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The sonorous recorded voice of Cleveland Watkiss dwelt on the politics of the McCarthy era. Shasha is both versatile and elegant: Elegy, rather than celebration, the central theme is the unlikely relationship between legendary jazzman Monk and his aristrocratic muse and benefactress, Baroness Pannonica Rothschild. In Misterioso, what meets the eye and ear is much more than a mere play with music.

The story is told as a series of picaresque vignettes that mimic a set of jazz riffs. Billed albeit a little disingenuously as a play, when in fact it is far more of a live musical performance, connected by vignettes and short soliloquies, it examines the life of the musical colossus, iconoclast, legend and jazz pianist Thelonious Monk. The pre-recorded voice of Monk, as spoken by jazz musician Cleveland Watkiss, monologues by Billie Holiday and mention of luminaries Bud Powell and Charlie Parker all complete the period evocation and serve to shed valuable light on the white fascination and at times dangerous fetishization of black music and musicians.

A theatre production about jazz great Thelonius Monk, Misterioso chronicles the time when the incomparable pianist became silent for the final seven years of his existence. Philomena Campus of Theatralia theatre company directed, starred and sang in the show, enlisting digital artists Sdna and stage design to evoke the art and the politics. You directed, starred and sang in Misterioso, what was this experience like? Sometimes I have to fight with the musician in me that would love to be on stage all the time with my colleagues, playing with them all the way through the show, but the director side of me has decided that this time I needed to be mostly off-stage in order to have a proper directorial look at the performance in its complex whole.

There were projected videos playing during Misterioso, as well as jazz-bar style tables for the audience. How visual does a musical performance need to be? Misterioso is set in the s. Would you consider your evocation of that period on stage to be one of detailed archaeology — digging up the exact styles and replicas of clothing etc?

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If we think of the racist groups developing in Europe at the moment, as artists we need to do as much as we can to raise awareness about it. The elements that you see on stage- Thelonius at the piano, a video backdrop, the hanging drapes- where did these come from? Have you been involved in any other stage productions that make use of live music is so prominent a way? A fascinating night of music and verse to commemorate the creative struggle of jazz musicians during the McCarthy era is taking place at the Riverside Studios, in Hammersmith, London on 22, 23, 24 November.

This should prove a thought provoking and entertaining mix of words and music. The answer is it was a stunning fusion of all three. It was a fascinating mix of live music by a splendid jazz ensemble and stunning projected art works. However, her feline sensuality dominated the stage and held every eye as she undulated and padded around it.

It was the white woman Filomena Campus who sang to us — often in her native Italian. The multi-talented Ms Campus also translated and directed Misterioso. Her fellow musicians included the illustrious Jean Toussaint on tenor saxophone who has worked with all the greats. Pat Thomas, who played the piano, could have been Monk himself with his rangy frame bent over the keyboard in a trademark hat.

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Pannonica Butterfly — a reference to a Monk song — was played by Rachel Snider in a very stylised, stylish manner. Her clear ringing tones successfully accompanied the action in an evocation of another era. A highly impressive, colourful, truthful and uplifting show. London, Misterioso by Stefano Benni, Monk between jazz and silences. Filomena Campus presents the art and life of a giant of jazz. A giant of jazz among music, racism, silences and the hysteria of McCarthyism against an art perceived as subversive: A polished and tasteful play, with great jazz and the text about America in the 50s, with its dramatic context of black and white, which becomes the chromatic theme in Misterioso.

On stage, like in a smoky 50s jazz club, spectators sit on tables, with a waiter offering them a drink. Monk spent his last seven years in complete silence. How would you be able to describe this through music? No matter how paradoxical the question is, Theatralia attempts to sort the challenge out. The play, adapted by director Filomena Campus is based on the written work of Stefano Benni, both a very well know Italian writer and an estimator of jazz music.

The stage is set as a jazz club where the music performed by incredible names such as Guy Barker we have seen him in The Talented Mr Ripley , Jean Touissant and many others mix up with short acting inserts and video projections. His silence, as we understand in this work, is a response to a sense of disgust and rejection to the discriminations during the controversial McCarthy era. Although the final interpretation is left open to you whether the mystery of Theolonius Monk is solved, one thing is certain, the show has a triumphant ending — the music reigns, and the tragedy is eased.

Jazz and Theatre in London Campus has found in London a fertile soil for her theatrical ideas and experimentation with her company Theatralia. Her last production Misterioso, written by Stefano Benni, has won an extraordinary success of critics and audience. Abused and persecuted in the McCarthy era, Thelonious Monk stopped playing and talking in the last seven years of his life.

Unione Sarda , November Threeweeks — [Lucinda Wingate-Saul]. The show, sold out in its inaugural run at the Riverside Theatre in London last year, boasts several highly regarded British jazz musicians in its cast, including trumpeter Byron Wallen and singers Cleveland Watkiss and Filomena Campus, the founder of Theatralia. The List Edinburgh Festival.

At various times, Thelonious Monk was reputedly either one of two polar opposite characters, able to discourse endlessly about his esoteric music, or a virtual mute who let his idiosyncratic jazz piano style speak for him. Pat Thomas, as Monk, looks the part, sitting statue-like until called to play piano, although rather than attempt faithful recreation sound-wise, the musicians inject Monk favourites such as In Walked Bud with their own energy. And I was moved and it was done with love.

I want the Riverside Studios to host a jazz night every week! People stare at you, from afar or right in your face. As the situation becomes more and more uncomfortable the performers emerge from the standing audience. They watch us like wardens guard prisoners. Using complete darkness or dramatic lighting they tell the story of Karla Faye Tucker, a woman executed in Texas while George W.

To the accompaniment of a nightmarish score performed live on electric guitar by Roger Goula, tension builds and culminates into a Dantesque danse macabre that sees the cast try to escape the theatre like cats fighting their way out of a cage. Following this powerful scene director Filomena Campus uses religious ritual to dramatic and emotional effect and produces a beautifully sincere moment when we are asked individually to promise not to kill each other. Total audience interaction can totally backfire, so Theatralia — the company that has devised Not in My Name — takes many risks with this thought-provoking, original piece.

Using mainly physical theatre techniques, they tell the story of Karla Tucker, executed in Texas in when George W Bush was still governor — and of the others that were killed under the government of a man who became ruler of the free world. They whisper incoherently in the darkness. The choreography is effective and the cast ensure that at all times during the performance no space is left empty. Tension builds throughout the piece, beginning with the gradual realisation among the audience that some people are not who they seem.

One by one the cast begins inspecting individuals. Then darkness and whispering. By the end we are all promising not to kill each other in some quasi-religious incantation. It is very moving and effective. Enrico Franceschini, Venerdi di Repubblica, 6 Nov La nostra performance da un testo di Benni.

Tra immagini filmate, musiche e narrazioni della vita di Monk, Campus, eccellente vocalist jazz, porta sul palco con la sua compagnia Theatralia — tra inglese ed italiano — le sensazioni e le riflessioni di Benni mescolate con le note del grande pianista. Nothing, like the man that you are.

He lowered his head and looked at his hands placed on the table; then he looked up again at her, and Anna knew that her instinct was not wrong: Christopher thinks he hates the plain Anna on sight but that very emotion he thinks she has stirred in him gives way to a dangerous and single-minded obsession. Her resistance only fuels his desire to dominate her. Even if it means insulting, humiliating, and finally ruining her. He kissed her head, startling her.

She closed her eyes. That is what this man wanted—to defeat her. And so she did not react. She did not move, she did not try to push him away, and he remained in that position for what seemed like a very long time. The silence of the room was punctuated with their irregular breathing and the agitated beating of their hearts.

Do you hear his heart, Anna?

Nnnntelenovela vendetta d amore in italiano books

It was beating, yes. It was beating, and Christopher let up on his grip of her wrists. Then he let them go. No, she stood still, just as he wanted. And when she felt him put one hand on her side and the other on her head, she let him. She allowed him to run his finger through her curls and softly tousle them. Never ever was there such cruel tenderness. View all 15 comments. Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Pinterest I received an advanced copy of this for review several years ago. I kept thinking about Anna and Christopher and their doomed-before-it-even-began Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Pinterest I received an advanced copy of this for review several years ago.

I kept thinking about Anna and Christopher and their doomed-before-it-even-began romance if you can bring yourself to call it that. I wondered if perhaps I had been too harsh on the book, because if something can stay with you for that long, it must be good. It is written in a very unique way that is difficult to explain - random asides in parenthesis to emphasis certain emotional moments for various characters; some very colorful and strange analogies and metaphors that sometimes fit and sometimes don't but are always unusual; and a charmingly stilted style of writing that is almost anachronistic, but smacks of 80s over-the-top sensationalism.

The heroine, Anna Champion, ends up catching the hero's attention over a misunderstanding with a glass of lemonade. He wounds her pride and she seeks revenge. It is a small, petty revenge, but Christopher is so damaged that his ego cannot stand even that small of an insult, and the next pages consist of the two characters drawing to draw blood, figuratively and literally, any way they can. Some people will not like this because Christopher is such an awful character.

He truly is a villain. And yet, it's impossible not to feel sorry for him at times because of everything he went through. Anna is very much the same way. At times I found her to be a very strong character, but she would buckle at random times, too, and sometimes she would be so stupidly petty. They both had issues, and in the end, I feel like the author was suggesting that they deserved one another.

Christopher is just as cold and impulsive as Tsukasa Domyoji. I still enjoyed it, but I feel I would have enjoyed it more if the pacing had been tighter and it ended about pages earlier. Even if you absolutely hate it, it's highly unlikely that you'd read another book like it published in this day and age.

View all 11 comments. Buddy-read with the wonderful Karly! I'm at a loss as to how to talk about this book. It's not like I condone love stories between a rapist and their victim I don't know that I fully understood what I was getting into when I decided to read this. I had heard there was rape, but I've read lots of books involving rape between the leads. The difference was that the rape in LEMONADE was much more brutal than the "forced seduction" of old bodice rippers, and it was never framed as anything other than that. The characters were so well drawn that I ended up enjoying this much more than I might otherwise have.

Anna was likable and strong, even when she seemingly bent to Christopher's will, and her reactions to him were incredibly realistic. Christopher's most personal inner thoughts were written in such a way that I ended up feeling pity for him even as I hated him. Everything about their story was so heartbreaking in so many ways. He did everything wrong, and the glimmers of hope and love that showed between them were so sad because if only Christopher had acted like a good human being, they could have shared something truly wonderful.

Ricordando Franca Rame (a Londra)

Because oh my god, their chemistry was crazy. But their relationship was forever tainted by his initial rape of her, and all the ways he belittled her and held her at his mercy after that. And the ending kind of killed me. This is a recent book written in a style similar to other historical romances, yet it hearkens back to the old bodice rippers where rape by the hero was the norm.

However, with the profusion of dark romances on the market, where the male leads consistently rape the heroines and then are excused in a variety of insanely frustrating and stupid ways, it was refreshing? View all 22 comments. Dec 21, Fre06 Begum rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really enjoyed this apart from the quite abrupt ending. For those of you who don't like hero raping heroine this book ain't for you!

Myself it didn't stop me from enjoying the story, what can I say but I love obsessed anti hero's! View all 17 comments. Not sure how this is officially classified, but I got it assuming it was a romance. A modern bodice ripper romance at that! Reality is a horrible shitty place for many, I get it. Give me some fantasy. If I want horrible, shitty reality, I can turn on the news. Besides I was an English lit major until my Jr year in college. I've been forced to read quite enough horribly depre Not sure how this is officially classified, but I got it assuming it was a romance.

I work for a living doing crap I don't want to do, I don't need to be forced to do anything else unpleasant if I can avoid it: P I'm not saying this was bad fiction.

I honestly didn't read enough of it to judge. It was my first ever refund request from Kindle. I read the last 2 chapters, which usually gives me an idea if I'll like something or not and well Don't get me wrong, I love some non-pc bodice rippers at times. But, that all hinges on the improbable HEA and the overall romantic unreality and adventure of it all. After reading the last 2 chapters, I'm not sure WTH the ending was. It was very abrupt and cut off just at the moment where it could have been getting good.

I think it was supposed to be more realistic, perhaps? It seemed very unfinished to me. Perhaps it was a 'sorta happy' in the making? Simply just not my cuppa. The author slowly reveals Christoper's background that set him on the path to revenge. I understood his motivations and saw beyond the facade he presented to others. I liked the h - she had a quiet but rebellious personality in the beginning.

However, Christoper is the focus. He is cruel, he wants revenge for his mother, and Anna crosses his path. I agr 4 stars Well-written and dark with an anti-hero I hated but couldn't help but hope that he turned out to be redeemable not even the right word. I agree with other reviewers that this is reminiscent of old bodice rippers. However, the story and characterizations were done very well.

I wouldn't have minded if this was longer and included more in depth story lines for supporting characters. This book is not for everyone. Beware - lots of triggers. Spero davvero di cuore che stavolta il tam-tam dei lettori spinga al successo un libro che merita davvero. Anna non rispondeva ai suoi baci, ma lo lasciava fare, spaventata, e il suo respiro agitato gli accarezzava la pelle e le labbra, e il suo sapore lo divorava, e il suo calore lo faceva sentire a casa. Intervista con l'autrice su: View all 3 comments.

Well, I feel filthy for having read that. Seriously one of the more disturbing books I've read in my lifetime. As I just described to Moony, the writing was excellent but the story was revolting. There was ZERO satisfaction at the end, not even the goddamn courtesy of a murder or a suicide. Skeeged out shivers of squicky squirminesss. Dec 21, sweet rated it really liked it. This was a great story!

It took over my life for 3 days. It was amazing and even made me cry, which is rare. There is a rape scene with the H and h and it was extremely difficult to read. The H was a dark, anti-hero. He loved the H and couldn't resist her which were some of my favorite parts. He was pretty obsessed with her. I loved how sweet he was with her in their intimate scenes as a married couple. His interactions with the h's brother Anthony was another favorite part of the story.

Althoug This was a great story! Although there is a HEA, I was very disappointed in the ending and what happens to the H's plan of revenge. Feb 22, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: Every now and then I get a craving for something outside of my comfort zone and this book fit the bill. I waited the entire book for the hero to redeem himself and he never did. I was so disappointed to finish the book without a good grovel, and I realized the author did this on purpose. The whole point of the book was to show how people give their love to people who don't deserve it.

So I feel a little duped. Jun 20, Patrisha rated it it was amazing. E non esita per i suoi propositi a calpestare chi lo intralcia o chi si mette sul suo cammino. I background dei personaggi sono squisitamente tratteggiati, le loro azioni il frutto di un carattere ben definito, e se anche spesso mi sono ritrovata a non condividere alcuni loro atteggiamenti, li comprendevo, non potevo farne a meno e questo grazie alla bravura dell'autrice che ha saputo, con abile penna e prezioso stile, condurci per mano lungo la strada. Un romanzo che si legge d'un fiato, che affascina per la sua ironia, per la sua durezza e per la sua storia.

Una vera sorpresa e Nina Pennacchi si rivela un vero talento. Jul 08, MaryannC. Book Fiend rated it liked it Shelves: Ok so, I had a hard time figuring out how I should rate this book. I'll begin by saying honestly that this was hard to put down at times because I was shocked and a little put off by what I was reading and I wanted to know if this story would turn out differently. Without trying to give out too much on this,this was about a poor young woman named Anna who wasn't beautiful, but she possessed a fiery spirit that seemed to get her into trouble at times.

One day she angers a young man w Ok so, I had a hard time figuring out how I should rate this book. One day she angers a young man who has come to town to seek revenge on another man who he claims was responsible for his mother's death. What comes next is a story mixed with brutality, sexual dominance, misogynists, physical and mental abuse, hatred, fear and at times love thrown in.

I was blown away with the descriptions and the nature of this book. I told myself that this was fiction and the author can write about anything they want to write about and we the readers can choose whether or not to read it, but geez, I guess in a nutshell the author did a great job of getting my attention and keeping it with all this going on.

As another reader mentioned, this may not be for the faint hearted. I won this on Goodreads. Due anime destinate a incontrarsi nel peggior modo possibile. La scrittura magnifica, trascina il lettore tra sale da ballo, abitazioni principesche e campagna inglese.

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Un romanzo che, a mio parere, merita tanto. Un bellissimo libro, scorrevole, audace , moderno ma con uno stile che ricorda le grandi scrittrici del passato coma la Austen o la Bronte!! Mi sono piaciuti i personaggi principali con tutti i loro difetti e i loro pregi!! Ho dato 4 stelle solo perche' avrei preferito qualche dettaglio in piu' per il finale!! Ma e' un libro che consiglierei a tutti!! Aug 07, Irene rated it really liked it Shelves: Me before reading Lemonade Me after reading Lemonade Nina Pennacchi's Lemonade popped up on my radar as a recommended read for those in the mood for dark romances.

It lives up to the hype. Christopher Davenport is seeking revenge against his father for causing his mother's suicide and he'll justify any means to an end if it means ruining his father and his half-brother's lives. He's capable of extremely violent rape and evicting a widow's family out of their home all in the name of Revenge.

Lemonade by Nina Pennacchi

Also, Me before reading Lemonade Me after reading Lemonade Nina Pennacchi's Lemonade popped up on my radar as a recommended read for those in the mood for dark romances. Also, he is really mean. Even by BD standards. He dismisses our heroine, Anna Champion, as a social climber and calls her ugly to her face. Christopher's got daddy issues if you can't tell. His obsession with revenge has turned him into the man he hates most and yet he can't see it, only thinking "I found you, Daddy.

And soon I will take your place. And they will leave you. Now, Daniel DeMercy on the other hand! Overall, a good read. However, the ending is abrupt and the story would have benefited from an epilogue, at the very least. Things were left on a cliffy: A Happily Ever After should include a defeated villain or at the least, exorcism of a personal demon. Didn't really feel he had his closure. There were loose ends with Lucy and Daniel, and of course Anna. Anna moves from terror to love but the movement was in a blink of an eye.

I wanted to see it play out. Jun 11, A. Un romanzo accurato, con bellissime descrizioni, personaggi, anche secondari, delineati alla perfezione. They argued until almost the end of the book that I was not convinced she was in love with him. The self-admission just came out of nowhere. Like, how can she be in love with him?!

There was little to no groveling by the hero. He is very lucky to have her. I'm not sure why some inner monologue and there were so many of those! Yes, I know this is a translated version. Jun 28, Emily Crow rated it really liked it Shelves: It's a fascinating character study of a deeply disturbed person, Christopher Davenport, who is at once pitiful and despicable. It is also very well written, elegant and moody. And yet ultimately, for me, there was something unsatisfactory about it.

The story, which takes place in England in the early s, begins with a fateful meeting between our two protagonists.