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The world's montane forests are vitally important for conservation and water catchment. Because logging regimes have significant impacts on biodiversity as well as water quality and water quantity, the management of these forests has often been a major source of conflict amongst rural communities, government agencies, and conservationists. Although much information on ecologically sustainable managment practices is now available, further organizational change and policy tranformation is needed to see a transition to sustainable practices inplemented on the ground.

Towards Forest Sustainability contains practical essays by some of the world's leading forests ecologists and managers from the United States, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. The authors describe the changes that have taken place in forest management- highlighting what worked, what didn't, and the lessons that have been learned.

Natural Forest Management

This unique collection of essays documents the drivers of the change in the logging industry and the resulting outcomes, both the good and the bad. Are forests different as a policy challenge?

Towards ecological forestry in Tasmania. Integrating wildlife conservation and wood productionin Victorian montane ash forests.

Sustainable Forest Management in B.C.

The role of large mammals in US forests. Resolving forest management issues in British Columbia.

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Finnish forestry in transitionfinding ways tosustainable forest management. The role of science in the changing forestry scene in the USA. Forest biodiversity managementthe Swedish model.

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Sustainable forest management in New Zealand.