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He has many books, several of them best-sellers, to his credit which include I Spy A Nephite, and the illustrations for J. Golden Kimball Stories by James Kimball. As well as numerous works with the humorist Robert Kirby. He resides in Salt Lake City.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Robert Kirby is always funny and you must have one of his books on reserve just in case the Sunday school teacher is boring you to death Loved all of his books. Definitely need to be familiar with LDS culture to even appreciate this. If you are LDS, you'll also need to be able to laugh at yourself. Another wonderful Kirby book. See all 4 reviews.

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Lavina Fielding Anderson and Robert Kirby - Dawning of a Brighter Day

Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The Essential Kirby Canon: Kirby Soup for the Soul with cartoons by Pat Bagley. White Horse Books, Leicester Bay Books, Family Home Screaming with cartoons by Pat Bagley. Wake Me for the Resurrection with cartoons by Pat Bagley.

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Sunday of the Living Dead with cartoons by Pat Bagley. A reminder that our Fall Sale rolls on. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the books that have been published over the last few months. Homer skips the nonsense but not the details in this masterful perspective on the many meanings of Masonry in the Mormon world.

A Bibliographic Source Lost Apostles: Of the twelve men initially selected as apostles in , nine would eventually be pruned from the vineyard themselves, to varying degrees. Seven were excommunicated, one of whom was reinstated to his position in the Twelve. Of the other six, the subjects of this book, none returned to the apostleship and four never came back to the Church at all. Those who left faded into obscurity except for when they are occasionally still mentioned in sermons as cautionary tales. But two of them made their marks in other areas of society, John Boynton becoming a successful dentist, a popular lecturer, geologist, and inventor with dozens of important patents to his name, while Lyman Johnson became a prominent attorney and business owner.

Even though Luke Johnson, Thomas B. Marsh, William McLellin, and William Smith became religious wanderers and tried unsuccessfully to adjust to life outside of the Church, their experiences were interesting and comprise valuable case studies in belief and disaffection. Hawaiian Mission, ed. In , the Hawaiian nation was opened for missionary work, and among the first elders called to labor there was a young man named George Q. He had been working in the California gold fields but accepted the call to serve in the island nation.

Elder Cannon served as a missionary in Hawaii for four year—from through —and found himself in the center of one of the most successful LDS missions of the nineteenth century.

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More than 4, people were baptized. During the early days, the Hawaiian mission seemed to regularly alternate between ill-fated and inspired. The Journals of George Q. This journal is among the finest examples of a missionary journal in the Church. It provides new information and insights into the Hawaiian mission and serves as a testament of what faith can accomplish.

The Polygamous Wives Writing Club: Oxford University Press, The Church of Latter-day Saints renounced the practice of plural marriage in In the mid to late nineteenth century, however—the heyday of Mormon polygamy—an average of three out of every ten Mormon women became polygamous wives. Paula Kelly Harline delves deep into the diaries and autobiographies of twenty-nine such women, opening a rare window into the lives they led and revealing their views of and experiences with polygamy, including their well-founded belief that their domestic contributions would help to build a foundation for generations of future Mormons.

Following two or three women simultaneously and integrating their own words within a lively narrative, Harline focuses on the detail of their emotional and domestic lives over time, painting an incredibly candid and realistic picture of 19th Century polygamy. Mormon Historical Consciousness and the Concept of Apostasy ed. Latter-day Saints have a paradoxical relationship to the past; even as they invest their own history with sacred meaning, celebrating the restoration of ancient truths and the fulfillment of biblical prophecies, they repudiate the eighteen centuries of Christianity that preceded the founding of their church as apostate distortions of the truth.

Since the early days of Mormonism, Latter-day Saints have used the paradigm of apostasy and restoration in their narratives about the origin of their church.

  • The Rise and Fall of the Heian Nobility in Japan.
  • Villains.
  • Hannibal: A History of the Art of War Among the Carthaginians and Romans Down to the Battle of Pydna, 168 B.C., With a Detailed Account of the Second Punic War.
  • Let Your Light So Shine: Live a life of love.
  • Wake Me for the Resurrection (The Mormon Humor Collection Book 2).
  • Revenge of the Orgasm (The Lust Series).

This has generated a powerful and enduring binary of categorization that has profoundly impacted Mormon self-perception and relations with others. Friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith, defender of the Prophet and his faith, Alexander took his young family into the desert valley that would become his home and the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Early Journals of John D. He fulfilled six distinct callings as such during this period, taking him into what then comprised the western states of the United States. Later journals cover a brief time in Nauvoo before the exodus including details on his service in the Nauvoo Temple , sojourn at Winter Quarters and his experiences in the Mormon Battalion.

With the exception of his Battalion journal, all are previously unpublished.

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In , the prophet Wilford Woodruff received a revelation regarding generational family sealings that would resolve unsettled issues and establish modern temple worship. His experiences in Kirtland and Nauvoo prepared him to receive additional revelations regarding temple worship. Through the years he continued the pattern of seeking revelation in order to clarify rites and effect changes based on practical experience.

How his most seismic revelation—the doctrine of polygamy—created a rift among his people; how that schism turned to violence; and how, ultimately, Smith could not escape the consequences of his ambition and pride. The most complete overview and assessment of Mormon village studies available, this volume extends the canon twofold. First, it presents a rich composite view of nineteenth-century Mormon life in the West as seen by qualified observers who did not just pass through but stopped and studied.

Second, it connects that early protoethnography to scholarly Mormon village studies in the twentieth century, showing their proper context in the thriving field of community studies. The Legacy of Karl G. Maeser has rightfully been called the spiritual architect not only of Brigham Young University but also of the Church Educational System. As the first superintendent of Church Education, he helped develop and maintain over fifty academies and schools from Canada to Mexico.

He helped develop the public education system in Utah and helped establish the Utah Teachers Association. The students he taught personally included future United States senators and members of the House of Representatives, a United States Supreme Court justice, university presidents, and many General Authorities. Based on extensive research, Called to Teach describes the life of this remarkable man and explores the impact of his legacy. This volume, the third in a series of seven, represents women born between and They lived in a rapidly changing world, and many experienced the expansion of opportunities for women, including the advent of mass communication and increased travel.

In this volume, you will meet both leading and little known women, including general Relief Society presidents Clarissa S.

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Williams and Louise Y. The Persistence of Polygamy: Bringhurst and Craig L. John Whitmer Books, If questions like these plague you and yours — or worse, if they make sense — you need this book. Pat and Kirby delve deeply into the secrets of effective parenting there are three, and no one knows what they are , and explore what makes relatively nice men and women want to hurt themselves by having kids.

The fourth in their wild Where am I going when I die? If these questions plague you, then Wake Me for the Resurrection is the answer: Following on the heels of the enormously popular Sunday of the Living Dead, Wake Me for the Resurrection is the right prescription for anyone in danger of sleeping in on the morning of the Resurrection. How to clock the Second Coming The Creation Ever think it might be fun to be the Angel of Death? Ever wonder how to tell if your fishing buddy has been called as your new bishop? Ever wonder if enduring to the end really means sitting through another talk by a stake high counselor?

Ever think that the Super Bowl might be more reverent than the average sacrament meeting? The Mormon Humor Collection — Book 1.