian may be the perfect man to star in a never-ending Reading this novel was a bittersweet experience. Christian may be the perfect man to star in a never-ending series. He seems to have enough issues. Jun 04, Lucy rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Recommended to Lucy by: People who thought I needed punishment. I want to preface this review by confessing that I am a literary masochist. If I begin reading a series, no matter how bad it is, I have to finish it, to satisfy my curiosity about the ending, about the author's ability to improve her writing, and about what the fuss is all about.

I picked up this book largely out of curiosity anyway, because I'd heard from several people that it's a great read. James's writing ability is mediocre at best. From page one, I was annoyed. I I want to preface this review by confessing that I am a literary masochist. It was clear to me that James is a novice in the field of writing, which is disappointing from my point of view largely because I aspire to publish writing of my own.

It hurts me to know that drivel of this nature was published by anyone, to say nothing of my disdain that it has become such a hugely popular book. I will never understand how or why any writer would choose to delve into the life of a character who was born and raised in an entirely different country, a country which it is perfectly clear that the author knows little about.

Perhaps James has spent some time in the US, perhaps even in the Pacific Northwest where the story takes place. I wonder that she hasn't grasped that here on THIS continent, we don't speak like we're from Australia. Expressions were used in all of the books which made me feel like I was intruding into a country that I was unfamiliar with, when I live in the US. The two primary characters are less than one-dimensional. One could argue that both characters change through the course of the story, and one would be wrong to argue such a thing.

James is careful to point out that both Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are changing throughout the story, but if the author has to tell you this herself, she's not doing her job. Both Grey and Steele continue to react to every possible scenario exactly as predicted. Every scenario is resolved exactly as predicted. Even the beginnings of the scenarios become predictable. The formula seems to be as follows: Even the sex isn't exciting by the time you get to the end of the first book.

By the time you move on to the second book, you're more or less counting the pages until the end. And then, if you're like me, you're wishing you didn't even have to read the third one, but you must MUST! But you'll end up disappointed, just like me. The stilted, awkward syntax throughout the story was a huge hurdle to overcome. I understand it was born of a fan-fic based on characters from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, which I have also read and disliked , but a heavy-handed editor could have made enormous improvements which would have kept the series from reading like a piece of fan fiction.

I only regret that I purchased this as an e-book; had I bought the paperbacks, I could at least have taken a red pen to it and fixed it to my satisfaction--and then perhaps I could have endured reading it a second time. I would rather have given this trilogy a sub-zero rating, but unfortunately, that's not possible. I would rather have the twenty-four collective hours of my life back that I spent filling my thoughts with this heinous series. The whole story could have been handled so much better.

For one thing, the bad writing was so distracting it was difficult for me to hold onto what the story is actually ABOUT--which according to most fans of the series, is the love and healing that occurs between Anastasia and Christian. I wanted to believe in it, really, I did. But it has taken five years of endless patience and reassurance to get him to understand what a gift he is to me and others who love him; but the speed of the development of the relationship between Anastasia and Christian was completely unrealistic. A man as internally damaged as this one was could not possibly fall head over heels in love with a woman as quickly as has been described.

Women want to believe it's possible, we want to believe in a happy ending so desperately when we pick up this kind of escapist literature. But Christian Grey is not real. He's so incredibly unreal that it would make any other actual, real-life man impossible to measure up to him. I wonder why we set ourselves up like this.

The happy ending, the knight on a white horse, the castle high on the mountain where the bad things can't touch us--these are things we dream of from the time we're little girls, and stories like this only encourage us to believe it can happen.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

But it's a dream. And when that dream doesn't come true for us, it makes us feel like we don't deserve the best. There's no way I would recommend this series to a friend, acquaintance, or even someone I don't like. Why would I put another woman through this? View all 6 comments.

Jun 12, Laurie rated it did not like it. This was so awful, it was fun to read, and read I read all three of them. Like a bad car wreck, I couldn't stop looking.

See a Problem?

Where do I start? Let's see, we have one, Ana Steele, newly graduated virgin, who is so smart and strong-willed, and so buried in classic literature that not even one singular male can turn her head. Until the day she fortuitously stands in for her best friend who is too sick with the flu to interview with one, Christian Grey with an "e" , a year-old self-made billionair This was so awful, it was fun to read, and read Until the day she fortuitously stands in for her best friend who is too sick with the flu to interview with one, Christian Grey with an "e" , a year-old self-made billionaire.

She is immediately so stricken by his presence that she literally trips into his office and falls into his arms. He, of course, is totally charmed by her innocence, her plain clothes, and her simple beauty. Other than her dark hair, that is all we know about Ana's physical appearance. Be that as it may, they both feel "jolts of electricity" course through their bodies at the slightest touch.

Later on, Ana's jolts evolve into multiple orgasmic jolts simply through the brush of his hand on her arm, or the brush of his leather whip--either one will do. Anyway, where was I? After the interview, she just can't stop thinking of him and his "wry smile," but no matter because he shows up the next day at the hardware store where she works, ordering everyday things like yards of twine and axes.

Things progress quickly, and within a day or so, she is living with him at his mansion, complete with servants, a cook, bodyguards,etc. Sometimes he takes her to his country house in his private jet that he flies himself as he is an accomplished pilot. But, there's something "different" about Ana, Christian feels.

But again, with Ana, it is oh so different. Of course eventually we learn that Christian's weird sexual proclivities are a result of his tragic early life: From his "crack whore" yes, these are the actual words used mother to his abusive foster family, he is a broken man. You see where this is going. The author actually has the audacity to have the last scene take place in a lovely field, strewn with flowers, a family picnic with their new baby boy and girl on the way.

So, now you don't have to read the books, or do you? View all 11 comments. Jan 16, Dee Montoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: If I'm honest I have to say that the writing style of these books is not all that great but the story plot and the character of Christian Grey were not only memorable but truly captivating.

I'm really not surprised that no matter how many times I read this books 5 , I always get the same intense feelings and it just makes me love it more and more. Since there has been enough said about this books I'll just do a few gifs that better describe my feelings about the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy Every time I'm going to start re-reading this books I get giddy Every time I read about my beloved Christian I get Goosebumps and totally flustered Big kiss to my lovely BR partners, you girls rock!!!

View all 30 comments. May 19, Janean rated it liked it. I am English teacher who considers herself fairly well read and a feminist.

Almost Human by Melanie Nowak

But I read these. And I read them very quickly. I not-so-secretly enjoyed them These books are horribly written. I mean horribly written. Besides the fact that writing is awful and I literally laughed out loud or blushed at times and not at the sex But let's be honest,I didn't pick these up for the literary merit.

It'd be like my husband reading Playboy for the articles. These books are deliciously trashy and fun. Again, I consider myself a feminist and while I did take issue with some of Christian's comments and observations on women, I had to remind myself what I was reading. And what this is really about--a good trashy read. And you got to hand it to James--the woman can't write to save her life though I don't think she sees herself as such , she has tapped into many women's fantasies: You have to take these for what they are worth and just enjoy.

Or at least appreciate a laugh at times. So yes, I did it. And I'm not ashamed to admit it ok, a little ashamed. But thankfully it's on my Kindle so maybe I will re-read these on the beach this summer View all 9 comments. The following are a few examples and by all means not a comprehensive list: Aside from the overuse of Fuck like it holds some sort of deeper meaning and mentioning way too many firsts, had both references been pared down to more manageable levels, the writing actually did hold a certain amount of appeal.

In that regard, I must give E. So I approach the finish line with trepidation, but I vow to make it all the way through, one way or another, and I shall do it all in the name of scientific research. A good alternative title for this series. It was like a high school crush that suddenly turned into a high school crush again, and based on the relationship and its ramifications, the two lovers deserved something more.

As readers we deserved a little bit more. What percentage of women climax from penetration alone? All I know is Anastasia reminded me of a fembot with machine gun jubblies and a platinum vagina who was wetter than the Euphrates and comes on command.

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Not that this is a bad thing if your setting is an alternate universe with alien life forms, then you can certainly make up your own rules. Even the conflict felt forced to me. Robinson , and Jack—could have been stronger villains. Instead, the three felt like shells of what they could have been and felt artificially created to sustain this novel. James credit, because she recognized that conflict was needed, but this was bad conflict. And it could have been much better. For the first two-thirds of this novel, coupled with the entire previous one, we had pages of Christian being Christian.

In other words, he made this novel interesting, until he metamorphosed into some alien life form and became a submissive to Anastasia, all based on Ana threatening to leave. Instead of manning up, like his character should have done, he dropped to his knees and stared at her with pleading, puppy dog eyes. I might have coughed up my Cheerios, had it not been over fourteen hours since breakfast. Call it morbid curiosity, though. But I will trudge onward. Cheated out of a wedding, cheated out of the first two weeks of the honeymoon, cheated out of a relationship that hinted at so much promise yet managed to under deliver, cheated out of plotting and conflict and other writing techniques that were under-executed or done ineffectively, and cheated out of hours upon hours of my life.

At least it would have made the unbelievable sex seem a tad more believable. Yet, here we are with Christian, an emotionally distant, controlling, narcissist. And Ana is supposed to be the one to save him. Seems to me that is Fifty Shades of Fucked Up. With this trilogy, the feminist movement is dead, buried, and headed straight for Hell. But at least the kinky fuckery makes it all worthwhile, right?

As for the white roses, long flowing gown, picture-perfect wedding ceremony, that was relegated to the backburner, otherwise known as flashbacks, and the reader grabbed bits and pieces. Conflict avoidance has reached near panic level. Sure, conflict was there, but I had to dig for it like I was shoveling for my own grave, and then I was going to be tossed in afterwards with my hands zip-tied behind my back and spitting up dirt. Jack popped in for a brief interlude, after the conductor had already waved his magic wand, and Leila who was probably consuming massive amounts of happy pills and Elena, aka Mrs.

Robinson, were literally nowhere to be found, unless a brief reference is counted as full-fledged character development. Yeah, I must have missed that memo in Writing So at least E. James has that going for her.

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Fifty Shades of Done. Cross-posted at Robert's Reads View all 24 comments. Jul 08, Kristopher Kelly rated it it was ok. Sifting through the Fifty Shades trilogy, I started paying more attention to patterns than to the plot. Perhaps E L James choosing to respect her apparent wishes to drop the periods after her initials repeated the phrase "you are one fucked up bitch" six times in Fifty Shades Darker in order to aid rote memorization, perhaps not, but I'm sure Homer wouldn't have done it any differently.

At any rate, I embarked on my own odyssey in search of something all the books in the trilogy shared; someth Sifting through the Fifty Shades trilogy, I started paying more attention to patterns than to the plot. At any rate, I embarked on my own odyssey in search of something all the books in the trilogy shared; something which could pull the whole series together. Well, I think I've found it. But E L James is nothing if not creative, and she shows us many different ways of shaking one's head. Here are more than fifty cumulative ways of shaking one's head, as found throughout the Fifty Shades series.

And, yes, it's possible I missed some. I shake my head at science! From Fifty Shades of Grey: He closes his eyes and shakes his head then tilts his head back in surrender. View all 4 comments. Four cousins find themselves swamp deep in adventure as they seek to solve five riddles in an effort to free a rambunctious Siberian Husky from the evil grasp of Reggie - just one of several teddy-bears-come-to-life that make Alligator Bay an And to make matters worse, a man This novel was originally published as a six-part short story series under the pseudonym Hannah Hunter.

If it seems familiar, please check your purchase history. And with her ample curves she knows that she would never be able to hold his interest. His finest achievement is the online role-playing game Alternative Dimension, but he sees it as more than a plaything. He is fascinated by the freedoms offered by living in a virtual world, and the more sophisticated As co-captain of the basketball team in Martens Ferry, Florida, its his goal to lead his school to victory at the.

No further sub categories. The main character Felicity is the new girl at college and kind of has a whole country mouse turning into a city mouse kind of thing going on. This country mouse is being introduced to the fact that vampires do indeed exist. Unlike some other recent literary characters that seem fine about vampires existing, Felicity is not sure at first what to think about it.

There is plenty of relationship drama across all three books. You see the beginning, middle and end of one relationship then the start of another. Somehow though I don't think that these relationships may stay stable at all. There are two love interests across the three books. He lives in town with his Dad who's not home a lot. The reader of course can tell that Ben really like Felicity but of course she has no clue for quite a while. Cain, an extremely old vampire with a very literal name, ushers Felicity into the world of vampires when he saves her and later when she finds out that he is a vampire.

There interactions are great but he's almost more intriguing as a character when you see his actions and thoughts when he's not around Felicity. I do like the fact that they both know that the relationship between them has a not so great chance of working out. Cain has plenty of flaws but Felicity is slow to catch on to that fact. In the second book the reader gets to see what Cain's life was like before he became a vampire, seeing this glimpse is enlightening to why he is the way he is today.

The relationship of Felicity and Cain is well done even though I did want to slap some sense into one or the both of them at different times. They even have a whole Ross and Rachel moment thrown into the works which thankfully is brought up in the book. I like that the author shows the flaws in the vampires that shes created.

It's not easy for a human to have a relationship with these vampires. They have venom in their saliva and other body fluids so whether they bite someone or kiss them, they'll find themselves becoming addicted to venom and craving it just like a drug. After being bitten the person is marked as well the property of whichever vampire bit them.

Their venom and bite lets them trace the location of the person they've bit and have some sway on their actions. The one plus to this is that the human can also sense if the vampire is close. There is more then one villain but Sindy is the main big bad that starts it all. She was young when she was turned into a vampire but she has a real thirst for power.

Sindy and her group that she's made into vampires are not practicing the best vampire habits and are pretty noticeable.

Top 10 Greatest Movie Trilogies

Their hassling of people and making of poorly made vampires are the reasons that Cain comes to town in the first place. He tries to teach vampires the ways that he lives by and if they don't agree he at least tells them to not kill the people that they take blood from. Complications ensue because of Sindy's actions and that she also wants to be with Cain and Ben. Because of these feelings of course she doesn't really like Felicity at all.

I have a feeling that Sindy's going to be an important character in the future and I really like that she's not just a one dimensional villain. Each book ends at a great point but I would recommend reading it as a trilogy. I love the endings of all three books because they either leave you laughing or contemplating what could happen next. This is especially true with the end of the third book which shows a promising direction for the future and ends with Felicity finding out some very intriguing information.

These characters were fun to read about and there are still secrets and stories to explore so I'm really looking forward to reading more from Melanie Nowak. Feb 06, Jenny needham rated it it was amazing. Fatal Infatuation First of all I loved this book right from the first chapter. She is a well rounded character and has been written in such a way as to make you believe she really does exist, of course she also has character traits but this makes her all the more lovable.

Cain is an in depth and intriguing character who has not only lived many centuries, wants to follow My review: Cain is an in depth and intriguing character who has not only lived many centuries, wants to follow his beliefs even though that wars with what he has become. You never really know which side of himself he is going to follow especially when it comes to his flaws, and of those he has a few, the biggest one appears to be Felicity at the minute. I loved the whole story-line, finding it well written, captivating and enthralling and addictive all at the same time.

Credit goes to the author in bringing the world to life, giving all of the characters their own identities and making the whole story believable. You can truly loose yourself within the book feeling and growing with the characters as you go, and in places the story line even gave you thought to visit your own morals and what you would do in a given situation. I really enjoyed this first in the series and will be continuing on in this trilogy book.

Lost Reflections The second volume follows well from the first leaving no gaps, I love the way Felicity is growing and maturing, finding new strength and discovering her inner self. We gain more in depth knowledge of her life and the way she perceives everyone around her. She grows in confidence and depth. We find out so much more about Cain and his back story, leaving the reader with no questions as to who he was and what he has done, this brings to light a whole different side of him that is both shocking and intriguing. The growing relationship between the pair is well written and well worded making the reader feel as if they are feeling and going through everything with them both.

This includes the ups and downs within the relationship, as well as bringing to the fore the relationships that are growing between all of the main characters. We see a different side to Ben and Allie, with new discoveries being made about both of their pasts. I love the storyline and felt that is was well written, enticing and enthralling, giving the reader all the emotions needed to carry them through and feel everything with the characters. The action scenes were well written and believable, and the love scenes added by the author made the book all the more believable and interesting, giving the reader a believable and well structures romantic side to everything going on.

Evolving Ecstasy This is an amazing last part to this 3 volume book, with love laughter and sadness. I loved the continual development of the characters, finding the twists and turns in the story-line really well developed, even if I was not always able to see them coming. The relationships are becoming more intense and in depth making the reader feel all the emotions and following with everything that is happening. The story line leaves only what it needs to in order to make the reader think about what is actually happening, I felt that I always wanted more and did not want to put the book down without finding out what was going to happen next.

The author has managed to continually bring a world in which I can immerse myself whole heartedly in, feeling, loving and laughing along with Felicity, Ben, Allie and Cain. They have truly rocked my world. I loved everything about this series and I can not wait to start reading the next set of books within this series to find out what else is going to happen.

I recommend this series to anyone who is a lover of paranormal romance, as this has everything you need to get lost. With amazing characters, awesome writing and believability it is a must have for the more adult readers of this genre, I believe you will love what you find within theses pages.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It has been weeks since I read this book and till this day I am still thinking about it and recommending it to everyone. I just can not get it out of my head! I came across this book on Amazon when I was looking for a new e-book for my Kindle.

The cover sorta pulled me in, but what really did it were the reviews on Amazon. So many people on Amazon had so many great things to say about this book so I went ahead and got the sample, read the sample and then went ahead and bought it. So glad I did!

How can I write this review without spoilers What I liked the most about this book was that the world and characters Melanie Nowak created were very believable. Some of the things in this book happens in real life on daily basis, of course not the whole vampire stuff haha, but school, work, life in general. So it was very easy to relate to her characters and be pulled into the town like if you were living there as well.

It was not hard at all to feel like you were there at every scene just watching it all play out. Ben, Felicity and Alyson become really close friends and are very much aware what lurks around their town. Ben hates vamps with all his heart, Alyson could careless and Felicity is just still getting used to it in book one. I think it was so cute how Felicity and Cain started out. Cain is shocked that Felicity even spoke to him the first time and then offers to hang out with him. He slowly begins to feel this pull to Felicity only to find out that the whole time Felicity had no idea what he truly was.

Once she does though it pops open a jar of emotions and confusion. She does not know if she should pull away from Cain or continue to speak to him. Of course it does not help with Ben hating vamps so much and putting things in her head. Cain and Felicity slowly begin to trust each other and man the can of worms that opened up. I really liked them together and let me tell you, the scene Melanie Nowak wrote between Cain and Felicity on their "First time" gave me goosebumps and turned my cheeks red.

I never had a book make my whole body tingle from just reading a love scene. The scene was written so well that I felt every single emotion they were feeling towards each other. While I was reading I had to keep putting the book down because I just couldn't believe how real it felt. It was just perfect in every way! Sindy, who pretty much thinks she is such a bad ass and creates her own little gang of vamps to follow her.

At first I hated Sindy's character, but somewhere down the line you learn the truth behind Sindy and sorta feel sorry for her. She lived a rough life before being turned and never really had anyone to love her. I feel like I am giving way to much away! From the first page until the very last. Honestly, there were so many things I thought I knew was going to happen and was shocked when it went in a whole different direction. This book was well written and has a little bit of everything.

You'll cry a little, laugh a little, scream a little and be in shock from time to time. Don't let me get started on the ending of this book!! I am so torn right now because of the way this book ended. I no longer know what I want for Felicity. I just love this book and can not wait until the second part which will be another trilogy released on May 31, I definitely recommend this book. Mar 01, Sandy Wolters rated it it was amazing Shelves: I couldn't put it down, and I couldn't stop thinking about it when I had to put i Book: I couldn't put it down, and I couldn't stop thinking about it when I had to put it down.

I fell so head over heels in love with these characters that I had a difficult time sleeping because I worried over them so. As a reader, I want to be involved with the characters and feel their joy and pain as they do. I want the words to escape the page and form pictures in my mind as if I were truly there with them experiencing everything as they do. Nowak did just that with this trilogy. This can be a difficult thing when the reader is a worry wart like me because I just had to make sure that everything turned out okay for the characters which meant getting up at 2: This is not a book that you put down lightly and then just stop thinking about what is happening within the pages.

There is not a conclusion to the story at the end of each of the volumes until you get to Volume 3 which ties everything together beautifully. The story just seems to flow from one volume to the next with an ending that will be more than a little surprising to the reader. I thought it was very clever how Ms. Nowak brought everything together in Volume 3. To be honest, it's a very different resolution than I was expecting. I cried a lot and then I realized that it really couldn't have ended any different than it did. It was just perfect. Another aspect of Ms.

Nowak's writing came shining through as Cain one of the oldest living vampires and known as The Teacher by other vampires describes the faults and drawbacks of vampires. I thought this was so refreshing because most vampire romances depict them as heroes rather than the dark entities they are meant to be. Thus making Cain, in my eyes at least, a true hero.

I can't wait to start the second trilogy, but I'm going to give myself a day or two to recover from reading the first trilogy. I need some sleep. This is one of those books that was pleasantly surprising. It is a large book and was pretty intimidating when I sat down to start reading it, but the stories flow so well, that was a detail easily forgotten.

The books progress from one right into the next with barely a breath of time between the end of one and the beginning of the next.

Almost Human

The characters in this book were very enjoyable and easy to relate to. The beginning of the book was a bit slow until Felicity comes out of her shell a bit. I loved the friendship between Alli, Ben, and Felicity. Cain was a fascinating and complex character. I was surprised at how my feelings for Sindy changed throughout the book. One minute I hated her evil ways and the next I felt sorry for her and wanted someone to just give her a chance. The story itself is filled with deep emotional struggles and twists and turns that keep you desperate to know what happens next.

The end of the book was definitely not what I was expecting; Ms Nowak certainly left us a cliffhanger! I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for something a little more mature than Twilight, but not quite ready for a purely adult vampire romance.