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Ancient Stories May Not All be Myth

An example of these texts is the Iliad which accurately describes aspects of the geography of the region surrounding ancient city of Troy during the Late Bronze Age or Early Iron Age. Religious texts such as the Bible are also being re-evaluated as they are found to contain historically accurate descriptions of locales, customs, and historical figures that were present at the time.

In the Ramayana , Rama is born when the god Vishnu appears to his father Dasharatha, king of Koshala, after the gods send Vishnu into the world to find a way to defeat the demon-king Ravana. Vishnu gives the king a pot of nectar. Dasharatha gives half of it to his wife. When she becomes pregnant after drinking the nectar, the son to which she gives birth is partly divine. Eventually, Rama encounters the king Janaka of Videha who receives him as guest.

Rama, in love with Sita and determined to win her hand in marriage, takes the bow and breaks it in half. When it comes time for Rama to ascend the throne as king in Ayodhya, the capital city of the kingdom of Koshala, Rama encounters trouble.

The Story of Rama

Kaikeyi convinces King Dasharatha to place Bharata, her son, on the throne and Rama is sent into exile for fourteen years. At the end of the fourteen years, Bharata, believing that it was unjust what happened to Rama, willingly abdicates and allows Rama to take the throne. The lord Rama in exile in the forest, accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana.

Dating of Rama - 12:30 pm, 10 Jan, 5114 BCE

Rama is considered a model of purity for his devotion and faithfulness to his wife Sita. He is a god associated with virtue in Hinduism. There are several famous temples dedicated to him across India and at least thirty locations associated with Rama in Sri Lanka. Many of the places mentioned in the Ramayana associated with or visited by Rama are known to exist, such as Ayodhya. This and the widespread and profound influence that Rama has had on both Hindu and Buddhist thought in India has led some to suggest that Rama was at least based on a historical figure, even if many of the stories were embellished and transformed.

CC by SA 3. Is it possible that Rama was a historical figure or at least based on a historical figure? Most historians doubt that there is enough evidence to say that he existed. There is, however, one problem with this comparison. Jesus is of course considered to be more than just a teacher of morals in Christian tradition, but in practical historical terms, he was a teacher.

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Moral and religious teachers typically do not have their names inscribed on coins or monuments, at least not until their religion becomes the state religion of an empire or other major polity, and are typically remembered mostly through writings of their disciples. Rama on the other hand was a king who would have commissioned monumental inscriptions which would have featured his name or some sort of symbol or image representing him. It is of course possible that Rama was actually a prehistoric chieftain who lived before monumental architecture became common in India, but for now this is just speculation.

The lack of monuments and coins referring to Rama do not necessary make him entirely mythical. It simply makes it more challenging to explain the lack of monumental structures or coins bearing his name if he were an important king. In the Biblical case, many scholars doubted the historicity of King David until the Tel Dan inscription was discovered which made a reference to the dynasty of King David showing that David at least had existed as an Israelite king or chieftain.

Was Rama Based on a Real Historical Figure?

Additionally, many of the locations mentioned in the Ramayana have been found just like Biblical sites such as Jericho and Classical sites such as the city of Troy. The existence of locales visited by Rama in the Ramayana do not necessarily prove that Rama was historical or based on a historical figure, but it does lend credence to the idea since other ancient texts have been historically validated in the same way.

For now, the evidence is at best inconclusive. I have a bachelor's degree in earth science but I minored in anthropological archaeology and have attended an archaeological field school. I have participated in archaeological excavations in Greece and San Diego.

I am especially interested in classical Greek history Real story mixed with a lot of different thoughts that are designed for the story to continue.

The Story of Lord Rama

Yes, there was a space fairing Ramayana. Not much to tell. They have moved to Arundhati star system some , years ago with lock stock and barrel Some of us are still here to provide help for this group to do the same. By 70, years ago most people died out due to Toba volcano The Toba supereruption was a supervolcanic eruption that occurred about 75, years ago at the site of present-day Lake Toba. Register to become part of our active community, get updates, receive a monthly newsletter, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of our member point system OR just post your comment below as a Guest.

By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings.

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Ancient Stories May Not All be Myth Recent archaeological and historical discoveries have shown that certain texts previously considered unreliable by some scholars have a real historical foundation. The Story of Rama In the Ramayana , Rama is born when the god Vishnu appears to his father Dasharatha, king of Koshala, after the gods send Vishnu into the world to find a way to defeat the demon-king Ravana. Comments Sean Murphy wrote on 30 January, - KMGuru wrote on 11 February, - You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. Notify me when new comments are posted.

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The Upanishads contain his profound dialogues with the sage Yajnavalkya. To honour Rama we must strive to live a life of dharma and sadhana.

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Sita is related to Sarasvati as the supreme muse of artistic inspiration, to Lakshmi as the capacity to nourish all creatures through the Earth, and to Parvati as the yogini who can renounce and transcend all limitations. The Atma Shakti or power of consciousness that Sita holds arises from the receptive and silent mind, which is far beyond any outer powers born of self-assertion or material becoming. The loss and regaining of Sita is our loss and finding the knowledge of our true nature. Lakshman is the discriminating power of the buddhi that protects this inner receptivity.

Rama is the true Self within us that must awaken to reclaim it. Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the cosmic energy that works through the air element. He is our inner prana devoted to the Divine couple, the Sita and Rama within us. Ravana represents the separative self and its illusion powers through the ego-mind, obsessed with external power and control.

We must be open to the space of cosmic consciousness beyond our biased human intellect and its conceited opinions.

Rama - Wikipedia

To do this, we must become Sita and make our lives into a vision and a sacrifice. We must sharpen our intellect as Lakshman to discern the eternal from the transient.

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  6. We must awaken our inner Hanuman and direct our prana to attempt the highest and leap beyond our limitations. We must overcome our own Ravana, the intractable ignorance and ego urges within us. It is time that we return to Ayodhya, which is to move from an outer fixation to an inner view of life as a spiritual offering.

    Ayodhya is a divine city of profound wisdom, deep devotion and unity consciousness. Ayodhya as the city of dharma is an ideal within the hearts of all that welcomes every creature and every form of sincere aspiration. Lord Rama as the avatar of dharma exemplifies that our true duty is to serve all life, not merely to fulfill our personal desires.

    We have much to learn from this wonderful story, but must approach it with humility and discernment for its transformational secrets to unfold. Why Lord Ram is the most misunderstood man in India. The writer is the director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies and the author of more than 30 books on yoga and vedic traditions. What Rama and Sita can teach you about everyday life Ramayana has a lesson for us in abiding by the higher truth. Sita and Rama as the dual cosmic powers Trying to understand Rama and Sita in human terms reflects a limited perception and bondage to Maya.

    Finding Sita The Ramayana revolves around Sita. A new vision of Ayodhya To honour Rama we must strive to live a life of dharma and sadhana.