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Good An interesting documentation of a brave person. Interesting struggle with in himself to do what was right. Jan 30, Vio rated it really liked it Shelves: I like Dara Horn. These people, mostly Jewish, are very well known, while their rescuer is not. The Rescuer is not a novel, it is a sort of documentary - Dara Horn researches facts and puts them together and also finds some lovely anecdotes, my very favorite be I like Dara Horn. The Rescuer is not a novel, it is a sort of documentary - Dara Horn researches facts and puts them together and also finds some lovely anecdotes, my very favorite beeing about Alma Mahler.

Apr 12, Arielle rated it it was amazing. It's hard to explain how much I love Dara Horn. This essay is wonderful. Her examination of Varian Fry, though brief, is deep and incredibly well-written. To start, Horn has a way with language that so many authors lack-- she is able to write non-fiction and make me see it happening on the page. She's able to keep my attention and my interest in the flow of her words. It's not easy to find a writer whose words just make you feel happy and comfortable and everything she writes has this effect.

Se It's hard to explain how much I love Dara Horn. Secondly, Horn forces me to examine everything from different perspectives. She has the ability take a topic and prismatically show the varying aspects of an argument without, I think, brutality or overwhelming agreement. This essay was thoughtful, personal and provoking and I greatly enjoyed it. Jan 16, Eric rated it it was amazing. I thought I'd take a look. I could not stop reading it. Admittedly it i short. However brief it may be Dara Horn has brought to light a story which must be more widely known, that of Varian Fy.

The echoes of this story for our time are powerful as we live in a times when they world is again flooded with refugees seeking asylum. Read Dara Horn "The Rescuer. Nov 05, Elissa rated it liked it. Very interesting short nonfiction book about Varian Fry, an American who saved a large number of European artists and intellectuals from certain death in France during WWII.

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Most people have never heard of Fry, and Dara Horn the author decided to research why. This book tells the story. While it is very interesting, Ms. Horn's theories about why people do heroic things and what led Fry to take these actions were distracting and not very well organized. Overall, I'm glad I learned about this piece of history and would recommend this short read especially because it is a Kindle Single that was available for free through the Amazon Prime Kindle Lending Library.

Feb 20, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Five stars simply for this line - "I have met people with an inability to think. They spend time thinking about thier hair".

Which is really true. Horn examines Varian Fry who I actually knew about, apparently this is a rarity. She offers far more detail than most works that gloss over this episode. Furthermore, Horn examines why he wasn't fully remembered as he should've been. Oct 21, Judy Chessin rated it liked it. A short essay on Varian Fry a rescuer about whom I knew little.

The Rescuer by Dara Horn

Why don't we know about a man who saved such luminaries as Hannah Arendt, Marc Chagall and others? Where was their gratitude? I feel like her conclusion, that Fry was troubled and had a terrible family life is no surprise. So many of the "greats" who became prophets and leaders had similar traits.

The Rescuer

Moses, Jeremiah, Theodore Herzl. Perhaps it takes a difficult person to be a great one? Mar 30, Jason Furman rated it really liked it Shelves: The book explores his actions, how they were forgotten, and why the people he rescued were particularly keen to forget them. Overall well written, interesting, and an unconventional, unexpected story. Dec 24, Kate rated it liked it.

Quick and easy read. Interesting to hear a theory of what constitutes a "Rescuer. Yet, I got a sense of anti-climacey new word?

Interesting read though, I'm glad it was short. Jun 28, Michelle Mednik rated it liked it. A Little Dry I was interested in learning about Varian Fry's mission the book seemed to lack a spark. Part of the book gave me what I was looking for, but it was lacking something. Claims were made that didn't have anything to do with the. Oct 25, Hemantha rated it really liked it. Great story of a remarkable person's life. Instead of just focusing on any single aspect, author tries to give a full picture of the hero. I was stuck by the idea that being helped might actually be very unpleasant.

Jun 26, Jean Kelly rated it really liked it. I thought I was well read when it came to Holocaust literature but I never heard of this rescuer Varian Fry. The book details all that he did and also speaks to why he received so little recognition for his acts of rescuing hundreds of artists, writers, scientists, intellectuals and their families. Dec 02, Shorel Kleinert rated it liked it. Interesting that the hero isn't a hero unless the hero's values match your own.

Even if you are the one rescued. Perhaps, to be able to judge rightly, we need a standard that is beyond ourselves and our own fickle approval. Aug 11, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: Mini book about a man who "saved" a selected group of Europe's intelligencia during the Nazi exterminations.

I knew there were people out there doing things other than Schindler-- here's one story. Apr 01, Catherine Bassett rated it it was amazing. Well written, taught me a lot, made me think. What else do you want from an essay? Apr 19, Susan rated it it was amazing.

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I love Dara Horn! She does such thorough research, writes accessibly but intelligently and artfully intertwines plot, characters and facts. I enjoyed and learned. Jan 29, Gail Herman added it.

Kindle single

It gave me a new perspective on Varian Fry and his motivation for saving 2, artists, intellectuals, scientists, writers during the Holocaust. Dec 26, Renee rated it liked it. Interesting analysis of people's motivations when others are in the midst of under dire circumstances. Apr 05, Marcia Levine rated it really liked it. Has lead me to read Varian Fry's autobiography. Just a taste of his life. I want to know more. Nov 03, S. Lerner rated it it was amazing. Interesting account of the life of Varian Fry.

As a young Harvard grad he rescued European artists and intellectuals, representing a committee formed for that purpose in the mid-late s, when it was feared European culture would be destroyed. What started, for the author, as an effort to understand what makes a rescuer, led to insights into human nature, and America's complicity in the genocide. Fry witnessed what was happening and tried to stop it. To say American's didn't know and couldn't Interesting account of the life of Varian Fry. To say American's didn't know and couldn't have done anything if they had known, was not true.

They knew, and could have let in many more, if not all the Jews seeking sanctuary, not just the select few deemed "worthy" for their literary or artistic merit. At the end, Horn questions why artistic talent should be a standard, instead of "goodness" a standard set by men like Fry, himself; a person who would put himself in danger to help others. That really made me stop and think about how morality is not a part of our educational system.

There is politically correct lipservice paid to the topic, and it is innate to some people, but rarely recognized. Maybe it is contradictory to honor people for selflessness if there is a reward, is it selfless?

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She also pointed out that many of those rescued never gave any credit or thanks to Fry, and turned down his requests for their aid in helping other refugees. Gratitude breeds embarrassment and hatred. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New York Times. Rosen March 12, Retrieved from " https: Amazon company E-books Computer-related introductions in Views Read Edit View history.

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